Outwitted by Love


by Edwin Markham*

He drew a circle that shut me out —
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But Love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle that took him in!


So, my Beloved Guides, I’ve been reading and studying the material from the Ra Group that is called The Law of One.  This is not child’s play.  I’ve learned that we humans can be affected by unwanted negative energies.  After my prayers in opening this meditation, I have asked all to leave who are not here for my highest purpose.  Shall I do more?

You have appropriately sent them off with love.  That is the teaching of the Law of One.  To fall into the error of defending  or fighting would be the energy needed for those negative energies to persist.  By pouring love over them they are obligated to leave.

Interesting!  When my brother, three years older than me, used to become a pest, mom had taught me to turn around and hug him.  She told me to sneak a kiss if I could manage that.  I never did.  But it did work.  He’d be gone.

The same core principle applies in both cases.  Your brother left because he saw that he could not upset you.  The game no longer interested him because he could not have the power over you that he sought.  Likewise, the negative energies that attempt to distract, derail or divert your energy lose their power immediately when met with a love response.  They leave immediately and without retaliation out of fear of being stripped of more power.

Since the act of being negative is to gain control, love diminishes the power as a candle to the dark.  When negativity is met with love, as the Law of One states, Love wins.  Both positive and negative energies must adhere to the Law of One.  So naturally the response is to withdraw before losing massive amounts of power.

Am I protected by you when I say my prayer at the beginning of meditation?

You are protected by the principles within the Law of One.  As explained, your response with love and kindness diminished the power to affect you.  The Law of One is premised on the fact that there is universal interconnectedness of all beings, positive and negative.  It matters not.  All negative beings will eventually turn into positive entities through their evolutionary process.  While in lower densities, these beings can instill negative influences on weaker beings.  As their evolution progresses, negative entities (self-serving) will be transformed into positive energies (other-serving) .

What would a negative energy form do to me if I didn’t ask for protection and ask the negative (dark side) to disappear?

The attempt may be to cause you to lose interest in writing about the Light and Love that is channeled to this planet.  Or, an attempt to convince you that you are sick and cannot write.  The attack could be one that gives you a belief that you have arthritis in your hands so painful that it is impossible to write.  It could be any devious means to have you believe that you cannot spread any of the Light or Love throughout the universe.

If I couldn’t write, I would still think it.  What about that?

The strategy would be to manipulate you into thinking that you are wrong.  Instilling self-doubt is a powerful weapon.  Lowered self esteem is generally an attack on the positive entity to prevent further spreading of joy or happiness.

Are there negative energy forms that work through humans?

Negative entities work through manipulation.  They will attempt to manipulate positive energies and may use negative humans to support their strategies.  The Law of One is predicated on all humans having free will.  Both positives and negatives must respect free will.   Therefore, a human who is determined to serve only itself, as opposed to serving others, is negative and therefore a good candidate for manipulation.  The light of a positive or a higher density form shines with brilliance.   This brightness is very obvious to the negatives.  They will engage in any tactics that could work to diminish self-esteem, confidence, or the health of a positive human or entity.

How do I know if I’m a positive or a negative?

If you are 51% on the side of wanting to serve others, you are a positive.

So it’s obvious that positives have negative thoughts and actions during their existence.

Yes, this is the reason it is very important that each human take the steps needed to know who they are.  They must understand who they are in any given situation so that when they are feeling negative, they catch themselves in the act and can lovingly ask the negative entities to leave.

I heard someone speak about how tiring it is to listen to people who talk only about positive aspects of life.  Does that mean they are a negative?  This person called positive people “pollyannas”.

In order for humans to know who they are,  positive and negative situations must be experienced.  When humans are learning from each other, it does help to speak of the negatives so as to explain how the positive transformation occurred.  Humans need to learn the importance of observing themselves and catching their negativity.  Then it is simply a matter of turning to the light with Love and being positive.  It is critically important for humans to observe and claim the negativity first – otherwise the change has less impact.

This comes down to this question for now, my Guides.  When I doubt myself or think this is a bunch of malarkey, I need to recognize the source of this negativity.  Is that correct?

This is correct.

I am suddenly very grateful for all the times my brother tried to be a pest.  I will recognize the feelings and know that I simply ask them to leave in a spirit of love and respect.  After all, we are all one.  And they will evolve into positive eventually.

Thank you, very much for helping us bring a little more understanding to the Law of One.    We thank you for choosing to walk in Light and Love with the knowledge of the All Oneness of the Entire Universe.  We delight in the knowledge of the Creator’s Hand being exposed to those who may not otherwise consider the simplicity of transforming their lives into ones of great service to others.


