Someone’s Living In The Bush, Mom – The Guides Respond

The Guides are referring to the following story:

Someone’s Living In The Bush, Mom:  Part I,   Part II,  &   Part III

Hello, my Spirit Friends.  Thank you for your encouragement.  I’ve carried this woman in my heart for many years.

You give honour in serving the memory of your friend.

Can you please tell me anything about her?

Your friend returned to Germany.  Her time in the little house was a time of waiting for documents and funds so she could return to her homeland.  The person responsible for her safety had to travel to the capital city, Edmonton, to await the arrival of various papers so she could return to Germany.  Because of the tenuous situation in Bolivia, the length of the wait was unknown.   They did not want to be seen in a city where there was a police force since they were in your country illegally.  Therefore, through contacts, they learned of the little house you discovered.  It was decided that she would be safer in that location even though she would be alone for some time.

Why would she not have gone directly to Germany?

She believed she could not safely wait in Bolivia.  She could not cross the ocean without appropriate documents.  The documents were not readily available.  They chose to travel over land, into Canada, because there was a German connection who was able to help them obtain the documents.

However, there is an underlying significance that this story raises.


As we ask you to greet the Transformation, the focus is to see what fear has done to the love and compassion that evolves and feeds souls in relationship.

As a child, you reached out to other humans with joy.  Souls recognize old souls.  Your mother, an old soul, recognized you as one, too.  She understood your need for breadth and depth in life and your need for variety and diversion.  She was grateful for your exposure to worldly situations and your acceptance of all types of people.  As an educated woman who had lived in different locations, and being an educator herself, she understood the importance of giving you the freedom of discovery.

Fear has shackled children and adults.   Fear has changed many humans from being caring to being suspicious.

But there are weird, scary people around who prove they are capable of harming others.

The fear that feeds an irrational amount of suspicion has been fed by the deluge of information sources.  Humans have not known how to sort through that information in the most appropriate manner.  Negative information has become the norm.  The result is imprisoning.

Plus it contributes to  ‘copycat-ism’.

Your society enables and often facilitates the isolation of individuals.  It has a weakened sense of family and community.  Those who teeter on tendencies of harmful behaviour are free to plan, in undetected lives, their acts of invisibility.  Serving cruelty to vulnerable members of humanity is a supreme display of cowardice that is actually a deep cry for help.

Responsibility for family members has lessened out of fear.  The fears are varied.  Those wanting to take action hesitate due to a lack of support from others in the family or community.  Many unknown consequences prevent action from being taken freely and responsibly.

Sadly, on the other side of the coin, innocence has been impacted.  People who have been accused inappropriately of misconduct have had their lives ruined – even after being found not guilty.   We now communicate with children very differently.  I watched a school district employee in the far North become a robot.  He was like Santa Claus to the children.  Being the maintenance man, he arrived at each isolated school periodically to magically fix everything.  He brought long-awaited, fun, colorful and surprise supplies that made school life much more bearable.  When cautions were distributed in the world of education, he had to stop the hugs, the children clinging to his legs, his loving touch to the tops of their heads.  He talked to me about this with tears in his eyes.   I understood his sorrow.  Teachers, too, spoke of their sadness over the loss of touch.

There are many and varied points of view.  You found the quote that speaks deeply and powerfully as a transformational value.  Please include it.

Gladly.  This excerpt is from The Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault, an Episcopal priest, teacher, and retreat/conference leader.  Her book addresses what Cynthia discovers and believes to be the true teachings of Jesus.  This is the quote from the chapter headed, “The Path of Self-Emptying Love”, page 73:

“The power of this sacred alchemy to transform even the blackest of calamity in which there appears to be absolutely no redemption or saving grace, is attested by an unknown poet who left the following beautiful prayer beside the body of a dead child at the Ravensbrück death camp during a recent era of unspeakable human darkness:

O Lord, remember not only the men and women

Of good will, but also those of ill will.

