Theresa Bond – Bush Pilot of the North (Photos)

Thanks to a new blogging friend, I can now share some photographs of Theresa Bond.

Therefore, this is an addendum to the articles about Daughter Theresa – Parts I, II, III and the Guides Response as well as an introduction to my new blogging friend, Andre.

Andre is from Andre’s Blog.  He linked my articles about Theresa so I immediately had to visit his very new and very polished site.  It will certainly appeal to people of literary taste.   The site includes in a tribute to a published poet, Kate Braid, who has written a poem about Theresa.  (Scroll down to Item #3 to read the poem at this link.) The poem introduces a glimpse into Theresa’s life and plans before her death.

Andre’s Blog includes “Fathers, A Literary Anthology”. The Mission Statement for the Anthology is here at Patremoir Press. Andre has invited me to post one of the stories of my father on this site.  My father would be awed into silence having been granted this honour.  It shall be done.

As Andre and I communicated over email, I learned that he had spent time with Theresa and her husband, Dick in Atlin, B.C.  When I asked if he had a photo of Theresa, he very kindly sent three:

Photos of Theresa Bond

(Italicized comments below photos are from Andre.)

Theresa Having Fun with some Knitting (approx 1989)

The one in which Tess has a piece of knitting on her head was taken almost exactly 21 years ago.



Theresa is Leaning against Dock

The one on the docks was taken around 1981. Dick Bond is standing on the pontoon, and Tess is the figure with her back to the camera, leaning back against the dock.  The boat probably weighed something close to 600 pounds, and I still marvel at how Dick got that unbalanced load off the water.  We had to use a Bobcat to lower it onto the pontoon.  The Beaver, incidentally, is the one Tess crashed.  Tess only survived because Dick had had a specially reinforced pilots seat installed.  He had crashed on a glacier once, killing his young passenger.


Our Bush Pilot of the North

The last photograph is self explanatory.  It was probably taken in 79 or 80.


Andre, thank you for your contribution.

I am so delighted to have met another person who knew Theresa well enough to remember the beauty of her incredible attitude towards life, living and love.

I look forward to visiting your blog regularly.


28 thoughts on “Theresa Bond – Bush Pilot of the North (Photos)

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    • I agree, Charles. And that is how I saw her many times as she flew us over muskeg, bush, herds of caribou and majestic mountains and rivers. I wonder if you’ll be adding a piece to the Fathers’ anthology on Andre’s Blog.

    • Isn’t it amazing, Cin? Besides connecting with Andre, because of the blog:
      * Theresa’s brother contacted me. He is writing a book about Theresa’s life…it’s nearing completion. He told me his Agent found my blog.
      * The Ambulance service discovered my blog and asked for a contact so as to get a photo for a Memorial in Vancouver. I connected them with her brother.
      * Another woman who was Theresa’s friend in Atlin contacted me through Face Book.

      Good stuff.

  2. Kudos on this one.

    The final photo is riviting.

    I’m totally zonked, but I will visit Andre tomorrow. I know I will enjoy the site. This is one of the gifts of networking on the Internet. Nice!

    Have a wonderful evening, Amy.

  3. Congratulations Amy, you got featured twice in one day! Your friend Andre and our dearest Jamie.. Good going :D, OK, I know, I know, you are not looking for fame, but still! 😉
    Between you both, I am sure you have treated Theresa well! Great tribute!

    • Oh, that’s wonderful news. I haven’t discovered that yet. Will go a-visitin’! Thanks for telling me. And by the way, Happy Diwali to you – if you do celebrate. Ummm…all those delicacies, I bet. I love the Day 5 brother/sister visit. Very neat!

  4. How wonderful you found someone else who knew her and what great photos. Thanks to Andre and you for letting us all know about this great woman.

  5. That’s a heck of a story! I wonder if she was in the order that taught me in High School. They were from Canada and had missions in Zaire. I understand her view about her life. The externals may change but down deep, it’s all the same.

    • Do you remember the name of the Order? I went over a very long list of Orders yesterday, but not one ‘clicked’ with me. I,too, see life in that manner. Many thanks for your visit and comments.

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    • Yes, Andre’s site is really something. I’ve been invited to share my father’s story on his site, but his blog was not accepting…needed some repair. But I’m very honoured.

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