Mac the Travelin’ Tempest – A Nisga’a Farewell

Continued from “Mac the Travelin’ Tempest – Mysteries in a Mystical Land” (Part IV)

Bang!  I slammed the door shut.  “What in God’s Name was that?” I whispered with my heart pounding.

The terrified dog seemed to be right outside my door.

I flicked the one light switch, hoping for light outside.  None appeared through cracks around the door.  I went back into the suite.

“Mac, you’re hangin’ with me tonight.  Get used to it.”  I secured the window leaving an inch opening.

It was after midnight.  I had planned to pack the bulk of our belongings.   Thursday I would pack the car.  I started collecting the familiar chattels brought to make the suite a home.

Preparing to depart

Exhausted by 2:00 a.m, I splashed water on my face, brushed my teeth, slid into bed and fell instantly asleep.

“Aaaaammmmmyyyy.”  I sat up.  Did I hear my name?

“Aaaaammmmmyyyy.”  Half voice, half whispered, it definitely was my name.  I turned on the night light – 3:15 a.m.

Mac was sitting up on his blanket at the end of the bed, alert but strangely calm.

The voice had come from the kitchen window.  I could barely swallow.  I grabbed the flashlight from the night table and shut off the light.

I strained to hear any sound.  A quick strobe of the flashlight confirmed that Mac continued looking toward the kitchen.

“Aaaaammmmmyyyy.”  After momentary terror, I became angry.

Determined to stop the nonsense, I got up, turned on every light in the suite, and returned to bed.  Since I had no phone, I decided, if I heard another noise, I would shake the hell out of those Board Room doors and set off the alarm.

I waited.  While I was stiff with fear, Mac went back to sleep and not a whimper came from the dog.

Dawn’s light soothed my fright.  I fell asleep until 7:00 a.m.  I had to present the Budget in an hour.

Realizing I was even nervous in the shower, my anger rose.  I had to find out who played this sick joke on me.  The person must have been familiar.  The dog didn’t bark and the great guard cat didn’t even growl.

When I walked into the Superintendent’s office for our meeting, I said, “Okay, who is the prankster?”

“Prankster?” the Superintendent asked.

“Is this some game that School Board Staff play on visitors?  Is this why everyone has asked about my accommodation?”

The Superintendent looked sincerely surprised.  “What are you talking about, Amy?

I told him what happened.  He said, “No one would do that sort of thing.  But…there are people who claim this building is haunted.”

“Yah right!”

“Let’s get Jordy up here,” he said.

“Ah!  So it’s Jordy!  Yeah, get him up here.”

He reached for the phone, “Jordy, will you come up to my office please?  Now.”

“I’ll do the talking!” I said.

When Jordy appeared, I said, “So did you have fun last night?”

“Fun at what?” he asked.

“Sneaking around tryin’ to scare the shit out of me!”

Jordy looked at the Superintendent who said, “Tell him what happened, Amy.”

As I related the incident, Jordy was visibly uncomfortable.  He said, “Some ghost lives in this building.  A bunch of really weird stuff happens.”

The Superintendent nodded.  Jordy continued, “The janitor finds boots and shoes on the Board Table.  Brand new light bulbs last minutes in sockets.  A Speech Therapist comes from Terrace to work with our Special Needs Students. She won’t stay in that suite any more.  I don’t know what happened, but she drives back to Terrace every day.”

“Are you guys putting me on?”

Jordy’s eyes widened, “No, Amy, it’s really freaky.  The woman from Terrace is here today.  Talk to her.  She’s the wife of an RCMP so she’s not the type to go around tellin’ stories.”

Even though I apologized for being so upset, I silently wondered what to believe.  Jordy said, “What about tonight?  What are you gonna do tonight?”

I said to Jordy, “You can stay in the suite and I’ll stay at your place.”

“No fuckin’ way!” he blurted, erasing any doubt about his honesty.

When we finished our Budget meeting, the Superintendent offered the couch in his home.  He lived across the road from the building’s front entrance.  The offer was comforting.  I didn’t need a deep sleep since I was only driving 100 kms to Terrace on Friday.

I decided to find the Speech Pathologist.  We only had minutes to talk.  I quickly told her why I needed to see her.  She said, “I have to dash, but be assured you are not crazy.  I totally believe that happened.  Please believe me, I will never… not ever… stay in that suite again.”

After dinner, on Thursday evening, as I packed the SUV, I considered my fear level.  I had to believe these people.  It was a ghost and it had called my name – whatever that meant.  What would cause a departed soul to hang around and decide to make contact with me?  My exhaustion helped compassion and curiosity override fear.  I decided to meditate.

I prayed for protection.  Then I prayed for Divine Assistance to help this soul in any way possible.

As soon as I settled into my meditative state, Mac curled into my lap.  A sense of love welled up within my chest followed by a strange, deep sadness.  Slowly, an elderly native woman filled my inner vision.  Her long silver hair hung without style.  She presented an air of being sad and unkempt – not really caring about herself.  I felt no fear, only love.

Silently, I asked, “Are you the one who called my name last night?”

I sensed her responses.  “Yes.”

“What did you want from me?”