But do not remember all the suffering they inflicted on us;

Remember the fruits we have bought, thanks to

This suffering – our comradeship,

Our loyalty, our humility, our courage,

Our generosity, the greatness of heart

Which has grown out of all this, and when

They come to judgment let all the fruits

Which we have borne be their forgiveness.”

Following the poem, Cynthia writes, “…the divine alchemy is supremely at work, showing its power to turn even the deepest hardness of cruelty and atrocity into something new and soft and flowing.  And the template for that alchemy is imprinted in our soul…”

Dear Guides, I certainly have nothing to add except to ask for help in achieving even a modicum of this alchemy.

Extolling the validity of our love for, and our faith in, humanity, sobeit.

25 thoughts on “Someone’s Living In The Bush, Mom – The Guides Respond

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  2. Fear is imprisoning, so is the “need” for caution in our affairs with others.

    It is sad that honest adults cannot reach out and touch kids without fear of allegations of misdeeds being circulated.

    Loved the ending to this saga. I’ll see her safely home in Germany, remembering the love and concern you and your mom demonstrated.

  3. I am relieved to know she found her way to Germany.
    And it is sad about the loss of touch; a friend was saying that she remembered romping in the pool with her school pal’s dad; but she would be uncomfortable today if another child’s father did the same with her own children.

  4. The loss of touch is such an important factor….and very sad!! I have been readig this twice…and you have touched certain aspects that I have questioned before. Thanks Amy…you bring clarity and calmness…in more way than one!!

  5. Negativity has really closed our hearts so that paranoia can take over. I remember my third grade teacher who hugged me constantly when I got something right. It made me want to work harder at my school work. I never forgot Mrs. Zager. I could still picture her smile.

    • I suspect you express a memory that many of us have from our elementary years, Kadian. I remember the calming effect when a teacher would stand beside my desk and put a hand on my shoulder.

  6. Hi Amy .. certainly we are losing the ability to love .. because we cannot get it except within the home and the people we are very close to .. and love is all around .. love is gentle in all its forms .. it is that touch, that generosity of spirit, that warming eye, the smiling mouth .. we need all aspects at the various levels of love .. to be compassionate and fully engaged with the world .. not restricted .. thanks this a great series .. Hilary

    • Thank you , Hilary for your wonderful descriptions of how we can give love. As you say, not restricted. We can start now, today, to give it every chance we have. It doesn’t have to be just in our homes. Let’s shock the world around us and give it everywhere. Watch how people respond. We have it in us so let’s give it away. I was taught that we cannot keep it if we don’t give it away.

  7. heel mooi
    a beautiful story with a great lesson
    as much you still remember her, she remembers you and your mum no matter that the language was not spoken

    • Hello Clegyr Boia! Beautiful Artist in Nature. Photographer Supreme! I lost myself in your photography of your art- and your partner’s exquisite sculptures. How he uses the grain. Oh – and thank you for your comment. I, too, believe that Ms. Weissaur (with the “w” sounding like a “v” – as you would know) has remembered us over all these years. This is what is so exciting about life…we never know when some small exchange transforms our hearts forever and impacts how we love. Whether it’s loving people, animals or our planet, it matters not.

    • So, Jamie, do we continue to touch, but with our words? With our encouragement to others? With giving our time to those who are too much alone? With sharing a gem of wisdom? I see you doing that throughout a number of blogs we share. Our world is soaking you in like a balm.

  8. Thank you for sharing that incredible poem. I also believe that “evil” too has it’s purpose, by rallying the Human Spirit, and presenting an opportunity where we can prove to one another that in the end, Love does win.

    • You are very welcome. It’s a great experience when a spiritual teacher is also an author. When I read her, I hear her. I could hear her reading that poem aloud. At the end, she would hold the book on her lap and we’d hold the silence of assimilation. Then she’d say, “Well! I think it’s time for tea.”

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