Banana Bread – From the Diva of Non-Domesticity

Remember those aprons we had to sew in Home Economics?

On a domestic scale ranging from 1 to 10, my friend Susan is a “9” compared to me.   She has a group of long-time women friends who call themselves the Ferry Queens.  When they were young mothers with toddlers, they’d wrap up the children and head for the Ferry Terminal.  They would board the Ferry, plonk the children in the play room and turn B.C. Ferries into their personal Nanny.  These women still get together every few months.  They eat, sing, and laugh together while cooing over their lives as grandparents.

The Ferry Queens and I share an era in which we had to learn how to sew an apron in Home Economics.  This domestic feat was usually accompanied by teachers’ threats of marriage, raising families, and managing households.

Because of time warps I share with Susan, I thought I’d send her a email that included photos of very old Butterick bib apron patterns.  Her response:

MEDIUM - Size 14-16 Go Figure

“I loved the apron email. Do you know I wear an apron for everything!!! I had to send it to the Queens because that’s the first thing I pack for a Gathering. They cook, I clean-up.

I actually have a denim apron with GRAM on it that Erin (daughter who is now 45+ years old) made for my mother in Home Ec (or whatever they called it) when she was in high school. How old is that??? It’s now down in Kirkland (grandsons’ home) permanently.

One specific “cobbler” one we used to use for dress-up….put a little pillow in it and pretended we were pregnant….mothers of course…certainly not 17 year olds with spandex tops.

Thanks for the memories…..yours????”

I could not resist shocking Susan.  I replied:

“APRON???   moi??  Seriously, yes I made one in Home Ec.  I don’t remember ever seeing my mom in one, though I’m sure there was more than the home ec projects in some obscure drawer so as to impress the ever-domestic aunties.  I have a couple in my kitchen, but I cannot think of why I would don one.    Perhaps on those rare occasions when I was using flour.

BTW, did I ever make some FANTASTIC banana bread.  Now that I have found MY recipe, when I next make some, I shall grace Jerry and you!  (Of course if you were on face book, you would know all about this.)  In fact, I just decided to add some photos!!  I made the loaves to thank my friend Stan who fixed my lamp that is so necessary for my work, but, more importantly, so that Duc can sleep on the Calvin Klein pillow beneath its warmth.  Tsk.”

Here are the photos I mentioned in my message:

Made by my own little hands


The pan that I kept for my treats

Susan’s response?

“YOU MADE THAT???? and without an apron?????”

Susan is one of my best friends.  Well, she was…


So dear Guides, In keeping with our Agreement, I am respectfully inviting a comment from you.  However…

Oh, oh…you suspect we wouldn’t have anything to add to this show of domestic gaiety?  We do.

Okay.  I’m waiting.

Laughter and tears.  Both need no words.  Everyone understands both.

True.  I remember standing on a corner in Munich as a young woman, hearing someone laugh heartily and thinking it was someone who spoke my language.

She did.

Yes, she did.

Through your deep friendship with Susan, you both enjoy intelligent humour with one another.  You often share humour that resides in the soul.

We laugh at ourselves a lot.  We love stories of funny things children say or do.  We get a great kick out of human nature.

Laughter is not humour if it is at the expense of another.  Your humour often displays knowledge of another human to an intimate degree, but is often simply looking in the mirror.

It’s true that when Susan and I talk about other people, we are usually exploring, trying to understand human nature.   Often it is so we can understand ourselves.  We have a lot to share about our own lives when we finally find time to get together.  Our good-bye often includes, “Well, here we are…unfinished as usual.”  Both of us love people, but not gossip.

Gossip is the single most destructive factor in building and maintaining unity.  Gossip spawns negativity with the idle and undisciplined.  Gossip escapes those minds readily and can spread destruction like a wild fire in a parched land.

On the other hand, the Internet supports the building of unity.  It is one of its purposes.  It is a powerful means of building understanding, cooperation and respect.  It is best used responsibly.  The Universe listens.  What is the message you want to be responsible for?

