Transformation Talk

"Do what the Angels would do" - The Guides

Welcome, my Beloved Guides.

We come with abundance and all encompassing love.  We want to first acknowledge and thank those who have not only read these messages, but have taken steps to truly observe themselves.

It is difficult looking at, or catching, ourselves when we are acting outside of love.

This has developed due to the misguided notion that the act of catching oneself in a negative thought results in chastisement.  There is no need for judgment, only self-love and realignment.

Can you give an example?

When driving, you may decide the driver in front is too slow.  It’s tempting to project negative energy at that driver.  It is loving to observe yourself doing this and simply change the thought energy you are projecting.  If you chastise yourself, you are putting out more negative energy.  Observe and transform without judgment.  Decide to not be negative the next time the situation arises.  Get on with living with a loving heart.

This is especially important in the realm of unity and connectedness.   Thinking and speaking negatively about another is an obvious indication of the love level in a soul.  We support all who strive to live in the unity of the Source.   When any soul feels distraught over thinking or hearing negativity against another, that soul has stepped into the realm of knowing. As each human soul can transform thoughts and feelings instantly, so can the action bring instant benefits to one and all.

You can lovingly cease engaging in negative thinking towards others.   You can gently guide another into positive communication.  Energy affects all participants – the projecting person, the object of scrutiny and you.

Since accepting that intuitive messaging is a gift from God, it has been more and more difficult to speak or hear negativity against another.  However, I’m amazed at how  tempting it still is to participate.  I have been awed by the power of the temptation to throw in another tidbit of knowledge that I have up my sleeve.

You only need ask for help to overcome any temptation.  We will support you to the degree you are willing to accept our support.

That’s a loaded comment.  I can feel it’s fullness.  Please feel free to give the message.

Thank you.  You are aware of the transformation that is currently underway.  You know that Divine Energy is being fed to your planet in ever increasing amounts.  You have experienced many of the physical aspects of this increase.

Yes and I’ve been following various people who are reporting regularly on similar matters.

You continue to register a level of discernment that is healthy for a being in your life experience.  We are pleased.  However, as the subtleties become more and more clear to you and as we continue to help the flow of insightful data to you, you will be more able to connect the dots, to use a phrase familiar to you and others.  Already, the “aha” moments are becoming commonplace.

Is there something that I need to change or do?

We have full authority to speak about the need for all souls to become students in energy transference.  Many humans are willing to study and place high importance on matters of physical concern.  Many worship the mind and the power of thought.  Many  live in the realm of emotion and feeling.  However, the understanding of the power of energy exchanges, in simple, everyday occurrences, has only begun.

Energy has endless force – cause and effect.  Earth’s scientific community has been proving the power of energy more and more to you.  The world has seen and accepted both the glory and the damage of energy in various modes of its transformation.

Depends on the motive, correct?

Yes.  However, your planet has arrived at the stage where humans need to deeply understand and practice the power of positive energy.  Look at the power of human thought over a plant.  Or over the health of water.   Or the power of prayer.  You are all transmitting these powerful effects at all times – unfortunately some with negativity.

Do you mean in ways we think that others would not know about?  For example, thinking that someone’s hair looks terrible?

Yes.  As simple and innocuous as that may seem, the consequence is one of creating a non-loving environment.  Take that small example and realize its impact reachs universality.  Is that what you want to do?

Souls on your planet have been spending unnecessary amounts of energy warding off negativity.  This is because humans have inundated each other and themselves with constant projections of negativity.  You have it streaming into your homes.  You idolize those who perpetuate it.   You chose leaders who stand on platforms of negativity.   You avoid taking a stand against it.  It is a constant soul struggle for human beings to ward off negativity projected by others.

It’s time to move beyond this level of existence.  Your planet is being sent, and will continue to be sent, amounts of energy to help those who are willing to overcome this state and condition.  This is the message we hope to impart today.

Are all of us being hit with this upsurge of energy?

Everyone has the opportunity to make use of this Divine gift and be willing to participate in the transformation.

Is everyone going to grab hold of the opportunity?

As has been expressed in previous messaging, any soul possessing a willingness to be 51% “other-serving” will grasp the energy and put it to use for themselves.  Each soul will make his or her own decision.  It is advisable to observe your propensities for “other-serving”.  Leave others to discovering their own level.  Judgment is not necessary.  Human souls choose their path in their own manner.

Do you have one more question for this session?

Yes.  Last week, at 2:34 a.m., I was awake.  Suddenly there was a flash of white light outside.  Then it was followed by two bright green flashes.  They all lasted several seconds.  They lit the whole neighbourhood.  I went outside to see if there was a problem with hydro lines.  There was nothing and our power was on.  I felt as though I’d been zapped with something.  For a few minutes, I felt a sense of disorientation.  When I talked to neighbours about this, they had not noticed or seen the light.

