The Guides – Seeing Through the Veil

My Guides, I’m such a student.

Indeed you are.  That is what makes it a pleasure to work with you.  Your openness to new concepts as you look through the veil is what we need to communicate.

I have called myself a seeker for many, many years.  My desire to understand the spiritual aspect of life has taken me to many different paths.

Those paths led you to exercise acceptance of differences – great and small.

As my seeking continues, I have a deeper understanding of my purpose in this incarnation.  I know that I am to walk with those who want to lift their own veils.

That is the significant role that is to be fulfilled at this time.  There are many who know there is something more, but do not know where to look.  Just as you did not know which path really resonated with you.  People need to know that there is no one who can lift the veil for them.  They must do this themselves.

I love that about you.  As I heard a man say today, “I love my life now that I have an understanding that I am one with God.  But I refuse to be made a person who stuffs God down anyone’s throat.”  I feel the same way.  In my studies of the Law of One, I am delighted to see repeatedly that there is not one mention of any soul having to bring another to the same position.  I love that each soul finds his or her own station in the spiritual realm.  I love to live in a realm where we don’t have to argue about God’s gender or desire or habit or personality, etc.  Good grief.  I’ve carried an innate knowing that God is a Divine Source of Energy, completely based in Love, and is in no way human or of any “form”.

The Law of One

We are back into the world of words.  Words cannot easily or effectively describe what or who Source is.  Or how Source manifests in us.

The Law of One repeatedly says that those of us who recognize the existence of the veil are Wanderers.  Wanderers can lift or pass through the veil through consciousness and awareness.  This allows us to operate at higher frequencies or dimensions.  That is awesome.

You have been operating at that higher dimension for most of this incarnation.  It was true when you were told that you live in both realms.  That is the reason you do not feel that you really fit in the world as it exists on your planet.

That is true.  I love the people, but I cannot become interested in many aspects of life that others do.  I have discovered lately that there are many who share this same sense of ‘otherness’.

That is because there are many Wanderers on your planet. They were higher dimension beings who, out of love for less evolved civilizations, agreed to come to this world to raise the evolutionary condition.  So great was their love for those needing the support that they agreed to forget who they are and from what dimension they came.

This is highly comforting.  When I learned that Wanderers who do pass through the veil only want to be Home, it brought tears to my eyes.  I knew exactly what that meant.  When I was first told that I was an old soul and was here on my last life, that also brought tears to my eyes.  I long to be at the next evolutionary stage.  Do you understand about tears?

We understand the energy behind them.  For many of us, it is a form of memory, for example, that different energies can bring tears.  We understand, in this case, you are referring to joy.  We are aware of your desire.  We also know you accept that you have chosen a purpose to fulfill in this incarnation.

Yes, I am aware of that.  It is such a quiet role that it is hard to know if I am being diligent about it.  Sometimes I feel as though I am just sitting back pretending to know what my life’s purpose is.  Sometimes I think I am fooling myself terribly.

We are grateful that you have crossed the veil sufficiently to be able to receive our direct encouragement.  There has not been a word shared that has been a waste of time.  You understand that you are doing far more than talking or sharing or listening.  Because of your awareness, it has been possible for us to give the support that is necessary.

When other Wanderers are “in their purpose”, do they also feel like it’s too easy?

Any soul working in concert with their entire Corporation, fulfilling mighty deeds in small doses, will feel that it is easy, natural, or even fun.    Passion can be a descriptive, even if there are days that the passion seems deeply buried in the pile of other tasks and labours.    Nothing is a waste.  Every step, every word, every gesture contributes to that one mighty deed.  Sometimes we are not privy to the overall outcome, but we know precisely how we are to support you.

No wonder we humans feel so lost and unsure about our purpose.    If you of the spirit realm – the ones authorized to guide us so lovingly – don’t have a complete overview, we don’t have a hope of knowing what’s going on.

The Divine Source has the overview.  There is nothing to fear.  As you have indicated in various ways, you know that the Divine Source is the realized Love Energy.  We are all co-creators.  When any of us decide that it is our will to do the Will of the Divine Love Energy, the outcome evolves with perfection.

When we want to do it our way, we short-circuit the whole process, correct?

The Divine Outcome will eventually happen, but if not done with Oneness, it will be done in different dimensions.  For your understanding that would be in different time and space dimensions.