*From:  http://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/poets/m_r/markham/life.htm:

The change in Markham’s literary significance has been tied to the development of modernist poetry and his steadfast refusal to change to meet the increasing demands arising with the appearance of poets such as Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, and William Carlos Williams. Their emphasis on changes in literary forms and their movement away from social commentary and political topics made much of what distinguished Markham’s verse dated. He gradually fell from critical favor, and his reputation never fully recovered.

Author’s Note:  Was Markham’s mysticism under attack as per the teachings of the Law of One?  He certainly shows a depth of understanding that would be shining brilliantly.



52 thoughts on “Outwitted by Love

    • Delighted to make your acquaintance, Tim. Yes, without opposites we’d have no mirrors. I just went to your blog and really like what I see. My heart goes out to you big time – you are working 50 hours a week? And yet you write. Hat’s off to you.

  1. Wonderful post, Amy.

    The more positive I become . . . the more quickly I notice when negatives are struggling to regain power over me.

    Love the opening poem too!


  2. One of my favorite poems, Amy. I am glad you have shared this post. The part where the guides speak about the negatives changing to positives is something I have wondered about when reading about spirituality. I know we can change and it is thru our lessons, but had become confused that once negative energy is set out there that it keeps going (karma?). Maybe the sent negative energy keeps going, but those that send it change and less is sent over time? I like to think that there is that circle of love to absorb wild negative energy. 🙂

    • Your question prompted a lot of thought. I’m going to carry your question and see if I come across an answer as I study more. I will say this…the Law of One says that all negatives eventually become positives. Some just take more work!

  3. I am one of those who find super positive people very tiresome, to me there is no such thing as ONLY positive experiences. There is no balance. Sometimes, a negative experience can be turned into a positive one, as they carry lessons we must learn. That happened to me this past year. I think anyone who thinks life is ONLY positive is living in a dream world and they’re fooling themselves, but that’s just my own personal opinion 🙂

    • Totally, Alannah – we need opposites. Without negativity, how would we grow? Without dark, we would not know light. Some souls are hell-bent-for-negativity. Others choose love. More opposites. So be it.

  4. Thanks Amy, I truly related to this one. I have spent this week at least recognizing my negatives, they are still present but less so as my anger is diminishing. I lost a good friend at age 60 to sclaraderma. She was fine when I went to Israel end of November, her vibrant self, and when I came back she was on oxygen, struggling to breath, and then she went to ICU and we lost her on Tuesday the 28th. It is such a test of faith to not ask the why????? and I am failing miserably at that one. Thanks for reinforcing that the positive will prevail again. I am only human after all, and He has much work left to do with me yet.

    • I’m so sorry you lost a good friend, Dee. It’s a never ending journey, this business of learning about self and our relationship to the Beloved. If you hadn’t loved, you wouldn’t feel grief. If you hadn’t known deep friendship, you would not feel devastating absence. Love lives in all our feelings. As tough and heartbreaking as they may be, feelings help us remember the inexplicable and enduring rewards in choosing Love.

  5. This past week or so has been ripe with opportunities for me to face and own a bunch of “shadow” material. As I do so, it’s really helped to also be reviewing my 2010 journals, seeing all the things I did and learned and shared and wondered about.

    • And, Sally, I hope you celebrate the inroads and growth that you found amongst your ponderings and spurts of growth . Doesn’t matter if it’s a millimeter or a mile, it’s all significant and full of value.

  6. Thank you for posting this Amy. I found reading on the Law of One very timely. I agree, and need to be reminded, that meeting negativity with Love is the only way to go. The results speak for themselves, always. I loved this.

    • Oh boy, Cath, can you come for tea so we can have one of those conversations that, as Dr. Angelo says, last for days?? (Reminds me to be grateful for this fabulous Internet. How quickly it becomes simply a part of the fabric.) I dream that I will experience teleporting before I’m finished with this physicality. Let’s both keep the kettle on! 🙂

  7. and I love the verse on the beauty of the sacred circle and its power, through the change in our perceptions! May the New Year lead you further into the powerful lyricism of your writing and thoughts – we are all as One. From the One Thing, is created ALL things. Thus the journey of the Holy Fool begins through the Sapphire Tree of Light. Love to you today and all days.

  8. Tree of Saphires – the enlightened qabalah – David Goddard; this is the true blue Imaginal Tree of Life, a wonderful book that introduces us to these magical pathways of creation. The Holy Fool is the one who embarks on this journey of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment for all. It has to be both wise, and foolish as we would never do it otherwise! Yet by a carefree open heart we can travel through the different paths of the Tree, to create Love. xx

  9. While I continue to revel in Markham’s Outwitted, I can’t help being completely distracted by another extremely pertinent thought process that’s started after reading your post, Amy. You’ve written “Lowered self esteem is generally an attack on the positive entity to prevent further spreading of joy or happiness.” We are such blundering fools, are we not? We go on to blame the world, people, situations, and indeed, the weather for our ‘unsuccessful’ lives (the definition differs, of course). But it’s mostly us, is it not?