That was more than an electrical arc.  You did receive an upsurge.  Your experience was followed by a few days of physical discomfort that made you wonder if you were succumbing to a flu.  These are typical symptoms of the physical response to the upsurges.  This is the reason the doses of energy began very light and are gradually becoming more significant.

We encourage all to accept the Source’s Divine Power and observe yourselves with loving gentleness.  Allow the process to unfold without resistance or fright.  Truly we can assure you that any who are reading this message are the same who are seeing their lives transform.

It is to your benefit that all decisions, big or small, originate in your hearts.

Forgive me one more question, please.  How will I know that my decisions are from the heart?

To speak in your vernacular, do what you believe the angels would do.  This finishes this session which comes with blessings from the All Loving Source, known to many as God.  We ask that the many names given to the Source be accepted without judgment.

Thank you so much, dear Guides. The expression of your “other-centeredness” that is so humbling is the energy work done in the name of answering prayers.  Knowing that healing energy goes to work simply through a tiny request is difficult to accept intellectually.  I now understand that a prayer opens your gate, allowing you to give freely all the Love that awaits our request. Thank you for the loving fun and joviality with which you respond to my endless foibles and requests.

34 thoughts on “Transformation Talk

  1. A bunch of people lied to me this week. Their deceptiveness pleased me. In fact, I can’t stop smiling about it.

    Why? Because once they revealed their true colors, I knew where I stood with them.

    I found it very liberating.

    How you relate to the issue is the issue.

    • Sorry to hear that, Nancy! I find dishonesty is often coupled with betrayal and it’s a lump I don’t like. I usually have to remember Maya Angelou’s tried and true statement: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” That sometimes means my expectations were too high in the first place. Damn, it can be hard being a grown-up. 😀

    • The guides said: “When driving, you may decide the driver in front is too slow. It’s tempting to project negative energy at that driver. It is loving to observe yourself doing this and simply change the thought energy you are projecting.”

      The parallel (in my mind): “When living, you may decide that a neighbor (or 2) is a liar. It’s tempting to project negative energy at that liar. It is loving to observe yourself doing this and simply change the thought energy you are projecting.”

      I did. From negative (shame on them!) to positive (lucky me!). Very liberating.

      Love Maya’s quote: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

      It’s NOT about JUDGING them in a negative fashion. It’s about OBSERVING them with an alert curiosity.

      • I’m counting on the fact that discernment is a “fruit of the spirit” and that it is wise to be discerning. Only Mr. Magoo got away with being able to go “*blindly* into that good night”. 😀

  2. I have issues at work that I’m at a loss as to what to do. I thank you for this Amy and your Guides. I needed to hear this today and be reminded of the power of prayer and to “do what the angels would do”.

    • Charles, I’ve been away a couple of days and have been writing. Therefore, I am terribly far behind. You are so consistent. Thank you for that – it’s a character trait that is so comforting.

  3. Great post, Amy. I found this particularly relevant and telling: “It’s tempting to project negative energy at that driver. It is loving to observe yourself doing this and simply change the thought energy you are projecting. If you chastise yourself, you are putting out more negative energy. Observe and transform without judgment. Decide to not be negative the next time the situation arises. Get on with living with a loving heart.” Lately, I’ve found myself caught up in the ‘gossip game’ at work — the building is positively filled with negativity and it shames me to admit that I have been part of and contributed to that atmosphere. Reading your post is like lighting a match — it clears the air and brings light where it is needed. Thanks, and have a terrific Sunday.

    • Negative environments are just mega energy sappers. They are toxic for so many different reasons. I used to remind my employees (all women at a senior’s residence) “When someone wants to complain to you about someone else, please stop them and ask them if they have addressed this issue with that person.” It put it out on the table so employees who were willing to stop the gossip ball, had the impetus and backing to speak up.

  4. Beautiful post, Amy. ….sometimes I think this is the thing I concentrate on the MOST! Somewhere I learned that I can put up a negativity “bug” (an image I create in my mind) to eat up all the negativity that comes my way.I think it was in a book I read. It works when I sense to do that. Othertimes, it is so hard to know what to do with that hurtful energy that comes my way. It often sets fear in motion and a willingness to defend that often comes back out of me in negativity. I feel guilty when that happens and I recognize my contributions to this illness. I hope that with my continuing to recognize this in myself, that each small step I make to respond in a positive manner, that my lesson for myself sets an example for those closest to me. It is truly a cycle we need to cure, that of fear and negativity. The more of us who heed this lesson and begin to change how we re-route negative experiences, the more comfortable our world, here, will be. As precious as others are, so are we. I would like to know what we are to do with negative energy we consume because we were not careful. Is that where meditation comes in? A conscious recognition of keeping ourselves centered and grounded in truth? I will follow to learn. Thank-you for sharing these messages with us!

