Strange Women, Mentors, Travellin’ Cats and Balloons

Picture a pendulum swinging between “Nothing” and “Too Much.”  I’m perched on that pendulum, keyboard ready, wondering when to jump into writing.

Small, short and pithy subjects come to mind.  Perfect for putting myself into a feel-good-frenzy.  A few temptations to spotlight other people instead of looking in the mirror at my own foibles made for a good ego war.  My Guides seem able to catch those items that fall through the cracks of my conscience.  They bring them to my attention better than heart burn.

They remind me of my blog’s purpose.  I am a Spirit Builder.

God, it would be fun to write comedy.  Sizzling sex scenes.  Scientific explanations of anything.  Poetry.  Mysteries…I can watch a 92 year old woman walk to the grocery store and turn it into a drug deal.  Like a balloon, that story line fills me to capacity.  It seduces me with visions of content for my acceptance speech for some literary award.  Then I begin to write.  Once that tiniest of openings appears, just like a balloon, the whole volume of inner content escapes with an embarrassing noise, flies off erratically, and dies.

Looking in my draft pile:

  • there’s some deranged forty year old woman in a fire-red coat frantically hiding from some person for some reason.  She keeps disappearing inexplicably and the protagonist is about to hit her with a menu.
  • my departed cat, General MacArthur, who traveled with me on business trips, is stuck at the stage where he is suffering from feline leprosy.  Seems I am having trouble getting past the memory of the gleeful response from the Veterinarian.  He ecstatically diagnosed this rare condition found in only certain parts of the world.   Whether due to my heartbreak over Mac’s prognosis or my dread over the “ka-ching” of the invoice, the draft sits, deflated.

Bursting Balloon

Got it!  I’ll funnel all these drafts into a balloon, fill it with hot air, shake it up and prick it.  The disappearing woman in her red leather coat will run into Sefo who will see through her dilemma like an x-ray machine detecting tuberculosis.  Together, they will convince the Veterinarian that the fame he receives over his entry into the medical journal warrants free service.  If not received well, Red Coat and Sefo will force a small injection on the Vet with Mac as the donor.

If there is anything “spirit building” about that concept, it will take the Guides to uncover it.  I’m certain there would be a loving reminder about resentments and what they do to us physically.

As the first anniversary of Soul Dipper draws closer, I’m reminded of its purpose repeatedly.   Its full significance has not been touched yet.  Its purpose flashes on sign posts held by my Guides when I question the value of the post.  Just when I think I’m right because I don’t have 10,000 readers, the Guides pull off a number of events that tell me that I’m to hold fast and mind my own business.  “Write.  We’ll be the judge.” comes, not simply through their messagings, but from the whole periphery of  blogging:  the bloggers, their subject matter, receiving and writing comments, research, and life.

Heart balloons for HisBell

So, today, I’ve been directed to pull on the “spirit building” expertise from someone who has taken my heart by storm:  Our Life: The Next Chapters. You’ll see that the blog’s author, HisBell, and I are sharing balloons.  Her’s stopped my breath.


The power inherent in simplicity.  Thank you, HisBell.


35 thoughts on “Strange Women, Mentors, Travellin’ Cats and Balloons

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  2. OH my word… I never dreamed I could possibly inspire someone else’s writing… You have made my entire day Soul Dipper. Your writings… your comments… continue to inspire me… to keep me writing. A huge thank you!

  3. O’kay. I will be the first to admit that I do not know what writers of spirit building are supposed to stick to, but I vote for the lady in the primal red coat who is forty and appears deranged (because she may not be, really?). I want to know why she is hiding from this other person. Wow. The menu hitting is truly “food” for thought. I believe it truly takes a connection to what is here, while we are here, to actually connect spiritually. Some of the best lessons I have learned in any discipline or activity has come from the base of what I already know. I believe you can write where you are drawn and the building happens there, in the writing or the painting, and the spirit enters in the building process and reveals itself, inevitably. I have known of people reading spiritual tomes and receiving nothing while others read the same and grow by leaps and bounds. Your writing might be like a “Field of Dreams” waiting to be opened and shared through a lady in a primal red coat or a vet who learns something from a General or a drum beat beckoning to ancestors long gone in Rotuman. ….but, for me? I wish to know what the lady in the primal red coat has to tell me.
    This is an excellent post, Amy, for it has caused me to pause and think about the moments I question why I do what I do or think what I think. Sometimes it has been in the process that the truth is revealed?

    • Thank you for your great comment, Leslie. Connecting with another “creative” is like sipping a comfortably cool, semi-solid milkshake and letting it slide slowly over a parched throat. The encouragement to “let it be” is golden. Speaking of colours, I’ve been waiting for that one word to describe the red coat. You nailed it.

      Who knows when that woman will demand my attention again. She’s so feisty…when asked her name, she said, “You can call me Jeannette.” Hah! If her name is Jeannette, the Pope is Baptist.

      Anyway, you are correct. When left alone, the creative process brings out great truths and big surprises. Thankfully, I adore being fooled. It’sa reassurance that it is possible to get out of the way.

  4. OH my word–I don’t think she recognizes the power of those words she pieced together.
    Nor am I sure you get how powerful yours are.
    That’s neither here nor there–if they reach and connect with just one, bring to the life of just one…..will it not be what truly matters?

    I think so.
    Bettin’ you do as well.

    Happy anniversary, btw.