    • You have hit the nail on the head, Priya. Surely that’s how the saying came to be: “When I point one finger, three point back at me.” It can take many, many years (lifetimes?) to finally be willing to accept our part in the ‘stuff’ that we deem unacceptable. The Guides say that by remembering that we are all connected, it is possible to be loving towards that seemingly unacceptable person, place or thing. It helps also to remember that ‘not accepting’ is a desire to control or overpower.

      So, Priya, I cringe having to confess this, but when I point one finger, the three pointing back at me have this written on them: “Controlling” “Overpowering” “Diminishing”

    • Thank you, Tammy. Every post of yours that I have read gives me a sense of an evolutionary boast. I really appreciate and devour your positive insights and material. Look forward to more in 2011.

  10. You are indeed positive.
    I want to thank you for sharing your spiritual journey and wisdom here, I can’t adequately explain how much having you in my life has come to mean to me.
    Happy New Year.

    • You, my dear Cindy, have created a change in my thoughts about cooking. That is no easy task and I am grateful. It’s your love of it – your enthusiasm and how you delight in the results. I have not been this “up close” to anyone with such a great attitude towards preparing and presenting food. The icing is your ability to deliver it all with fun, humour and authenticity. (I will not forget your post about the type of food a child had been given in her school lunch. I don’t remember the details, but I remember sensing your compassionate sense of injustice to a child.)

  11. I think this is your best to date – Amy! “They leave immediately and without retaliation out of fear of being stripped of more power.” How can anyone not melt and die of compassion?!
    Again a thoughtful, beautiful lesson, delivered your style..
    Also, I thoroughly enjoyed your feedback on Charles’ (Mostly Bright Ideas) latest 2011 predictions and Leslie’s latest wine and grapes painting! 😀
    You are bringing in 2011, with love!
    Thank you for reading me, encouraging me and sticking by me..
    Wish you a very very happy new year!!!

    • Rachana – sticking with you is easier than velcro catching threads in a wool factory. It’s more fun than a ride down a chocolate slide. Yep, it’s just as fulfilling as finding that perfect book to read just when you need it most. Happy New Year to you and all your family! (Including your aunt who has done all those stitches.)

  12. The essence of your message is loving even those that are hateful. And I was just struggling with that when I read the post. But I ended up grateful many times for tests like this indeed. Thanks for the great interview with Markham.

    • You know, Marilynn, I had not thought of that…they are Socratic! I often feel as though I’m sitting under a shade tree – at the feet of wisdom. Feliz ano novo to you as well. Love to be able to teleport down there, have dinner and ask you to introduce me to more subtleties in music.

  13. I ventured on to your blog as you have written some uplifting comments on mine for which I am most grateful. I can connect with much of what you write and am interested in Markham. Certainly the philosophy of meeting aggression with warmth and love works – I often need to overcome my own ego’s sense of outrage as the key barrier and the initial response.
    I am also interested in Markham’s place in the literary legacy – as I am a keen Eliot fan and I have recently written a piece about some letters between William Carlos Williams and my mother on my blog.
    Warm wishes for the New Year,

  14. I’m sure there’s a message in that messengers story. But I’m focused on the simple truth.
    Love wins.
    It just does.

    And as one who had to learn what loving was and unlearn hate, I’ve also learned that those given ‘talents’ that were used for the not so good could be used for the good…..and in an honest manner.
    And I don’t have to change sick’em about who Mel is–what changes is the motive.

    So while it’s all about mememe, none of it is about mememe, even though it’s all about me. (that circular stuff makes me nutzo but I know it’s true)

    It’s too simple to sell.
    I’ve said that before.
    G-d wants nothing but for me to go experience this thing called life–love is everything. How could you be more loving than that?! Go DO–knock your socks off! If you’re having a grand time, GREAT. If you’re not….that’s okay too.
    Who would wanna be loved because someone decided you HAD to love ’em?
    Loving like I’ve always wanted TO love–is such a simple (albeit initially scary) thing.
    Simple stuff like that blows my mind and makes my heart swell.
    What a cool G-d I have.
    I’m rambling!!!!! (in case you hadn’t noticed….)

      • I’ve mined everything of Nanci’s I could find online. Moving on the the books. Sorting it out. Most interesting. Thank you so very much for this lead.

        Among other things, I’m impressed that she’s not trying to turn herself into an industry. She’s priced her products moderately so that it pretty accessible to all. No credibility gap. On wonders about some folks out there. 🙂

        • Yes, I need to take time to re-watch some of Nanci’s videos. I’m so grateful for her.

          You’ve hit a button, Jamie! I am so cautious of people who turn into an industry. They tease and tempt people with love and hope while holding a hidden hand under their cloak. However, it helps with the sifting for authenticity.

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