Solo & Soulful – A Blessed Blog Buddy


Card Created by: Athena Grace

What did I know about blogging?

“Click the Publish button!” I said aloud, slipping the cursor into position, finger poised.  “Enter…oh God.  It is done.”

Shooting my first article into the blogosphere, in a glory of anti-climactic silence, elicited a rousing orchestration of…nothingness.  Hmmm, what was I to do next?  Then I remembered the myriad of menus waiting for decisions in the blog’s back room.

Discovering the Tag Surfer, I explored the posts that introduced writers of similar topics to mine.  That’s where I discovered Athena Graceland.

WordPress gives eHarmony a good challenge when it comes to matching people.  Athena Grace and I connected immediately.  I loved her Annie LaMotte style of prose and the spunky attitude with which it was served.

I read how this young woman sets up in markets and coffee houses in California, lugging an ancient typewriter given to her by a lover.   She uncovers the typewriter and waits.  Eventually someone will come by with a comment, a question or just an aura that would grab Athena Grace’s orbs as securely as velcro on a baby’s diaper.

She listens to the person’s latest challenge in life and promises a poem in response.  As the fleshed and fully-boned soul awaits his or her Psalm of Universal Truth, Athena Grace plonks out the soulful message with no Boo Boo Goo, no Liquid Paper, no erasure and no looking back.  She hits the keys running.

The poems breathe intimacy.  They create insightful tears, mumbled thank yous, ecstatic appreciation and a very welcome and essential donation.

I said, “AG, you can’t just let these poems slip through your fingers!  You hafta write a book about the incredible stories and experiences.”

Turns out she had a plan all along.  She takes a photo of every poem she writes.  Or, as in this case, (click here), one of the recipients shared his poem in his own blog.

One day Athena Grace wrote that Kauai was calling.  She was going – lock, stock and typewriter.  She administered goodbyes to her mother who lives in an Ashram, her past lover who is a sculptor, her best friends, and most of her old habits.  She validated her decision by buying a one way ticket to a brand new time zone.

Athena Grace coyly blogged about an almost indiscernible covenant with herself – and maybe with God – that she is going to stay out of a relationship for a year.  This Hawaiian hiatus, she suspects, will place her securely in the arms of the All Prevailing Lover  – one of her names for God.   With the gifts that arrive like perfectly timed organ transplants, directly from the larder of All Prevailing Abundance, it would not surprise me if God has a teleporter full of  gratitude poems.

Speaking of gifts, in the midst of Athena Grace’s adjustment to the ebb and flow of new friends, landscapes, proposals and poems, she

A Scarf of Softness and Gentle Aromas

decided to send me a gift.   She wrapped a colourful, gloriously aromatic, 4 foot scarf that she knit during times of lengthy chats with God.  She designed the card that graces this article, grabbed a customs slip and paid for the postage that she could ill afford.  On the customs slip, she noted, the article: “scarf I knitted!” and value: “priceless“.

Quite right, Athena Grace, it is priceless.  If Customs had the eyes to see all the Love that was stuffed inside that envelop, we’d both be handing over a couple of gold ingots.

Thanks, my Blogger Buddy, for the warmth of a gorgeous scarf and your loving heart.  I’m so glad we connected.  Keep turning those phrases and churning those poems.  You are pregnant with book.   Nema!


So, my Guides, do you have a message with this article?

Yes, we have been waiting for this opportunity.  You remember in past readings by others who are in contact with the Causal Plane that you have had a daughter who would join you in different lives.

I remember.   Apparently we wander in and out of each others’ lives.  We check in, then off we go, content that all was well.

This is the soul daughter that was mentioned.  You do have others as well.    She is the sister to the son who you have been keening in this lifetime.  He is the one who is very busy and is joyfully fulfilling his purpose in this life.

Will the two of them meet?

If it comes to be, it will be your daughter who will make the first move.

Is there any purpose to the two of them making a connection in this life?

They have completed their Agreements with one another.  It is not necessary for them to work on any relationship aspect.  However there is an incredible comfort that comes with soul recognition of past life relationships.  It is a sense of being Home.  It is a momentary satisfaction of the longing to be Home.  It is a love that is beyond human ability to explain while in human form.  It can be sensed by those in physical form rather than explained.

Is my son, in this case, Ainslie?

No, he is not this son.  You would have known immediately if he had been this son.  There would be no need to question.  There is indication that this son will discover you in a subtle manner.  He is very, very busy at this time.  When your son makes the discovery, he will have a very deep sense of Home.  You will respond with a hesitant and secondary layer of recognition.  Your discernment will work through its paces before you feel assured.  As an old soul, you are only interested in authenticity.

Are you saying I’m a skeptic?

No, we are saying you are using the gift of discernment appropriately.

Do Athena Grace and I need to watch for signs of this reunion?

You need do nothing.  Let it go.  Our best description is that each of you will catch it out of the corner of your eye.  Athena Grace will have a strong heart pull.  You, on the other hand, will attempt to ignore it at first.  This is not to be a project.  If either of you treat it in that manner, you would discourage reuniting.

Do I know my son?