That’s bringing the responsibility home.  But that’s no different from any aspect of life.  We readily express what lives in our souls.  But it is a challenge to communicate laughter over the Internet.  Would I know when someone was writing in tears?   We have no sure-fired way to portray those universal bonding agents.

More and more humans are willing to trust intuition, their sensing powers.  More have the courage to reach out to people who may otherwise be ignored.  This may seem like a very small step, but it is the underpinnings of a transformation that is beyond any experience you have yet known on this planet.  Love is the fuel of all.  Have no embarrassment over the nudge toward loving kindness.  Be fearless in taking action.  Reach and connect.

Guides, the way you can turn blog articles into teachable moments makes me think you were all parents at one time.

Perhaps we still are.  Laugh with love.  Cry with compassion.







38 thoughts on “Banana Bread – From the Diva of Non-Domesticity

  1. Calvin Klein pillow for Duc.. Ha ha.. Heck I don’t even pamper myself like that Amy.. 😉 Well, hmmmm.. gossip, tell me all about it, I recently clicked the “DE-ENROLL” button on a mothers’ group that I was part of because I did not want to be part of any of the unintelligent exchanges that were going on.. We were a good group for the most part, but I didn’t need any of the drama to stay in touch with the folks that were the most agreeable to me.. There is so much to learn, write, explore, there is just too much of everything to do.. And that is why I am amused at people who can gossip, because they are truly multiTSKers.. Tsk tsk tsk.. 😀

    • The reason Duc has the Calvin Klein? There’s nothing wrong with the pillow, but it’s very soft. I need more support for my neck and back. My guests apparently share my preference. So Duc enjoys the luxury. Calvin Klein can feel honoured. If it’s not a lap, it’s typically rejected. Not so with this pillow.

      About gossip – a very dear Baha’i friend explained how gossip is a huge “sin” in her religion – because Unity is the most revered virtue. I have a very strong suspicion that when I gossip about someone, I automatically set up a spiritual agreement with them that I need to clean up in order to evolve. If I can keep it clear in my heart and mind that we really are all one, that we are all connected and that what I do to anyone, I do to all – then it is easier to still my errant tongue when tempted to join character assassination.

      Hope your family is doing well, Rachana.

      Instead of being multitskers, maybe we can be multiaskers and learn about all the stuff we can love about one another.

      • Ha ha.. funny girl!
        So, I didn’t tell you how crusty, fresh that banana bread looks.. I am trying to avoid looking because I am desperately trying to lose weight.. 😦
        But hope to make it for the boys during the weekend, you have inspired me, and now I can’t deprive them of such yummm.. 😉

    • Yes, the Banana Bread can be sitting here, hot and ready to be consumed with the perfect tea of your choice. However, right after that, I expect to see you whipping out your recipes for all those Jamaican dishes that you’ve been telling me about. I have the perfect apron for you.

      • That’s okay. I think I will sit in your yard with a trailer like your perfect house guest this summer. That will be my excuse for not entering the kitchen. What is an apron? How old do you think I am any way? 🙂

  2. I don’t wear an apron when I cook . . . but I might if I dressed like June Cleaver (“Leave It To Beaver”) when cooking . . . dress, pearls, high heels, etc.

    Usually, I’m barefoot in shorts and a t-shirt . . . easier to wash than an apron! LOL

    I’ve never been interested in gossip . . . unless it’s to spread good news! 🙂

    • I asked Susan this morning if she generally wears bib or half aprons. “Oh bib, always. I get food everywhere.” No wonder the other Ferry Queens cook! Sure sounds like it would be easy to live in Florida.

    • Amy ~

      Of every place we’ve ever lived . . . this is the best fit. We’re “HOME” at last.

      And this week has been an especially fun one ~ BFF’s birthday week involved hiking, biking swimming, and some wonderful bands (bluegrass, jazz, and classic rock) . . . plus chocolate cake!

