A Love Letter to Leslie

I forget that Divine Love conducts itself within a realm of ultimate creativity.

I am profoundly reminded today.

This act of love started with a comment from Leslie on my last post.  Leslie is an artist who shares her paintings on her blog, Leslie Paints. She shares her vibrant water colours with creative tips about products and techniques she uses to produce these incredible works.  Leslie wrote:

I love it that you have shared this very special message on “love” and fear. It brings up an issue that I have been feeling as I read your posts. Your question to the guides at the end, “A question… does it create any problems when I write other materials under Soul Dipper ? Does that interfere with you or detract from the contract?”
I am only a reader and bound to this life’s journey in learning so it is with a little hesitation that I suggest something, here. I follow you because I think you are sharing a very special message with all of us and we are all on different continuums of learning these lessons. I was initially attracted to such other writings because they held messages within them. In your stories and creativity, you have not lost the knack for sharing the guides’ messages through them. The very fact that you are living and learning and grounded here, with me and others, offers the hope that through your sharing of your creativity, we may share this journey together. Does that make sense? Sometimes, I sense the guides may have entered into this contract with you because they know that you can not help but share their messages through your creative writings. I believe it takes both. They are gently nudging us to set examples of walking in love and light through what we say, write and live. They have chosen you as a communicator. To me, that means they trust you. I sense they are gently nudging you to find that acceptance of your gifts in writing and understand that you can not help but include messages within said writing. I can not speak for them, Amy. I think they are trying to tell you that when they said, “We assure you, your humanness offers reassurance to others.” Write away! Right away!

Leslie’s comment was the Universe’s response for me.

My response:

Leslie, for the past couple of months, I have been wrestling with this issue.  Yesterday, I jumped in my car, leaving home and hearth for a day to ruminate and refresh.  On the ferry ride to a larger island, I sat in contemplation, asking for clarity.  Am I following the purpose of my soul’s agreement?  There were no big flashes of insight.

During these times, the quiet from the other side is torturous.

During these times, I am being broken open.  The depth cracks my inner core.  Sometimes the purpose is to let light in.  Sometimes it is to get rid of the poison that clogs the pipes of positivity or confusion.

When I returned home last night and saw the lower number of comments , I believed it was confirming something.

Praying repeatedly confirmed that I had been sitting in negativity instead of anticipating the solution.  I carried on with life, enjoyed time with loving friends, and retired to a long sleep filled with colorful and active dreams.

Often, when I go to bed with a question, I awaken with the answer.  Today, I did not.  I rolled out of bed and headed for my morning walk.

Cacophony of Chaos - My photo

There’s a stretch of forest along this walk that is a cacophony of chaos.  There are maple, cedar, and fir trees of varying sizes, shapes and ages.  Storms groom those trees.  Remnants of arboreal glory gather on the floor of the forest.

At the edge of this forest, just off the road, two strong and proud maple trees stand in watch over the flurry.  Moss covers two thirds of their rotund trunks.

The larger one is set back from the road and is rooted securely on an incline.  The other, slightly smaller, stands right beside the road.

Now for the embarrassing part.

I started hugging the smaller one.  At first, it was a one arm hug that included about a fifth of the trunk’s circumference.  The next time, I strongly sensed an urgency to use both arms.  I did.

The third time, the request was for a full body hug.  I embraced that tree into my chest.  Energy flowed through my whole body.  A message of connectivity filled me with tenderness and a profound sense of being healed.  I put my face against the moss and listened.  Suddenly, I grew embarrassed and let go.  A car was coming.

Turned out it was one of my best friends, Karen, who would not have batted an eye if I had confessed to her.  However, I could not even tell her.

On the next walk, I thought I would stop this nonsense and resume my decorum.  I decided to keep walking.

Leslie, I could not walk past those two trees.  An invisible arm seemed to stretch out to me when I was just inches beyond them.  I stopped, turned toward my Maple and walked up into a full hug position.  This was a power bigger than I could understand.  I surrendered.

So now, I embrace the tree every day.  I am smitten.  I have even felt the fear of  humans cutting her down.  Her bark has many perfectly round bore holes where insects live off her.  That’s acceptable.  That tree has to look after that part of creation.  But human greed?  I’m not sure what I would do to defend her.

Okay, Leslie, you re-creator of creation.  When I hugged my Maple this morning, guess who came to mind?  I stood embracing this wet, mossy Maple wondering if the intimacy of your re-creating takes you into a form of communication with nature.

I was thinking about a woman, who I have never met, whose blogs, paintings and comments have revealed a soul that I knew I was safe to ask.

I walked home with a plan for a post.  It was time to write about these tiny moments of insight.  Surely, there are others who hug trees, literally and figuratively.   I was contemplating how others must be “plagued” with hearing, sensing or receiving messages that they pooh-pooh as well.  These insights stick; they don’t shake off the blanket.  They don’t come as a direct answer or a clear direction.  In fact, if there is a direct answer, we need to be cautious that  it is ego having a grand time stealing the attention.

So, Leslie, imagine the joy when I turned on my computer and found your awesome comment.  Can you fathom my relief that I was on the right track?

Thank you for having the courage and for taking the time to speak your heart to me.

Your comment was an act of love that is truly an answer to my prayer.

I have written.  Right away.

