Bringing Home My Prairie Heart

A very close friend, Samantha, sent me this video of her older brother, Randolph Parker, the Artist:

Randolph Parker – The Prairie Experience from Magnetic Media on Vimeo.

Randolph is my neighbour, he only lives a few doors down the street.  His son, an Economics Student at UBC, is going to paint the outside of my house on a weekend when weather permits.

I knew Randolph was an excellent artist, but I didn’t know the depth to which he is able to see the beauty of the Prairies – the home of my birth.  His video has taken my heart by storm.


The world:  wonderfully small and interlaced with such gifted people.

(Apologies for not yet being able to place the video in my post)





25 thoughts on “Bringing Home My Prairie Heart

    • Hi Susan – missed you on Skype on Sunday. Were you doing Dog Training? And did you get rid of that bug that was sending everyone all sorts of nonsense emails? Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment.

  1. And he’s painting your house?

    Oh, what a beautiful soul to know there’s a different perspective and to chase it–and capture it.

    HOLY moly he’s brilliant….. And he’s painting your house…..

    • Hi Mel – it’s his son that is going to paint my house. Oh no, Randolph does not have to paint houses to live! 🙂 And yes, isn’t it wonderful to hear someone talk about our rural glory who really does know and see its beauty? Guess that’s why I love your eye and all the great photos your take of your ruralscape.

  2. Love the the way unless you have HD video on your computer…you will need to turn the HD off so the video runs smoothly…thanks for sharing this video with us.

  3. Amy,
    This really is so beautiful. And really – it was in taking in that experience in the video – just letting myself see with new eyes…the amazing, amazing beauty of our world…

  4. The video took a long time to download and I only watched 3/4 of the way because it was chewing up my bandwidth.
    But I Googled him and saw some paintings, very panoramic!

  5. Thank you Amy! You are so lucky to live next door to such a talented man. I loved the video — I always ask for a window seat whenever I fly, simply because I’m always mesmerized by the beauty of the praire landscape. Have a great day my prairie friend!

    • Kathy! Wasn’t that just the most wonderful video for a little prairie heart to see and hear? Thank goodness Sam sent me the video…I’m afraid I hadn’t seen many of Randolph’s paintings because he sells lots off island. So when I saw this, I was blown away. Who would have known that a man raised in Ontario and living on the BC Coast could hold such love for our Prairies.

    • Naomi, funny you should say that. During the flight to Madikwe (with Dave and you catching some sleep in the back seats), I kept thinking how it looked so much like the Canadian prairie and foothills country. I was surprised! Ah, then we found the red soil – the contrast to our black soil.

      I could not find this on You Tube. I don’t know if I didn’t look hard enough, but it kept taking me to that Vimeo site.

      But on the subject of adding a video – it must be simple to embed a video into WP – can you link me to the instructions? That would be a huge help. I have snooped, but have yet to do one.

  6. Amy, that’s just a wonderful video. He explains all so well and the scenes are lovely …

    You can inbed Vimeo in your WordPress blog by setting it up in “Widgets”. You’ll should see the widget for Vimeo there. If you look at my sidebar you’ll see how it looks. You have to join Vimeo and have your own “channel.” Frankly, not a bit deal. Follow the instructions.

    To inbed a YouTube video, go in to add a new post just as you would always do it. Under the space were you type the blog title, you’ll see “Upload/Insert”. The first icon is for photographs. The second is for videos. When you open that, the first tab says “from computer”. Ignore it. Click on the second tab that says “From URL” When you do, you’ll see a space with an “*” in red. Put the URL of the YouTube video in there and then click on “Insert below”.

    Before you publish the post, preview it and make sure it works. Sometimes YouTube or the video poster block it for their own reasons. It’s rare. Most of the time it works.

    Email me if you need more help, Amy. Hope that helps.

  7. Hi Amy .. great – thanks for posting this .. it’s always lovely to see a different perspective and I loved those views .. the near oxbows, the prairie land that’s wet!, and the colours .. and Randolph’s explanation of the land and its colours .. he’s obviously a great artist .. Samantha’s a lucky lady to have such a brother ..

    Thoroughly enjoyed this .. Hilary

    • Glad to give a blogger friend from England an opportunity to see some of our prairie lands through the eye of a very talented artist. Hopefully Samantha is reading your comment! In case she missed it, I’ll suggest she take a look. Thanks, Hilary.

  8. Good morning Amy,

    My sister Samantha introduced me to your blog last night. I was amazed by the quality and extent of your blog. The categories that you cover are certainly a reflection of the terrific person that you must be and I am delighted to call you my neighbor. It was surprising to see all the all the responses to the video. Thank you for posting it and thank you to all those who responded to the work. As you can imagine it is wonderful to have the paintings work as a positive vision for others. Your kind words will be passed on to the creators of the video at Magnetic Media and Mayberry Fine art.

    regards Randolph

    ps I will knock on your door one of these days.

    • You are so very welcome, Randolph – obviously it was my pleasure to show you off a bit. I’m thrilled that you took the time to comment. Make sure you come around on a day when I have some Banana Bread baked! I want to know how you learned to “see” the prairies so profoundly.

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