I imagine it would mean the difference between having harmony and smoothness versus having a rugged and jagged experience.

That portrays the value in having the individual soul decide to work with the Will of Divine Energy.

Does this apply to you, too, my Beloved Guides?

We are ever-evolving beings as well.  The difference is that we have no desire to operate outside of the frequency which we have attained in being of total service to All There Is.

I would like to end with the beginning.  I am such a student.  I will continue with The Law of One study so I can ask more questions.

Any who wish may study The Law of One. It is highly recommended that the study be done with a close connection with their Guides.  Meditation is the key.  Pray for protection and meditate.

Would my prayer for protection be helpful?   If so, it’s under the Intuitive Sessions tab of this blog.  Please feel free to customize and/or use it .  Also, The Law of One material is on the Internet.  There is a Study Guide .  There are several excellent DVDs by David Wilcock who is an incredible researcher/scientist who has put all of this under a microscope, so to speak.  I would suggest anyone start out with David’s DVDs before attempting The Law of One.

We go with love and appreciation for any opportunity to support those willing to be in the Divine Light.

48 thoughts on “The Guides – Seeing Through the Veil

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  2. thank you for posting this particular insight. I feel as if I’ve taken 6 steps backward in terms of my progress this weekend. Your give and take with your Guides was helpful to me this morning. I am beginning my investigation into the information you have provided. I looked at 3 videos by David yesterday, and saw that there’s lots more. Extremely interesting to me. Understand completely your wondering if you, in fact, are doing anything at all. The Guide’s response was heartening.


    • Thanks for your comment, Arlene. When a backslide occurs, it is important to do exactly what you have done – observe. From there, accept where you are and move on. There is no need for chastisement or negative self-talk. There is purpose in all we experience. Everything. A backslide will be an opening to an understanding that we would otherwise not see. Our job is to stay in the joy of the present. From that point, we are able to radiate loving and kind giving, for ourselves as well as others.

      One key is that the Guides “guide”. The Law of One is very repetitive about our using our will. We are not “told” what to do. We are asked, encouraged and guided to be co-creators. So we have to know who we are in order to work with the richness of the Intuitive resources given to us.

      The backslides help us know who we are when we are willing to look honestly at how we allowed the slide.

  3. “I love that each soul finds his or her own station in the spiritual realm. I love to live in a realm where we don’t have to argue about God’s gender or desire or habit or personality, etc. Good grief. I’ve carried an innate knowing that God is a Divine Source of Energy, completely based in Love, and is in no way human or of any “form”.

    Me too! Thanks, Amy

    • Yay Nancy! I know women who have experienced serious sexual abuse and who gave up on God because the male gender was so readily insisted upon. Of course, my response is, “Says who?”, but it takes these women a major journey to get through all that ‘stuff’ and reach a place of love. Very sad, but I have been repeatedly amazed at how my attitude and belief (albeit quiet and non-invasive) has been caught by them. Their questions have been so rich.

      • So funny. Once I saw that comment with the wink, it looked sarcastic . . . not the way I intended it.

        I meant that we can best change the world by changing ourselves to be “living proof” for others. 🙂

        • For all I knew, since it is the truth and change begins with looking in the mirror, you could have been winking at yourself! ~:D)>| (If you can figure out what this one is saying, you are a masterful emoticoner. And by the way, since you are our resident-lover-of-words, did we women ever turn “masterful” into “mistressful”? Was Mistress ever as weighty as a Master?)

  4. There’s a lot to ponder in this, Amy…a bit of insight, perhaps, on why I’ve always felt I don’t “belong,” and why the concept of wanderer has appealed to my inner spirit. A huge part of me would love to be a hermit. Right now I’m relishing some time alone (for the most part) as my husband is away for a week. I miss him but…

    • I understand the joy in having time with oneself. As with all aspects of life – balance helps. May you experience joy in the leaving and joy in the return.

      Interesting how our feeling of not really belonging is shared by millions. However, it’s in our understanding of it is that makes it tolerable and useful to others.

  5. Yes. David Wilcox. I once told you about the Ra group I encountered and that it was associated with Edgar Cayce. David is supposedly Cayce’s incarnation. I will say that the cd I have is extraordinary. Had quite an experience with it.

