Afraid of Love

My beloved Guides, I feel you knocking on my soul.  Have you felt the Love that was being sent your way over the last while?

We are here because of it.  We would like to address all who know Soul Dipper.

Good.  This will certainly be interesting.

The creation of Soul Dipper fulfills a contract made prior to your coming into this lifetime. Under this contract, you gathered knowledge from entities beyond the current dimension and density. You returned to this frequency as one who desires the experience of bringing love, reassurance and insight to those filled with fear.

Is that why I find fear such a waste of time – knowing that it blocks the ability for Love to flow unencumbered?

Under this contract, you have little fear.  You know the world desperately needs the Love that is currently flowing with higher frequency to your planet.  You are able to live in the frequency and you know is available to everyone.  You see a continuous cry for love and a continuous denial of love.  One of the purposes of Soul Dipper is to help us convey how Love is the power, the method, the antidote, the pleasure, the peace within each decision. Choose love and you transform the negativity in every single situation.

(Note from Soul Dipper: The last sentence has been italicized because those words arrived in capital form.  Since capitals suggest shouting, please see the emphasis through the italics.)

What causes so many to be afraid of Love?

Because all souls sense the power of Love, the refusal to acknowledge its effects on minds, hearts or lives comes from the fear of being controlled.  Control holds different meaning for each different human.  We are addressing matters broader than your planet’s romantic love.  Love exists in each minuscule exchange.  You have understood this throughout countless incarnations.  The fear that lies in each individual soul can originate from either past or current life experiences.

Love does not control.  Love is the freedom from such fear.  You are free to trust Love.

There are humans who have difficulty accepting previous incarnations.  Some have spent a great deal of time and resources dwelling on mindful analysis to determine the cause of their fear of Love.  These people have many other names for the fear.  There is confusion about aloneness.  They feel dispirited needlessly.

When the veil is lifted, it is possible to know there is no time in which you are alone.  There is no such possibility.  You are ineffably loved and supported by the entire corporation of Essential Beings dedicated to your well-being.  The Love emanating from Divine Source is everything and everywhere.

With practice in meditation, humans eventually see, and may laugh at, the tendency to feel unloved or under-loved.  We are all from, and of, the Beloved so how can any being not be Love?  Not only are you continuously living in Love, you are Love.  Thinking yourself outside of Love is the same as believing your watch is recording a unique, separate and different time from all others.

We will end this messaging.  Please allow us to continue in a subsequent session.

Thank you so much.  This will resonate  and keep me well fed.   A question… does it create any problems when I write other materials under Soul Dipper?  Does that interfere with you or detract from the contract?

Thank you for the consideration.  Love is sent and received, an unfettered veil, creating no disruption.  You contract is being honoured.  Variance can be spiritual refreshment.  We assure you, your humanness offers reassurance to others.

I have plenty of it!  Thank you, my Beloveds…said as though you are mine alone!


We get it!!

15 thoughts on “Afraid of Love

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  2. *sigh*

    We are all so busy buying into the illusion that we can somehow ‘guard our heart’ that we spend a lifetime cheat ourselves and cheating others.

    I like that the message was delivered in all capitals.
    Shout it from the rooftops, yaknow?

    Thank you.
    I’m weary–but it’s in part because I’ve spent energy trying to do what doesn’t work for me.

    You do know I believe they shouted it just for mememe, right? 😉

    Sometimes it takes that with me.
    Usually a thump on the back of the head is enough–sometimes……notsomuch.

    (((((((((((( Amy )))))))))))))

    • Glad this spoke to you, Mel. I needed it, too – it turned out. Soon after this message was received, a situation arose and this is exactly what I needed to deal with it. It gave me the courage to come from Love and not the “default” where my mind would have been in charge. Hopefully you, too, were given the courage to act from your heart.

    • The messages are repeatedly about fear and love, it seems – guess not enough are as aware as you, Victoria. It does take time and I am most willing to be patient with how this comes down.

