The Guides – After the Archangel’s Visit

My beloved Guides.  It feels as though weeks have passed.  I look forward to your comments about this experience of imagining five Archangels living in my home for five days.

Any undertaking that builds further awareness of love and unity has our support and attention.  We have been a fully functioning part of this process.  In your commitment to fulfill your soul’s purpose, thereby engaging with us, we are co-creators of all that will triumph over the coming months.  There will be an acceleration of events with which many humans will predictably not want to give their attention.  Your experience is an example.  However this is changing.

My little world seems full of God’s fingerprints and Divine experiences.  I don’t assume that others want to delve into it or hear about it.

You little world, as you call it, is ours as well.  It is not as little as you think.  Each soul that has said “yes” to Love is filled by the universe.  The Divine Corporation that exists for each individual soul responds in full force.

That prompts a question, please.  Many, many years ago, I went through a phrase where it seemed like my “luck” was running out.  Suddenly everything was an uphill climb.  Things did not fall into place and even the smallest events became a struggle.  Finally, I said a prayer whereby I offered myself fully to Divine Source, to God.  It included a request that I be released from the bondage of self.  Gradually, life changed.  Finally I saw not only the human, but also the human’s heart.

That was at a time of “surrender”.  You emptied yourself fully to the Divine Source. What is your question?

Have I taken myself back?

Human souls surrender and take back like the rhythms of the ocean.  A fearful human being takes back.  It is during times of fear that humans revert most profoundly to actions of self-will.

Can I just ask God to take all of me and keep me so I won’t do that?

Free will is a form of the love that has been given to you.

I have heard that God set that up so that we would, on our own volition, show God that we love God.  I don’t understand that concept.  To me, this Energy of Love that we call God does not need to know that we love it/her/him.

Divine Source exists with or without our love.  The answer is in the concept of parenting.  Does a parent say to a child, ‘You must tell me that you are willing to do my entire will so that I will know that you love me.’?

Go on.

Or, does the parent want the child to take care of itself?  Does the parent rejoice when the child makes choices based on love?

Of course.

Then perhaps you have the answer to your question. A parent who sees a child choose love, in whatever form, knows that home and family is enriched.

So God wants me to grow my own strength and character, exercise my will by choosing love, and thereby align my will with God’s?

An alignment with God’s Will ensures the enrichment of the Universe.

Was the main object of this exercise with the Archangels an opportunity for me to see my will?

It helped you observe how you face the world.  During these five days, you have experienced people disagreeing with you, people attacking people and arguments against issues in which you have invested love.  You have observed people who are takers.  You have been reminded that acceptance is the basis of serenity and peace.  You have seen hurt and pain in the name of truth.  You have come to a deeper understanding of a number of factors that have been puzzling you.

I did see how  virtues take turns being a base for other virtues in a fluid and resilient process. I am in awe of the intricacy with which these impact one another. I am reminded that a virtue, overused, becomes a defect.  For example, tolerance taken too far can facilitate abuse.  Patience, taken too far, can be hiding cowardice.  Assertion can become aggression.

This subtle practice, unchallenged, reaches into the morays of society.  It can deceive and mislead many into acts of negativity.

What is the antidote?

Loving kindness.  Loving kindness may be served with many different dishes.  There is no one way to prepare it, cook it or serve it.  But the final test is in the digestion.

Many thanks for your help.  I see that this is another beginning, another surrender.  Think I’ll bake my loving kindness and serve it with tact and transparency.  Are any of you any good in the kitchen?

We will help you in any way you ask.  We love communing with you and all those with whom you share life.


23 thoughts on “The Guides – After the Archangel’s Visit

  1. Lovely post….one can’t go wrong with kindness.
    No…that is not true…you can be taken advantage of….however….more often than not it is so rewarding.
    Have a peaceful weekend.
    Lots of love.

  2. Loving kindness may be served with many different dishes. There is no one way to prepare it, cook it or serve it. But the final test is in the digestion.
    Loved this!

    • The Guides have told me that they want to use language that really communicates. Sometimes the form is wonky and I have to ask questions, but that one slipped out like silk on satin.

  3. “There will be an acceleration of events with which many humans will predictably not want to give their attention.”

    Wow. Any clues as to what this is about?

    (BTW, I may not spend much time in the kitchen, but I find chocolate goes beautifully with loving kindness. One melts in the mouth, the other the heart.)

    • Sally, I’ve just sent you an email about David Wilcock. May you enjoy your exploration – there are sooo many clues. I love your line: One melts in the mouth, the other the heart. Is that yours?!

      • Thanks for the Wilcock link. It’s a more recent presentation than the one I’d seen. I’m making my way through it.

        As for the line, I suppose it’s mine (though homage to the old ad campaign for M&Ms). Feel free to use, should the occasion arise.

  4. Made me smile, warmly. And I’m of the experience that one cannot lose with kindness…if others choose to take advantage of that, that’s theirs and I hope they gleen something from their end of the experience. I’ll not be dissuaded. They make me smile and say ‘good try!’.

    I gotta tell ya–that fine art of surrender is a doozey (as I’m certain you well know). And I’m clear–I have a G-d that gives me the choice to love or not. I mean, how icky would it be to have love that’s forced/made to happen. Free will isn’t a bad deal for Him or for me. I’m glad for it most days. *laughing* Probably until I get to the point of another surrender. Seems I never arrive there joyously. I know all about ‘bondage of self’. ….unfortunately….

    I’m affirmed and humbled. And I’m reminded of what’s important in lieu of where I am emotionally.
    Fear sucks.
    It’s awful human of me to grab back the reins when I think things are careening out of control.
    That’s what fear does for me.
    Darn humanness……. *sigh*

    Thank you for sharing your conversation with your Guides.
    Message received, ty.

  5. When I remain calm, centered, and peaceful in the midst of disagreement and discord, I know that Loving Kindness, rather than Fear, is guiding my steps as the path unfolds before me.

    Thanks, Amy.

  6. Amy, the profoundness of your writing and your insights always amaze me. I don’t pretend to understand this relationship you have with your guides, or the visit with the 5 Archangels, but I can say that I am in awe of your ability to communicate, in such a clear and beautiful way, the questions we harbour in our souls.

    • Thanks, Kath, for the heartfelt honesty…so do I wonder at times about this relationship! 🙂 They keep telling me to write the stories and the messages…so I do. When I think it’s all too weird and want to quit, some message from them or from friends like you will blink at me like a neon sign. So I go back to the keyboard.

  7. Hi Amy,

    I was on your blog last night, read this post and was intrigued by who David Wilcock is so Googled him. What a fascinating journey I’ve been on since then. Thank you for the heads up on his site. It opened my eyes to more than I could ever have imagined.

    • Hi Barbara – I am delighted! Your interest speaks volumes, Barbara. David’s message has been such a comfort – not only because of the positive side of 2012, but also the insights the messages give to events and paths of my life.

  8. This was important for me to hear right now. Surrender does come in waves. Today I’m feeling forsaken, frustrated and angry (fearful?) because things don’t seem to be “flowing” in an “acceptable” way, even though I thought I WAS in a place of surrender and gratitude. I also like the idea that even “virtues” need to be “moderated”.

    • Surrender and gratitude will not elude you for long when you are obviously “on top of it” by observing yourself. Yes, even virtues need balance. Ever been around someone who is so magnanimously positive that you want to hit them with a giant “plus” sign? Hope this season will find you able to keep expectations “reasonable” so disappointments are minimal or even non-existent. They sneak up on us!!

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