    Wonderful post. Thanks to you, Guides, and Wilcos.

    • Jamie, with your depth and the beauty that resonates in your writing, none of this is a surprise. We cannot be aware of these rich concepts and not have it shine through in some way. The same types of information comes from different sources that tie in, link, affirm and enlarge upon what is taught by the Ra Group recipients. It suits my nature to have scientific data available and attached so, I too, find Wilcock quite extraordinary.

  6. You asked: “Was Mistress ever as weighty as a Master?”

    I suppose it depends on the house. Often “Master Timothy” is used to refer to young boys, not THE Lord and Master.

    In my experience, the Mistress of the House has more power than its Master ~ he’s in charge of the bricks and mortar. She’s in charge of the flesh and blood.

  7. I have some learning to do.

    I’m just not certain which direction to take it–I guess I offer up the question and get the answer revealed to me.

    Yaknow–I find as much wisdom in the comments as I do in the writings, but I reckon it’s suppose to happen that way for me, huh?

    Thank you.

    • That’s a really pertinent comment, Mel. When comments provide value, too, then we are experiencing blogging at its best. That is precisely what makes blogs unique – they can be richly interactive.

  8. Nothing is a waste. Every step, every word, every gesture contributes to that one mighty deed. Indeed no-one can lift the veil for us…only we can!! Wow, every time I come here, your words feed my soul!! David Wilcock…here I come…love you Amy!! oxo

  9. But if we wait for someone who is ignorant to lift the veil themselves.. What if it is too late by then..? Isn’t that what often leads to darkness and misunderstandings.. Then conflict, sorrow and pain follow.. “When I was first told that I was an old soul and was here on my last life, that also brought tears to my eyes.” This somehow reminded me of a lady called Elizebath Edwards, a lawyer, a mother and a cancer patient with now only weeks left to live.. How does one live with the knowledge that their life is now down to the last few number of hours?
    My husband and I were recently wondering if spirituality is a way of life going forward.. How does one grow old and in many terms, “wise”? Is belief in God a prerequisite?

      • Amanda, what if Elizabeth is just beginning another phase of an incredible journey? What if she is off to higher realms to co-create what she will next experience? Just wondering…

        • I’d love it if we did all know. I just finished a book “Love is Stronger Than Death”. It’s written by an Anglican Priest (woman) who fell deeply in love with a Monk. Though they loved with profound depth, they did not consummate the relationship out of obedience for his vows. Though he died, they have had continued communication. The last time I spoke with this woman, the communication was still very much a part of her life.

      • Hi Amanda, hope you are doing well.. ! I heard it on news on Wednesday morning, 12 hours to when I wrote commented on Amy’s and I felt terrible.. ! Life is so transient.. I want to think like you guys, I still miss my aunt who passed away in April of 2001 in front of my eyes, slowly to cancer.

    • What incredible questions, Rachana. I’ve called on the wisdom of the Guides to respond – (I look forward to this because my Guides like to “customize” to the personality.):

      The Divine dwells within each being. Time does not exist in the realm of the Divine. The concept of being late is only in the mind of the questioner; one soul does not determine the time for another to achieve awareness. The saying “when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears” is relevant. If the questioner wants to force awareness, the questioner is not a teacher. Providing resources in hopes the soul will chose awareness is an act of testing. We do not discourage resource testing, especially as a parent, but it is important to remember, doing so fulfills the needs of the questioner, not the soul.

      The finalization of an incarnation is viewed differently by each soul. If the soul has achieved awareness of the veil and therefore knows that energy continues, albeit in different form, it will know there is no such condition as being “down to the last few hours”. Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. It continues. If awareness includes the knowledge that the Divine is Love In Action and that incarnations are of each soul’s choosing, there is no need to fear. When fear exists, awareness does not.

      Awareness can come through meditation or other forms of communing with the Inner Being of oneself.

      As seen in the physical world, aging is often seasoned with wisdom. Depending upon the age of the soul and the life experiences within each incarnation, humans gain insights. This deepening, when appropriately connected and combined as heart, mind and spirit, can be called wisdom.

      Believing in the Divine Source, or God, is, again, a choice. When treated with negativity, humans understand that the negative person is centered on ‘self’ rather than on ‘Love’ or the ‘Divine’. From the beginning, humans know the difference. Humans who are in touch with the Love that effervesces from within, emit and share positive energy. Using this simple example, human souls know which facilitates the work needed to fulfill the soul’s purpose. Human souls know which is effective in building loving relationships.