  3. I love it that you have shared this very special message on “love” and fear. It brings up an issue that I have been feeling as I read your posts. Your question to the guides at the end, “A question… does it create any problems when I write other materials under Soul Dipper ? Does that interfere with you or detract from the contract?”
    I am only a reader and bound to this life’s journey in learning so it is with a little hesitation that I suggest something, here. I follow you because I think you are sharing a very special message with all of us and we are all on different continuums of learning these lessons. I was initially attracted to such other writings because they held messages within them. In your stories and creativity, you have not lost the knack for sharing the guides’ messages through them. The very fact that you are living and learning and grounded here, with me and others, offers the hope that through your sharing of your creativity, we may share this journey together. Does that make sense? Sometimes, I sense the guides may have entered into this contract with you because they know that you can not help but share their messages through your creative writings. I believe it takes both. They are gently nudging us to set examples of walking in love and light through what we say, write and live. They have chosen you as a communicator. To me, that means they trust you. I sense they are gently nudging you to find that acceptance of your gifts in writing and understand that you can not help but include messages within said writing. I can not speak for them, Amy. I think they are trying to tell you that when they said, “We assure you, your humanness offers reassurance to others.” Write away! Right away!

  4. So the other day my cousin and I were talking about this. I’m going to pass this post along, facebooking it now. Thank you for the great post and the happy coincidence.

  5. Oh, Amy, I am so glad to connect with you again, and have a little time to read a few of your posts! They resonate so deeply for me, often reminding me of so many things… This one reminds me of being told, “There are no mistakes.” Thank you for sharing, and reinforcing that our best life insurance policy is our intention. Many bright blessings to you!

  6. What you noted in the post above–the lower number of responses. I can only speak for me but apparently I need to speak for me.

    I’ve said it before.
    Fluff takes not time to absorb or respond to.
    I do a whole lot of fluff–that ‘stuff’ that runs around my head and spills out. *laughing* Please keep in mind that I don’t think ‘fluff’ is a bad thing–it’s just fluff. I do know on occasion when I’m moved for one of those fingers to keyboard moments or a conversation with my Maker–or a delivering of the message in black and white so I can hold on to it for future reference……sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming for others to respond to. Fluff–not so much.

    I think I’ve shared with you–I read. I come back. I read again. I come back and again read…..and sometimes it’s read a bit, let it settle or let it find that spot in ME that it flows into.
    I sometimes feel so inadequate in responding. A simple “I hear ya” isn’t enough. And for whatever reason (and I think I ‘get’ the reason) I can’t just NOT listen to the message and let it settle.
    And I fail to adequately put into words what I want to put into words.

    I think that’s the arrangements being made for me to just SHUSH and listen….and let it settle as it is suppose to.
    And it seems to happen a whole lot here.

    Now–I think that’s a good thing.
    And I don’t think I’m alone in how the message is being received.
    And even if I am–I need you to keep doing what it is that you’re doing–not listening or deciding based on the traffic, but based on the direction your Guides are pointing you.

    JUST my two cents that I felt compelled to stick up here.
    Not that you’d do anything other than what your trusting Guides placed in front of you.

    k….I would–but sometimes I’m like that…..LOL
    Darn good thing they love me as is, eh? 😉

    <– now done rambling!

    • Mel, you hold a lot of weight. Thank you for your words, but especially your love. No fear in accepting your love! 😀 I feel guided to find a balance. Those guides are not going away- nor would I want them to! There is a way to have the messages be contained in stories – I just don’t want to contain them so well that they are invisible. I still get all snagged about giving the messages verbatim…for various reasons – mainly ego.

      You are right. I need to trust my Guiding Force. The story is the vehicle. If I’m in the driver’s seat, the GPS is the Universal Spirit. And the mileage? Well, as you say…it’s just mileage.

      Don’t throw any pennies away, Mel. I need them! Love you lots.

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