Thank You. Great To Have You Back!

I just discovered that my RSS Feed quit working some time ago.  My heart went into a tail spin.

The many blogs to which I subscribe, through RSS Feed, seemed suspiciously quiet.  Not all Blog Feeds, but the vast majority of them, appeared inactive.  At the time, I was engaged in cultivating, reaffirming and maintaining my relationships “with skin on” so my investigation was delayed.

When I discovered that the Feeds had quit, I quickly visited a number of you and re-subscribed.  Though very unscientifically proven, I

The fanned flames thanks to blogger friends.

noticed that the blogs that quit feeding were those other than Word Press.  Strange…  Has that happened to any of you?  Perhaps the Archangels that visited me those five days wanted my undivided attention.

As I re-subscribed to your blog, I felt you may not have missed my comments, but the silence from missing your posts is best described as “withdrawal”!

I found the perfect description for that deafening period of silence when I visited Mands at Woman of Worth.  Take a look at the post here .  In it, Albert Schweitzer describes how your blog enhances my life.

Thank you, fellow bloggers and Albert Schweitzer, and now on to a meditation with my Guides.

32 thoughts on “Thank You. Great To Have You Back!

  1. I don’t know much about subscriptions, but I had to contact wordpress support because they changed the comment reply feature. They have also changed the way we link. Always something new.
    I did not comment on the angels’ visit because I am at a loss for words and decided that it was really cool. I like to think that the angels are watching over and it is my inability to see them. I will tell you that your posts inspired song in me. I remember a song we used to sing at “Y” camp as a round that began “All night, all day, angels watching over me”. So, know that your visits brought song into my life, here, and I taught it to my granddaughter, Amy. How cool is that?

    • The “visitation” is just a thing that is being forwarded to people around the world…it was probably started by someone who enjoys encouraging rituals around energy concepts. The best thing that the exercise did for me was to bring about “mindfulness” – a welcome reminder.

      Leslie, I am still enjoying the aftereffects of your incredible painting “Primal Dance” that is at You may not be inventing some of these creative techniques that you demonstrate, but the way you bring them together and show the stages is amazing.

      • Once again I like to get in between because I want other to know that I know you guys, for real! 🙂 And also because you keep my light without going out.. 😉 I agree with Amy Leslie, I am still writing here with thrills in my heart after watching your painting! A for AWESOME!
        Amy, you know something, the same thing happened to me, some settings change or something, Typepad and Blogger post subscriptions and also a few WordPress standalone domain site subscriptions, started going into my Spam mailbox and I thought it is vacation time and so everyone was taking a break!! I had to wake myself up to realise I was sooooooo wrong.. 😦 Now, there is a lot to catchup, as you can imagine 🙂

        • Rachana, thanks for your “getting in between”. Makes us a tighter family in my estimation~! Thanks for telling me that you have had a similar experience. Mine didn’t even make it to Spam! Weird. Anyway – happy catching up. It’s a challenge! Love you, Rachana.

      • I lost some feeds as well and couldn’t figure out why people who commented regularly had their comments going into spam. Luckily I caught them.

        I know what you mean about withdrawal. The quote is perfect.

        Thanks for the link to Leslie’s site. Amazing work. Love it.

        Regarding angels: Many years ago Doreen Virture – who writes extensively about angles – was presenting in Sacrament, CA USA. Folks were really excited. I wasn’t and didn’t plan on going. However, a friend was managing the event in our area and asked me to help out with set-up and ticketing. I was allowed to stay for the day by way of compensation.

        The morning of the event, I was standing at one of three ticket desks just before Doreen and her husband Steven Farmer (of “spirit animal” fame) were due to arrive. Suddenly there was a woosh of wings!!?? I cautiously looked around thinking I was probably nuts and didn’t want anyone to pick up on it. The man at the desk next to mine looked around as well and then turned to me and said, “They’re here to prepare the place for her.” Make of it what you will!! Since then, I believe in angels and incorporate them with good effect in my Raiki healing work. I think Doreen’s the real deal.

        Doreen’s site:

        • Thanks, Jamie for the info about your comment experiences. Mine did not even go to spam because my Outlook makes certain I check any entry into spam. Well, at least I think that is my setting…I will check.