      One of Soul Dipper’s teachers has a great gift for clarity in answering your final question. In summary: There are many watches and other time devices, but only one time. We cannot touch, smell, see, hear or taste time, but we certainly sense it. And what a ruler it is.

      There, Rachana…and I wonder if I would have your permission to do a post with your questions and these answers. Others may be interested.

      • Love these comments, Amy.

        Especially: The saying “when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears” is relevant. If the questioner wants to force awareness, the questioner is not a teacher.

      • Amy, before I read your footnote at the bottom, I was about to wonder why WordPress did not have a functionality of top comments section somewhere up there for everyone to read.. I will be delighted to see you extrapolate on these points.. ! It will be a great piece, I know..
        I agree with you on the fear and awareness not existing together.. Until you have tested something, you don’t know if it is something to be afraid of or not..
        I have come to realize that time has a relative meaning with the location and situation.. Something that was urgent or critical at that moment 10 years ago, doesn’t even have a fuzzy snapshot in my memory most of the times.. ! And as Nancy (NRHATCH), mentions, even your comments make for good reads!

  10. Hi Amy .. gosh these soul guides are so good for the soul .. I too have had a troublesome week .. but I always manage to bring myself back .. and can’t wait for the day when I can have peace of mind and quietude to rest here .. one day! For now needs must … I too love the phrase each soul has their own realm .. and I feel like that – just in the caring mode .. I have two spaces for now .. thanks & the comments do make a difference .. and as you say it’s what blogging is all about – we may not e searching but we find, because we relate to the space we’re in.

    Thanks so much .. Hilary

    • Hilary, these Guides know your gratitude – simply because you thought it. And I know what you mean about being able to discover concepts for ourselves. Having been a seeker my whole life, I’ve consistently turned down anything being force-fed. It needs to feel like it fits!

      Hilary, I trust that you have respite and ample help to give you down time. Caregivers can be so hard themselves – it is so important to have scheduled time-outs. I know, I’m nagging, but it’s been my experience that the bigheartedness of caregivers can prevent them from caring for themselves.

      • Hi Amy thanks for this and for the comment on the blog – Stephen there .. mine was on his .. but I enjoy what I do & that’s the important thing! Re peace .. something fractious occurred family instigated & I only have 2 brothers! Oh well .. and to me it’s serious .. all I need right now. So peace and quiet is something that’s not forthcoming .. but I do what I can for myself – ie I don’t stretch it more than I am. I have to go to Cornwall to see an elderly 92 -who had an unfortunate incident and I’m very concerned if I don’t go .. I won’t see her again. So that’s a trip I want to make and can do in 36 hours .. there and back, visits x ? with her .. I’ll organise an osteopath to visit Mum .. he can just be with her when I can’t get there. The family thing is a right pain – but maybe a good thing .. if I can get it sorted .. but that’s more energy to be taken .. I’ve stirred the pot – but I’ve reached the end of my tether by what’s happened. The ‘aunt’ who is a wise lady .. can understand the family. Still enough of that .. the day is dawning – clear and crisp and even .. so I’ll keep going now – a few major things that I must do today .. with thanks, love and thoughts .. Hilary

  11. I was drawn to your blog this morning, feeling so frustrated and lost these past few months, every step has been a challenge and I am tiring of it… wearing boots of cement… wanting to do the work with others and share what I have studied… Art Therapy, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy… but there are so few students… the stage has been set… but for what I wonder… and so it seems my next step for today is in plain site… Davaid Wilcock… perhaps I will find some answers for myself in his work… Thank you for your post… Diane

  12. Just a bit later…

    A sign came to me…

    My new business card has a drop of water on it… falling into a pool of water… I feel I AM on the right path… a simple pat on the back for me this lonely feeling morning…

    Diane at Soulstrand

  13. Amy that’s a keeper. I will continue to reread this one. I especially liked the mention of “positive Pollyannas” and that we have to acknowledge the negative that precedes and is part and parcel of personal transformation, for the positive to be truly “authentic”. I like it because that’s always been my “argument”. 🙂 This post was very affirming. Thank you and your Guides.

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