You know him, but you have not had an opportunity to speak to him in this life.

Has Athena Grace met him?

No.  It is the same with her.

Is this because this son is famous?

Better to consider him well known.

Is it possible for you to tell us who it is?

Because each human soul has its own will, it is important that there be no interference with that will.  Identifying any  soul would diminish the free operation of all three wills.

I can see that.

This is all we have to discuss on this subject.  Let this message assure readers that the technology of this age is no waste of time.  This is an example of the way souls can readily reconnect.  And as we have said in earlier messages, the Internet is still in its infancy.  Greater resources are yet to be revealed.  Thank you for letting us impart his information on behalf of The Infinite Beloved.

I’m excited about this evolutionary “aha” that you predict for the Internet.  Thank you for all God’s Love and the information that you give to all of us.



33 thoughts on “Solo & Soulful – A Blessed Blog Buddy

  1. Gosh, the soul world family tree. Our true and genuine family. I hope to find you in mine. I am so happy you have found your daughter from a past life. Looking back, doesn’t it seemed obvious now with Athena? Your voice always softened and was full of love when you spoke of her, like most mothers when they speak of their children. Now it makes complete sense to me. I can’t wait til you find your son!

    • You have been waiting for this son of mine for over a year! Meanwhile, I sit here and say la – la – la. Don’t think I impress my Guides. As Athena knows, I’ve ‘read through’ her many ups and downs and have actually wondered how it is for her mom. Happily, Athena and her mom have a very close relationship.

    • Oddly…I can have a tough time accepting some of those past life messages. Discernment, indeed! I’m just hoping that Athena Grace is able to find her settling point and write about her poetry experiences…if that is what her book is meant to be. Does that sound like a mother?

      So do I love the scarf – and all its uniqueness. Just like Athena Grace.

  2. Beautiful 😉

    I think this is another excellent post.

    What a beautiful card.
    She sounds like a wonderful friend.

    It is a pity that there are many people who don’t know why we blog.

    Take care.

    • Thank you, Tokeloshe. Besides building new friendships, this blogging is a fabulous way to support and encourage one another at something that would otherwise be darned lonely. Besides, next time I come to your city, I would hope you and I would find time for a tea. Next time you come my way, I hope you will be able to find my little island. If it wasn’t for our blogs…

  3. I like when your guides validate mine.

    *laughing* That makes mine righter–which means I’m soooooo needing to shush up and just listen!
    I can suck at that some times.
    And now seems to be one of those times…..and yes, I know I’m the barrier. *sigh*

    What a great gift, this Athena.
    And the scarf is just the icing!


    • Aha, Mel! So you carry the curse gift as well. 🙂 I truly do mean that with humour. I love my Guides. They have a wicked sense of humour that they haven’t nudged me to share. Good thing, I’m not sure how it would be taken. The spiritual realm has so much fun and humour in the messaging , yet they so often come out looking like Hercules Poirot as an undertaker. Maybe I’ll take the plunge and lighten the scene up – if they approve.

      Hope Athena is reading the comments!! (Spoken like a true spirit madre!)

  4. I’m moved in a way I can’t explain by Athena’s gift; I wish you joy in wearing the scarf.
    As for your dialogue with your guides, I’m excited and look forward to the future.

    • I had to go to a small meeting this evening. A full moon adorned the crisp autumn evening. I pulled on a white sweater, wondering if it would be warm enough. My scarf was draped over my office chair one minute and wound snugly around my neck the next. With a saucy bit of pizzazz, it had its inaugural hike into the chilled Canadian air. Upon arrival, it claimed center stage amongst expectant faces and willingly performed an encore at its unveiling. Joy? Just a little.

      I’m still protesting this whole business of parenthood!

  5. I just read the comments as I chomped down on the most deee-licious kale salad with seaweed (my one of my FAV-O-RITE things!), cherry tomatoes, cucumber, parsley pesto and home made kraut! Oops, cant forget the cashews and fresh ginger. I know that seems superfluous… but not to my mouth in this very moment. It is unbridled poetry.

    But anyway… I just want to tell everyone who reads this that I feel *relief* in discovering that Amy is my Soul Mama. Honestly, when we communicate, my heart floods with such an expansive, finely distilled, vastly pervading flavor of LOVE that I, myself am left in blinking, drunk astonishment.

    And I yearn to GIVE anything and everything that I can to this Sacred Woman who has helped me remember so much more of my heart.

    And damn straight I’m gonna find my brother. I’m a romantic and a wild sucker when it comes to HEART TUGS. But I promise not to stick my fingers in the machinery… or work at this. It’s just an intention setting sail into the stratosphere like a wayward, mischievous helium balloon.

    Amy… Thank you for this post. It made me spatter jubillance all over Java Kai Hanalei as I read it and squealed repeatedly.


    And past lives or not… I am relived for our inexplicably deep bond to be validated and tingling with the vibrancy of All Pervading Exclamation points!

    HALLELUJAH squared!