          Loved your story about Doreen Virtue. I went to her Face Book site some time ago, thinking I’d sign up as a friend. The message I received: This site has the maximum number of friends allowed. I had to laugh…decided the entire Host of Angels must have signed up. 🙂 Actually, I may attend a conference in Vancouver where Doreen, along with Helen Hay, Caroline Myss, Brian Weiss, Marianne Williamson, etc., will be speaking in March. Have been discussing possibilities with a friend who would enjoy these people equally.

          Yes – about Leslie. She is so wonderfully talented. I love visiting her.

  2. Yes, I missed your comments. Funny, though, that while you were away, I hit my first dry spell in posting since early summer. It’s not that there was nothing going on for me, far from it. Maybe too much. Today I was able to string words together for the first time in more than two weeks.

    Synchronicity is a beautiful thing.


    P.S. Just finished watching the 4-part Wilcock talk. The last 90 seconds brought me to my feet. YES! Thank you.

    • Congratulations on coming out of your silence, Sally. Sometimes I feel I have three different channels for writing. The surfacy stuff, the deep and the Guides. But I bet if one goes on strike, they all will.

      Yes, Wilcock. Stunning concepts, research and presentation. I like his scientific mind and assessment. I see he’s going to be in Seattle in May and I’m very tempted. Meanwhile, I’ll carry on with his Study Guide on the Law of One.

  3. I’m not on WordPress–but I’ve no doubt your presence was missed. It’s nice to have you back–connected to others.

    I adore the quote by Albert.
    It says it all so very well.

  4. I had similar problems with all of the blogs I was subscribed to, too. I even wrote a post about it in frustration….lol Like you, I’ve been slowly stumbling back across people’s blogs that I love to read…so I’m glad to have found yours again.

    I just noticed that you have a category named “Alzheimer’s Disease”…if you have the time, please take a look at my poem called “Faded Memories” as it’s on that subject.

    Have a great day my friend,
    Chloe xx

    • Interesting that others have had similar problems. Hmmm.. I remember a few months ago people commented on not receiving email notices, but I didn’t remember reading about “feed” problems. Thanks for touching base again, Chloe, and for bringing your poem to my attention. I loved it – as per the comment I left. Let’s hope this glitch is over with.

  5. Hi Amy .. sometimes I’m sure I’ve lost some .. then they turn up again & I’m getting duplicates through .. so the whole thing drives me demented sometimes – then I relax .. and just get on with it. I have in the past made lists of bloggers I subscribe too .. just so I can double check … sometimes people move over to Facebook & don’t post as such any more .. I think!

    It’s a case of catching our own tail I think! Muddling along .. cheers from a snowy England .. Hilary

    • You gave me the giggles, Hilary. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling of late – like I’m catching my own tail. The challenge is to realize more quickly that it’s not something that I’ve done…it actually is something outside of my machinations!

      Thankfully it has stopped snowing here. As I said to others, my wood pile was melting faster than the snow banks.

  6. Mmmm–technical problems are always so frustrating! I felt the lack of blogging communication over Thanksgiving when I didn’t check the blogs I regularly read for 4 days straight. Monday I was definitely ready to be back in the saddle and catching up with people! This blogging world is so amazing . . .

    • Jenna, thanks for coming by. It’s all the time that is spent learning that it was something beyond one’s control… I visited your site and thoroughly loved seeing the Christmas Card. Christmas needs good fun! May there be another Mama Kitty rising to the fore as we speak!

  7. Beautifully said, thanks for the nudge, Amy 🙂 Love that link to Mands’ blog too! SO much to catch up on here, it’s rather overwhelming…

    • Naomi, would you believe I’ve been thinking about the job you would have catching up! It is overwhelming. It’s hard. Our blogging family grows and becomes very important to us.

    • In a webinar, I studied “Medical Intuition” with Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy instructing. Fabulous course with lots of great no-nonsense talks from her. Yes, I will post it, I’m sure.

    • Hi Granny – The computer gremlins are working in full force these days. I’m glad you dropped in, Granny, because I was over visiting you and decided not to leave a comment. It seemed like you were having a fun time with a local situation so I said a little prayer for you and left.

      I think I’ve been reassured sufficiently – thanks to Cin – that you two are not being bullied into a state of fear. Good on ya!

    • Thank you so much for visiting, Marinela. and for your comment. I took great delight in visiting your blog. Imagine my surprise to learn you are a published poet. Congratulations. You are doing tremendously well as a great example to younger people especially. However, we “older folk” sometimes need encouragement to write from our hearts, too. Bravo.

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