31 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Leslie

  1. Wow, I haven’t hugged trees for many, many years. But growing up in the mountains, something I used to do every day is go up the little mountain by my house – it was straight up – and hug and kiss my tree. There were twin poplars – young trees, and I used to pretend I was hugging and kissing my boyfriend ! I was very close to those trees ;-D

    • Thanks, Rachel, for admitting your affection for these living things that sit there providing for us every second of every day! I have to grin…hope your eventual boyfriends appreciated all your experience. 😀

  2. Thank-you, Amy, for sharing this with me. I am truly touched and I feel the energy in my heart. I have wrestled with saying what I wrote this morning because of fear. The urge to say what I did has been bugging me for quite some time. I told myself that it was my greed and let it go. That started a real search, in me, for why the guides might not share with you that your gift will shine through in your creations because of their encouragement for you to speak their enlightenment. I kept telling myself things like, “Stop it. This is nuts.” For some reason I had to suggest that the writing and the messages meld. You are coming through when you share the guides’ messages through you and you are coming through when you write. I think your other readers have sensed this, also. It started about the time you said you had a lot of things unwritten that you had ideas for and I mentioned I would like to know about the lady in the red coat. I have no idea, whatsoever, why? Does that make sense? It almost felt as though I was being pushed, with each post that you wrote about your desire to creatively write. I think I even said, at one point, for you to ask your guides if you could write or something like that. You ask if my painting causes me to commune with nature and I say, oh yes! …and feeling the bark of a tree, or feeling how a shoulder on an animal curves. When I draw, I try to feel what I see with the point of my pencil. I have hugged trees, too.
    But more than anything else. Your story about the tree hugging became a little message to me. I just finished reading a friend of mine’s first novel. Writing was something she has wanted to do for a long time but saved it until retirement. The subject of her novel? A tree. Thank-you for your message: the writing (yours), the guides’ messages, your tree, the painter, and back to another writer(my friend), and another tree in her book. I feel at peace because I have been searching for how all this connects. By the way? The tree in her book can talk, but only some people can hear it. I like it that you can hear your guides. I like it that you could hear that smaller tree.

  3. A few odd thoughts from an odd person –
    First – kudos to Leslie, you, and dear guides. Thank you!
    Second – all honest (true) writing is from sacred space. It’s all channeling. Just my feeling.
    Third – Trees. Connection to the sacred. The First Peoples and the Norse: axis mundi connecting heaven and earth and all. I find it profound moving that were moved to hug a tree. Good habit. Try meditating when sitting under a tree with the base of your spin pressed against the base of the tree. Powerful and healing adventure.

    Blessing to you and Guides for your wonderful contribution to healing and growth. You are our dear fellow-traveller, much loved. Hugs! Hey, I hugged an Amy today! 😀

    Visits here always healing and life affirming, Amy. Write on …

  4. Altogether gorgeous, Amy and Leslie – and I love Jamie’s suggestion of meditating with your spine against a tree! This all returns me to Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Stillness Speaks’ and his observation of the perfect stillness of plants – takes the breath away…

    • Thank you Naomi. I have an old Yew in my yard with a little wooden seat beside it. Duc le Chat sits there as master of his domain. I’ll borrow the stump, put my back against that beloved old Yew and meditate. I do hug it periodically, but I will meditate and really listen.

  5. Chi Quang masters put their hands on trees and also hug trees in order to eliminate their toxic Chi and absorb healthy Chi.
    The tress are capable of handling the toxic Chi without becoming ill themselves.
    This is how Chi Quang masters get their strength in which they can lift over one thousand pounds at ninety years old and other amazing feats.
    One of which is healing people by moving their Chi, with their hands and even long distance.
    Of course they do hours of Chi Quang as well per day, however, the trees are their secret way of enhancing their practices – both in Chi Quang and meditation.

    Trees are a great way to ground oneself and also release anger and stress, hugging trees and touching them with open palms works wonders; it also connects soul to oversoul.
    …the trees have their roots in the earth and their branches in the heavens.

    • Thank you, Angela. That is precisely the message I perceive when I hug my Maple. I knew there was healing happening.

      Synchronicity galore – I just received a set of Chi Quang DVDs in the mail. I ordered them so I could train in Chi Quang. Thanks for sharing these insights – you’ve motivated me to get this underway.

  6. Ist odd how we can connect to people we have never met on such a deep level.
    I guess the only thing we have to share this way is opinion and personality.
    No false facades as is only to common in our everyday lives.

    I dont thing there is anything wrong with hugging trees, all you are doing is embracing nature, though given my dry sense of humour i would probably feel compelled to mock that habit in a light hearted matter. lol

    • You are a sweetheart for containing yourself with such decorum and finesse! 😀

      I agree – we are free to go right to the core with each other. Our written responses seem to pass through the facades that are useless anyway.

  7. Hi Amy … what a gorgeous tale with such a deep message – and the responses are wonderful too – learning so much .. Hug a Tree I’ll remember that on my next walk into a park away from traffic and roads .. starting slowly .. one arm, both arms, the body and the full body hugging nature in its all .. roots to the earth, branches to the heavens .. and sitting against a tree meditating – with my spine straight against the strong trunk .. I must remember. Lovely story – thank you .. Hilary

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