“No one wants my wisdom.  I have tried to give it away so I can go.  No one will take it.”

“I’d love to have your wisdom.  I will take it if you are willing to give it to a white person.”

“That doesn’t matter.  I will give it to you.”

“Thank you.  I will share it with respect for you and all who gave it to you.”

“Now I can go.”

I sat quietly to make certain the inner dialogue was complete.  Gratitude filled my heart as I recalled the healing that had happened over the past two weeks.  Everyone defied time, substance and distance with trust, love and forgiveness.  The joy of oneness had been demonstrated by this Nation of strength and determination.  The beauty of the  land, the people and all of the animals washed through my mind’s eye as I remembered the dancing, drumming, singing and colours that honoured this Nass River Valley Nation.

I stopped meditating knowing that I would sleep safe and sound.  After opening the window so Mac could enjoy his last night in the wilds,

Black Bear and her Cubs

I crawled under the covers and slept as would any peaceful, wise woman.

The next day, on the drive out from our unforgettable three week experience, Mac and I stopped to watch a Black Bear with her cubs.  They were heading for a small creek that hopefully would become the cubs’ training ground for an abundant feed of fresh fish.

General MacArthur growled.  He didn’t fool me.  It was a salute.

Thank you, to the Nisga’a Nation, for sharing your culture and your home so graciously.

I will never forget you.

Patricia and I were not able to share that Sacred Walk over the Lava Beds.  Each of us had business to tend.  However, I left believing our paths would cross again.  Indirectly, they did.  The third time, it was through her cousin who was guest preacher at the Anglican Church on Salt Spring Island.  He told me that Patricia had died.


Patricia, your teachings live in my soul.

You helped me receive the wisdom from your sister.

Blessings on your spirit journey.

23 thoughts on “Mac the Travelin’ Tempest – A Nisga’a Farewell

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  2. Oh gosh…… could someone deny the wisdom that was offered.

    It cheats us of so many things when we allow it to decide for us.

    I’m glad the bears got that salute and that Mac was around to give it. More than that, I’m glad for the freed soul.
    What a gorgeous Nation.

    How much they’ve achieved, together.

    What a wonderful story teller you are.

  3. This is quite a great long story. Why don’t you turn this into an ebook PDF
    then you can sell or use it as giveaway. Or you might publish it elsewhere to get more traffic.

    • Ah Poch…what to do. I hardly want to stop writing long enough to learn all the ins and outs of publishing ebook, etc. On some of these stories, I just want them recorded. I don’t think about earning money from writing – or with my writing. Perhaps I need to give myself a shake!!

  4. Enjoyed this quite a bit ~ especially accepting wisdom from a departed elder so she could move on in peace (and you could sleep in peace).

    Too bad about the lava walk.

    • I’d be very sad, but I would do the Sacred Walk with someone else – if I go back to that area for another visit. And if I was given another invitation from a person of her ilk.

    • Hilary, thank you for your comment. I can’t help but grin as you are in a country that holds layers of history and energy. When I was a little girl, all the “ghost stories” that were told to scare the blazes out of us were from England! 😀

  5. Wow. What a glorious example of being aware of our fears and if they are truly justified. Looking back through your story, I realised that the fear was coming from what others said and not anything solid or really true. How patient you and Mac, both, faced what others could not, pointing out that we all have that choice and could learn from your example. What a blessing to have connected with a tormented soul, receive her knowledge and allow her to be set free. Wonderfully written.
    PS I’m so glad that dog was alright and the bears were doing what they needed to do to be bears……..

    • There was so much going on while I was there (I did put a lot of working hours in for the budget though there was no need to highlight that part of the trip.) that I really did not stop to think about all the little signs. The questions about my well-being? I noticed the queries because they were asked with such sincerity. I mostly decided it was just the people being very thoughtful. The Superintendent and I shared dinner many evenings – his fiance lived in another town. So I knew he was close by…but when I was really frightened, I would only have driven around the building in my car!!

      All in all…I live by the guideline “fear or faith”. And I certainly know which I choose. Sometimes it just takes a little time to get there! 😀

  6. What a gift and a blessing that came to you through that wise woman and that you turned around and gave to us. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary story with us. Since I have recently discovered my Cherokee heritage, I will close, offering you as always,

    nuh wah doe he yaw duh (peace)
    ay lee kwuh (enough)


    • Oh, Paula, so you have connection to those incredible women who endured the Trail! What a precious heritage to have in your DNA. Many thanks for the peace and especially enough.

  7. Another wonderful experience of what life puts out for all of us, but we need to take the time to listen. I am thankful to all the great elders in my life and what they gave me. your blessing are inspiring to read and relate to one’s own life. Thank you for waking my gifted memories of the good and wise people in my heart.

    • Thanks, Larry. Gratitude does feel good, doesn’t it? Someone recently said that is how we stay in Grace – by being grateful. Glad you visited and commented. Thank you.

  8. You have a great writing talent, you know how to tell a story in a way that will grip the reader and make them want to keep reading. What’s even more wonderful, of course, is the fact these are not even made up stories. but real life. Thank you for sharing them with us. I mean that 🙂

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