2011 Is About Fun! The Guides Say So!


Happy First Anniversary, Soul Dipper! Rainbow Cake: From the Guides for the readers.

One year ago, the Guides said:

“Embrace your highest source of power and love.  Focus on it; carry it with all your being.  With that power, no matter what life puts in your path, there you will stand – strong in the face of adversity.  And that is called SOUL.”

Today, they remind me:

“Soul Dipper

build strong souls.”

Thanks to all READERS. 

Your numbers grew slowly, steadily and amazingly. I am humbled by it.

Thanks to other bloggers, I’m learning how to manage this exciting, new workload.

Thanks to all COMMENTERS.

You supplied the courage for me to keep writing when I wanted to shove the Guides, the computer and me back into the closet.

Thanks to my incredible FRIENDS (with and without skin) who were so faithful and supportive.

You know who you are.  Yours is a brand of love that is God’s Tongue.


The Guides message today:

All who are willing to live with intent and attention are encouraged to pass this insight on to others.  Intent and attention are key transformational preparations for the vital and unprecedented process that is before all souls on this planet.  Each of you has been given the power and the energy to fulfill this purpose in a spirit of diligence.

Dare to deliver your purpose with loving fun.

Enjoy the Divine outcomes that unfold before you.

The upgrade of energy from the All Loving Source has contributed to the various planetary changes you are experiencing.

The upgrade of energy from the All Loving Source has contributed to the various changes you are experiencing within you – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are aware you have noticed.  That is part of the Universal Intent.

Those who are not interested in these changes are not to be judged.  Their purpose and process is different through their own choosing.

All are in the care of  the All Encompassing Love.

Share the loving gifts of intent and attention.

Be “other-centered”.

We, of the Ra Group, ask that blessings be your shower, love be your sun and laughter be your healer.

We are with you through every step of each of your days.

You are so very much loved.

Love others.


**Added 40 minutes after the initial post, here is Deepak Chopra spreading a similar message:

http://vimeo.com/18490175 **

55 thoughts on “2011 Is About Fun! The Guides Say So!

  1. I have never ever seen a rainbow cake! Did you make that, Amy? I’m kind of chuckling because I don’t have cake or a sweet in this house and I kind of want one, now……so thank-you, Guides and Amy! Interesting photo with that ray of light landing on the cake.
    Thank-you, Guides, for the message. I will need to come back and read that one from time-to-time.

  2. I want some of that cake, it looks lovely 🙂
    Happy anniversary! Do you think the Catholic belief of the Guardian Angel is the equivalent of what you would call a guide? I think we all have someone watching over us, but most of us never realise it. Sometimes, I think being aware of them is like having a bit of a 6th sense, that extra perception where you see more than what the naked eye can see and sense…

    • Thanks, Alannah. Here’s how I am able to respond to your question. Apparently each one of us has a whole Corporation of guardians, guides and helpers. Angels are certainly part of that corporation. From what I can determine, roles can be, and are, interchanged to fit the situation. For example, there really are accidents and, in an emergent situation, we are so loved that there is a whole host of helpers available to be of service. If we “see” some form of help, we typically call it an angel. To me, it doesn’t matter what it is, but THAT it is.

      • I love that Amy. How beautiful. My favourite singer Peter Murphy has this line from one of his songs that really struck a chord in me: “Hell is not the fire, hell is your believe in yourself as the higher” and that is why I do believe we are not alone and as you say, yes, we can call them whatever we like, but what matters is that they exist and I know they do 🙂

        • Your comment makes me wanna give you a big hug: (((Alannah))) I just checked out Peter Murphy’s official site and saw a tribute to his friend who died. Loved his line – “May you rest in the lap of compassion.”

      • Amy, yes! I loved that line as well. Saw it yesterday and thought it was a beautifully touching tribute to his friend Mick Karn. That line also jumped out at me, because of its beauty and all that it implied.

  3. Rainbow cake – it’s a great idea! I’m not sure about all the chemicals though. Anyway, thank you souldipper and guides. I hear the message.

    Actually I vowed, (or perhaps I Instinctively know?) that 2011 will be a different but fun year. I’m ‘cramming’ a lot of things to do this year (much like going for an exam and only studying at the last minute) but they’re all about learning, developing, sharing, laughing, playing, loving, letting go. I guess I’m on the right track. 🙂

    And I love this – “loving fun”. Yes!!

    • Yeah, Earthianne – the chemicals! Just the food colouring was enough to have me only tasting a very thin slice on the day of the celebration. (I goofed…it was actually Canada’s birthday! 🙂 )

      It’s amazing how many people around me are sensing “f” words for 2011! Fun, frolic and fearlessness, but primarily FUN.