      • That’s what I felt when I came to my island over 30 years ago – I’m coming home. Great feeling. Doesn’t stop me from wanting to run away from home on occasion. 🙂 That’s primarily precipitated by having my life revolve around ferry schedules.

      • We’ve lived on three islands . . . all with bridges to the mainland that only delayed our travel plans for 5 minutes (or so) when ships were passing through.

        I love visiting islands via ferry . . .

  3. Larry, my wonderful friend has been reading your writings to me as of late.
    You write so eloquently.
    Today he sent me your link and I am so enjoying all the chatter of Banana Bread and Bib aprons. I also made a bibbed apron in Grade 7 homeconomics…and yes our teacher made great noise about how a good hosewife needed this type of apron in order to produce a good meal or baking. Any other type of apron was only to be a fancy one. This fancy apron would be donned when serving our meals to guests and doing dishes. I am looking forward to reading more of your writings and communications.
    Kudo’s to you for you seem to take great pride and enjoyment with your Souldipper!

    • Welcome, Ruby – I recognize you as a friend from Larry’s Face Book. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed this story from my life. I may have to start wearing mine more often! 🙂 Thanks for being willing to leave a comment!

  4. Laugh with love. Cry with compassion.

    There’s one I need to remember. I’ll undoubtedly use it over and over again.
    (which means I better write it down! LOL)

    And that gossip jazz–bad news….nothing good ever comes from it. I’m blessed to be ‘out of the loop’ of all that. Apparently I’ve earned my stripes in ‘not being willing to be a part of it’.
    ‘Contempt prior to investigation’ is what I liken it to–and there’s no ‘love’ in that, there just isn’t.

    ….and can I just tell ya I’d love a piece of that bread? YUMMM!!!
    (and yup–I made one of those aprons. It was not a reflection of having an ounce of talent as a cook or a seamstress, trust me. LOL)

    • The more I learn about you, Mel, the more I giggle over your self-portrayals! It’s great to feel all the love you have for the wee Bug. In my last position with staff, I used the “Investigation prior to contempt” motto and it used to get a few “tsks”, but it sure saved some agony and embarrassment.

  5. amy-
    excuse the punctuation, cat on keyboard. I related to the apron part of this – I made an apron in 4-H. But I especially loved the guides. “laughter is not humor if at the expense of another”. I am often concerned about this. And the gossip… it is horrid.

    • So you have a talented feline as well. Isn’t it amazing what those little paws can create. One time I thought my computer was blowing up. Duc was stretching and pressing an obscure key on the right that I know nothing about. Fascinating lightworks. Yes, we can make no mistakes staying away from gossip.

  6. How fun and funny. You know Patti just blogged about a week or so ago on her home ec apron. Blog-mind! I commented that I still have mine. The print is a lot of little girls in chef’s hats and saying “too many cooks spoil the broth.” That’s actually amazing because back then we were mostly taught to open cans.

    Kudos to your Guides. Gossip is a bore.

    The banana bread looks yum. Ever tried it with chocolate chips and coconut????

    Hummm – time to start baking again now that the weather is cooling off. Amanda has posted a few recipes I want to try.

    Take it easy …

    • It wouldn’t surprise me that the email about aprons is finding its way to many of our inboxes, planting seeds. I agree. The weather elicits some hibernating instincts for me – I love the kitchen being warm with all sorts of good aromas, a big batch of homemade soup that will freeze up for later, and treats tucked away for friends.

  7. I love reading your guides’ comments. I’m fixated on this line: “Laughter is not humour if it is at the expense of another.” coz I believe it with all my heart, and this: “Laugh with love. Cry with compassion.”

    Do I have your/your guide’s permission to ‘tweet’ these? Please?? 🙂

    • Of course you may Tweet these, Earthianne. The Guides will be delighted – the reason I was guided to write the blog was to share their messages. So you’ll just be helping out in a very kind-hearted way. Many thanks. 🙂

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