    • It’s so true, Mel. It’s not up to us who gets what out of our art. The blogging world is wonderfully free – for the reader as well as the blogger. It’s as shallow or as deep as we are capable of plunging at any given time. Looking at one of your photos a while back, I thought my chest was going to collapse. I would have loved to sit down over a cup of tea and find out what was in your “being” when you caught the scene. I can just hear the response…”Oh I was driving home from work and took that out of my car window.” Meanwhile, I’m setting up an altar for your holiness! 🙂

    • It’s those pesky Guides, Cin! If you start seeing things around your place, just tell them to make sure they are looking after your highest good. I try to put it all aside at times and then little things happen. Example: Over the last while, I’ve been getting 11:11 on the clock – day and night. I know that primary numbers are supposed to mean something, but I’m not going to chase these guys down and figure out what they are trying to say. If they can’t come clean and be up front, I’m not playing games with them. Oh damn. The clock in front of me at this very moment says 22:22. *Going to the Internet to see what primary numbers mean.*

  5. I’d like to see what happens with the kitty. I bet it’s not leprosy but he’s turning into a supercat of sorts, and he’s growing special fur that will be bullet proof. Oh dear, not sure where that came from. Must admit, curious about the poor woman hiding, of course in my world, she’d be hiding from a vamp 😉

    • Yeah, I think she’s a vamp alright, but not of the type you would write. 🙂 Trouble with exposing drafts…the characters are out of the bag again. I have a feeling they’ll be living with me through the Christmas shenanigans. A big hug, Alannah – if it’s safe to hug you! Don’t spoil your boy too much.

  6. Hi souldipper,

    I had just about stopped connecting with the blogosphere, and writing my own. Time and a sense that I am not accomplishing much weighed on my muse. But I posted one or two things. Then you dropped by my blog, and I came here to read this post. I guess I will not just stop. Thanks for your thoughts here. Very helpful. – bill

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Having been a Parish Secretary and knowing the demands on your time, your presence at this time a year is even more appreciated. Bill, the value of your presence on the blogosphere? Priceless. In times of great courage, I think: what if Jesus gave in to those times when he saw how little people understood? I saw and still trust that any time people can peek at the humanness of the ordained and learn that “those religious people”, too, can have wrestling matches with ego – or whatever – there is transformation. Who am I to say to you that we leave the results to God? But I say that with a love that is filling my chest right now – the balloon is very full.

      A very dear friend of mine nudges me about continuing the blog. I am reminded that this is not in my hands and that patience and trust are paramount. So I have a little sign on the wall in front of my desK: Do it anyway!

      One final note. I need to share this with you, Bill – it helps me immensely:

      May 21, 2010

      This day I pray, break through the rigidity of my mind and soften the hard places in my heart. Touch and renew my eyes. Breathe life into your reluctant servant, so that somehow I may drink from the cup of your grace and serve your purposes, this day. Amen.

      For the folks reading these comments – that was Bill’s first entry on his blog. Sunrise, indeed.

  7. I’ve always thought of myself as a decent writer, but you’ve helped me realize that there’s a difference between just decent writing, and story-telling. You’ve inspired me to attempt more of the latter. You are indeed gifted at both! Happy almost one year Anniversary Souldipper! (You are my 6 months older big sister). 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Maggie. You are so generous. There’s lots of stories I’d love to tell – full of great lessons – but they would impinge upon privacy. Yes, I’ve enjoyed the year of writing – I’ve learned lots and still need to learn lots more.

      • Amy, thank you for reminding me about “privacy” as well. I tend to be very open (sometimes to a fault-it’s a fine line I walk). But it’s a little different when you’re posting on the Web. I tend to think I’m all alone with my thoughts at my computer, and few if any people will see…or hear…

        • Living on an island, one becomes aware of how seemingly innocuous comments can become stones shattering glass houses without even taking aim. Thumper said it better than anyone. 🙂

  8. LOL!! A hilariously fitting tribute to this precarious passtime, Amy 😀 Congrats on a great year of discovery – including all that the rest of us have discovered thanks to you. MWAH!

  9. Well I stopped by last night – really O’dark-thirty in this a.m. and was so tired by then I couldn’t give the post its just attention.

    Wonderful homage to writing and the writer in you. We really write from sacred space; and, you have the story-telling gift, Amy. Like are ancient mothers. An honored and honorable line. Don’t give it up …

    Everything you write is engaging, lightness married to depth. Perfect. Write on, my friend.

  10. Holy Cr*p?! Did you actually write this Amy?! For that, I have to say you are a very brave woman.. Ha ha, I don’t want anyone to see my “mushy” thoughts, before I prepackage and present it to my audience.. How silly, now to think of it, right?!
    When I started blogging, I thought I had a goal, to serve good, and to only write relevant topics.. never to deviate – “write comedy. Sizzling sex scenes. Scientific explanations of anything. Poetry. Mysteries” etc etc.. But when I started reading a few of you, I realized that you were just being yourself, writing from your heart and not really setting yourself up with a standard of strictly restricting yourself with a topic. Then I started my inner versatility to let loose and now I am much more relaxed writer.. I have also become more open minded to criticism this way!
    I think I was worried about impressing everyone and writing only the best topics in the world.. 🙂
    Thank God for all the humble bloggers, I learnt a lesson..
    And I wish you write more of your stories in your own humorous way! I love them!!

    • Yeah, Rachana, it’s a journey to be free from a bunch of worry about criticism. I have learned that the important thing is what I think of others – not what others think of me. But it’s quite a journey opening up about my Guides. They’ve been so far underground for so many years that it’s sort of like an embarrassment of riches.

      In one short sentence, my dilemma is this: I’ve been given a gift that I don’t always use appropriately.

      I just keep going!! 🙂

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