      Congrats on your conversion, or return, to vegetarianism. I love eating without meat. I promise you that in a while, veggies will taste unbelievably delicious. You may have discovered that already. I’m so awed by you falling in love with animals. The animal kingdom is so ready for us to give them their due. ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS!! I just have to share this video with you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITf57kOoVjg

  4. Yeah baby, now that’s what I am talking about 😉 News flash in your island chronicle, Rainbow sells like hot cake!
    Amy I smell some other fresh ‘wordy’ recipes cooking in the kitchen, bring them on!!!
    Looking forward to a fun year!!

    • Oh, Rachana, you Hottie. I’m one of those animal loving vegetarians. If you smell something, it’s a potpourri of roasted, herbed, oiled veggies or some equally meat-free dish that feeds my sweet tooth. But don’t let that stop you from inviting me to your place for one of your favourite dishes. My friends know that on certain days, I am 85% vegetarian.

      Is that a promise that you’ll change something if you are not having fun?

      • When you are on a cross country trip in the US, the South East will be on me.. Lodging is completely free.. When you will take me up on this offer, is your call.. 🙂
        The promise is I want to change what I write about.. But, it will not be far from the “Struggling humanitarian” aspect of me.. Just less torture for my readers.. I am working on it 😉
        Also, I have been thinking of suggesting this, can we have a Top clicks/posts of your blog on the right side bar..? I have been trying to read some old ones.. esp, the first one I ever read on yours.. – Your letter to your 16 year old self, I think it was!
        Thanks, even if you are not sure you want that info on your side bar, just give me the link, either way no worries! 🙂

        • Rachana, are you suggesting we take the South East by storm? Two humanitarian hearts pounding the on the doors of the masses to open their eyes and see? President Obama would be begging us to write for him! 🙂

          It’s exciting to wait for your “unfolding”. I’m not sure about your statement about torturing your readers – are you feeling that you have to explain yourself too much? When you’ve done that in your comment section, the lightbulb goes on and I think I’ve been the thickest brain on the planet. However, I love being stretched by intelligence and nuance. Some of the women I mentor tell me they need a two-by-four to finally “get it”, but I don’t deal in lumber. Only in hearts. ❤

          I am going to look into listing those well-read posts on the right hand bar. Thank you, Rachana. I haven't been worrying too much about housecleaning and organizing. Perhaps it's time to learn how to do that.

      • Thank you, as I have told you I have been working on prioritizing life in general, I will try my best – but I thank you ALWAYS for your encouragement.. – And, who knows we might get into a joint deal of some sort for the President one day 😉
        So much for wishful thinking.. Impending weekends do that to me 😀

    • Know what? From all the intelligent and interesting items you have on your post, I think you have fun a lot. Well – I sure do when I read it. You save me hundreds of hours.

  5. It is so beautiful to observe
    The joy within your smile
    The happiness you exude
    And yes I do wish
    That at moments, of doubt
    That you remember this
    Fulfillment of your purpose
    Is an absolute MUST
    And the times you cannot see it
    Are the times
    That you trust…….

  6. Congratulations Souldipper….I must look to see when my anniversary happens…I think it is at the end of April…or do WP remind one?
    That is one very colourful cake…wow!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous – pic, cake and message! CONGRATS on your fabulous first anniversary, Souldipper!! Huge hug and kiss from SA 😀 XO

    • Naomi – thank you for all the “Go for it” attitude about writing. Who would have guessed that we’d end up with all these new friends, Naomi??!! Hope all is going well in the animal world – both the one you photograph and the one inhabited by your personal four-leggers.

  8. Oh….YUM!!!!!!!

    Okay, okay….Jamie and I are layin’ off the wheat stuffs. Besides, I know how they make that red food colouring. *shudder*

    In the meantime:

    Happy Anniversary to you
    Happy Anniversary to YOU
    Happy Anniversary
    Happy Anniversary…..
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to YouuUUUUuuuuUUUUUuuuuuu!!!!


  9. Hi there 😀

    Hope you contine to enjoy the blogging experience and have a really successful 2011. Love this pic of you and your message here. Thanks!

    Have a great weekend xx

  10. Hi Amy .. love the post and the rainbow cake .. with the sun ray upon it. & the comments from many of your friends .. fun .. and I love Alannah’s mention of “resting in the lap of compassion” and our helpers arounds us .. Mum certainly has hers .. some relatives, some little boys usually, some animals .. and I was sent off to dance with George the other day .. ‘Darling GO AND DANCE .. I can’t I’ve got my boots on’ – her description for her ‘stroked leg’ .. thanks love these stories ..

    and the New Year now I’m past the first fortnight, which hasn’t been easy leaving Mum’s flat etc, I can actually take Nancy’s words “If it’s not fun – why bother” to heart and get on with things .. however mundane and essential we can dance in the sunlight .. thanks – Hilary

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