Charles Downloaded His Soul

One of the joys of blogging is discovering people who are sharing incredible talents and gifts – just because they can.   Charles’ blog “Read Between The Lines” is a site of rich insights and depths.  In short, Charles is a poet.  His current poem, “the song” is a universal truth.  It could be posted on any billboard in any country on our planet and it would speak to the people.

Charles, here is your Perfect Poet Award.

Thank you for  – the song:


The Perfect Poet Award


You may click on this link

and read his poem

if you have not already done so.




18 thoughts on “Charles Downloaded His Soul

  1. Amy thanks for recognizing the poem, indeed a great poem, a truth that everybody needs to keep in mind when they see themselves as social beings.. ! I like your comment about the billboard on the planet. 😀

    • Isn’t he though!? If I run into him, I’m going to buy him an ice cream or a gelato that has some exotic name like “Creme de la Creme du L’Amore”. And that’s my French/Italian lesson for today. 🙂

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