    ~Athena Grace

    • Athena Grace, foremost in my heart is the need to know that your mother would not be upset by the Guide’s message. See…here comes the Diva of Discernment, unfolding before your eyes. I trust my Guides would not lay something out that would be hurtful or disarming to any other soul. However, I have to hear it from you!

      As to your brother? No project! I have a feeling I’ll have to be repeating that to you. I’m going to put you and my Soul Journer Sister, Kadian, in a locked room together. She’s been on my back for a year to identify this son. Thing is, it doesn’t matter because I know he is doing his thing and fulfilling his purpose. I was told I am keening over not having him with me in this lifetime. But I’ve spent “from the dawning of time” teaching him, preparing him for this life. So my work is done, apparently, and I suspect I’m tired of grieving. I am supposed to take this time for me now.

      However, HE is the reason I have not loved a man to the depth of which I am capable in this life. I’ve been missing him and HE’s diverted my heart.

      Wonder why I sense the Guides having a huge giggle. I feel totally “outed” and am not sure I like it!

      Wish I could have munched with you. Sounds like a good graze. I apologize for not naming your little typewriter. I couldn’t find it in your blogs…is it a Remington?

  6. Pingback: Stalked By Destiny | Athena Grace

    • I responded to the above with the following:

      “My heart is so ‘in alert’ for your Mom. Please let me say this: Moms are created from such incredible love material that it is impossible to say, “don’t be jealous…” without a spike of fear racing through her heart. It’s an automatic precursor to hearing the rest of the words – no matter what level of spirituality she may have attained.

      So this business of “soul mother/daughter” allows us to have that depth of relationship that we have already attained with the comfort of knowing that we’ve come through many, many teachable moments together. I’m glad we have no outstanding business.”

      And may my beloved Guides not throw a new angle at that last statement! 🙂

  7. Smith Corona… she still needs a name… Maybe I’ll name her after Mykael’s minister grandma… Forget her name…

    Lock me away if you MUST… but aint a girl allowed to send innocent intentions out to this ever responsive, loving universe, as though she is blowing sacred bubbles and joyously watching their irridescent little bodies float off in to the holy stratusphere?!?!

    I’ll ask my mom… But I imagine she’s just pretty stoked to have me as a daughter and to love and be loved the way we love together… She’s pretty chill. You’d ADORE her. I know it. And you’re both air signs. She’s libra.


    • Love the look of your new site – a neat surprise.

      Ah right! Smith Corona. A Remington is a gun for goodness sake! See? I was raised with guns because we actually lived off the wild meat that my dad and brothers hunted. No wonder I am a vegetarian/vegen/alkaline foodie. As a kid, I would sit and watch these animals grazing, gloriously alive, and then I was supposed to eat them? Never made sense to me.

      Anyway, as to naming the S.C. – Mykael’s Minister Grandma’s Name sounds highly appropriate! Hope it’s really neat and old fashioned like Elspeth or Maude.

      Those intentions of yours? Trying to stop those would be like gathering feathers from a down pillow ripped open in a wind storm! 🙂

  8. Ah just a lovely warm post and that sure is a beautiful scarf. I’m glad technology has the power to reach out this way, because it can appear so cold at times. This is a wonderful example of technology doing some good 🙂

    • Right, Alannah, it is technology doing some good. And if these Guides are giving me straight goods, there’s a whole whack of more “good” that is on its way. I look forward to it a whole bunch. Hope it involves teleporting!!

  9. What a gorgeous scarf and even more gorgeous story, shared by you and Athena Grace, Amy! Too, too special what’s happening here 😀 Loads of love to you all, XO

    • Thanks, Naomi. The scarf will be quite a familiar accessory for a while – especially since we have been threatened with reports of a very cold winter. No wonder Duc has doubled his intake of cat food, continues to bring home little mice as hors d’œuvres and is growing a most thick and shiny fur coat.

  10. I love Atena Grace, her story, her art, your connection! I feel the same way about the Internet, how you described your first experienced, and have experienced its value. I think it’s akin to placing a message in a bottle, casting it off in the sea, and waiting to see if someone recognizes and acknowledges it. I also liked what the Guides had to say about “not interfering with another Soul’s will.” We are so blessed! Thank you Amy!

    • Athena Grace is having some wild and woolly adventures these days. I sometimes feel like that soul mother that the Guides talked about. I just sent her an email last week expressing my concern for her well-being. She came back with a “don’t worry about me” kind of message so on we go. I know she’s in the hands of the Beloved. But, you know, Maggie, how we think the Beloved needs a little help! 🙂

      • Yes Amy, we are not beyond offering our services of concerned diligence and a wee bit of worry to the Beloved 🙂 That comes along with being so Human doesn’t it? Try not to fret Momma, she’s making her way…

  11. p.s. The photo of you with Athena Grace’s scarf is indeed priceless. You’re cute as a bug 🙂 Also thank you to Contoveros and yourself to be the two wayfarers to pick up my “message in a bottle”. My little cyber-baby-bloggie just had her 6 month birthday. 🙂 I’m proud how far I’ve come, still so far to go, but I’m trying to keep things simple. I aspire to spin such a good yarn as you. You are so gifted! I’m glad you entered the blogosphere, and found me too!

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