    • Your question is a good one, Leslie. Boy, does your sincerity ever shine through. I don’t know if you ever read Ainslie MacLeod’s “The Instruction – Living the Life Your Soul Intended”. If you did, I’ll bet you are one very old soul! I love knowing that people like you exist in our world. I do not say this lightly!

  5. I like this Amy, especially the part where we can transform instantly .. anything .. for this is a law of our creative experience. We are co-creators and in the early teachings of Christ, in the aramaic language he spoke, there is a message about this – miracles were possible for people living at that time. For they understood in the present moment is all things. And you write of this beautifully. Thank you.

  6. Go figure I’ve read this once–twice…and now three times. It makes me smile. I now understand how it is that people are of the belief that I’m ‘chastisizing’ myself for having defects of character. I am not–I’m simply re-aligning myself. Great explanation that I could never quite get.
    Back on the beam–back to what’s good and true.

    I don’t think ill of people who drive slower, fail to use their turn signal, etc…makes himself crazy….LOL….but I just don’t. I don’t know their circumstances, could be they’re frazzled trying to get to their wife in the hospital who’s about to birth twins! 😉 Seriously….they’re of no irritation to me.
    I do not gossip–I do tease though…..horribly and with great humour cuz it’s fun! Human beings tend to take themselves (and life) way too seriously. I get disturbed and then end up laughing at me for bothering. I can get off the beam and lost that center where all things are as they are TO be. My G-d doesn’t let me stay there very long…LOL (Thanks for that!!) He makes arrangements for me–apparently He has other things for me to be doing, huh.

    I’m amazed, actually.
    Not at G-d’s plans….not at the work of angels or at the energy that’s being passed into our lives–but that He made plans for me to find my way here. WHY that amazes me–it really shouldn’t. He’s done it over and over and over again in my life.
    Now–what I’m to DO with all of it….is yet to be revealed.
    Or maybe it’s already in process, huh? (duh…..)

    Great word for the process I was never really able to put into words!

    • Thank you for your comment, Mel. Yes, we all have purpose. Apparently it is not complicated. We can simply go our own way, in our own way, giving and leaving love. Love, forgiveness and gratitude assure us of fulfilling our purpose, whatever the situation each of us has co-created with G-d. As Nanci Danison points out in her videos – we need to realize that we simply need to put our attention on what we want to create and it happens.

      I hope that re-aligning means a process that contains lots of love for you!

  7. *laughing* Failed miserably at putting it into words here, too!
    Actually, it’s a very loving process after I’ve shook my head a few dozen times and muttered “I know, I KNOW!!!!” a bit. I’ve never taken stock and not ended up in loving headlock from my Maker.

    I love that “I’m the Dad–you’re the child” relationship that gives me permission to just screw up and still get that warm fuzzy.

    • Ah, thanks, Richard. These Guides would not give me any rest if I kept their stuff all to myself – which I did for years. I’m way behind (with everyone’s blogs) but am getting to your posts soon. I need a Artsweb Fix!

  8. I was just reading at another girl’s blog, that she is determined to make this year an year of brave love! I think you are going in that direction and leading us to believe in love.. And while I was reading your story about bad hair.. I was going, “Ha, tell me about it!!” I have had one too many to think of another person like that 😉
    As I am reading your first question and answer.. I was muttering.. Road rage.. Oh, I have plenty of it.. If there something called “young blood”, I would like to blame it on that, please!!
    How have you been Amy?! Have a great week ahead!!

    • Hi Rachana. Good to hear from you. I’m very much behind – have been off my tiny island and doing some other community stuff. So, I will need to get my butt firmly in this chair and stop having so much fun in my real world!! Yes, I’m all for a year of brave love! And Rachana, It’s the most power each of us have!! And I love rascals just like you.

  9. Hi Amy .. certainly what you’re saying and the Guides responding makes sense – the cause and effect of energy … and the ‘frightening’ realisation that every negative thought generates more negativity. It is a ‘difficult’ spiral to get out of .. but I definitely must make more of an effort .. what others do has nothing to do with me, I can only be my best (without negative thoughts), and others may have many more challenges than I do .. I at least know my life & acknowledge it – many, probably most, do not fully realise what their life is about … and now with the Guides help will improve my position in life .. by being kinder, not so critical and generally just being me.

    Thanks – essential story for us in the transformational process .. Hilary

    • Yeay, Hilary! Yes! Be you. Above all else, be you. The Guides keep reminding me of the incredible beauty that bursts out from behind our curtains. We hang them because we think we need to hide our light. I wouldn’t doubt that once your time is your own, you are going to discover incredible things about yourself. You don’t have much time to notice the growth that is happening while your focus has been so intensely on others.

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