Here You, This Is How I Would Like To Be Loved.

(This post references Part I and Part II of A Daughter’s Love – Avenging Alzheimer’s)

Dear Guides,

Seems important to highlight that this blog is a partnership.

Newer people may not realize that this is a co-creative affair.  Since you, my Guides, have taken the back seat for a couple of posts, please let me know what you want to say.

We are fully aware that you have not forgotten our partnership.  For that reason, while transmission has been on-going, we have not needed to initiate messaging regarding this project.  You have new readers.  Would you please include the prayer you say before mediation?  It is important to share this protective step for transmission.

Of course.  Here it is:

I ask for the support and protection of my Soul Group, Ra, who act only in my highest interest.  Thank you for helping all of us break through the Illusion to fully connect with you and consequently with our own souls.  Please keep the connections, between the physical and spiritual self open, clear and pure – allowing us to receive the clarity needed for us to understand your messages.  Show each of us our soul’s purpose and, therefore, our life plan.  In so doing, please help all of us participate in loving service toward a shift of consciousness, a Transformation.  Bless us while we create the life our soul intended and walk the path of Evolutionary Truth for all time.

Giving Love Builds Love

Thank you.  We know that you are enjoying the community which is building in this cybertic family.  We appreciate your efforts to maintain the purpose of this project.  The concept and form of this project will evolve over time.  Future contacts will invite the project into a different dimension.  It is important, however, that the project continue to pass through this stage and exist in this state at this time.

Your earlier messages  stated that this blog is to be the beginning stage.  Do you have further clarity at this point?  And by the way, I like the word you made up – “cybertic”.

Thank you, it was convenient and we see you understood. (Pause of humour)

We encourage you to continue writing the stories and the messages.  We know that it is a challenge to devote time to this project without compensation.  Your attitude of trust is vital.  You have been living that trust.  Thank you for trusting our authenticity.

I know that all is, and will be, well.  It’s a great experience believing that everything will be looked after and, sure enough, that is exactly what happens.

That is a perfect opening for us to mention your friend, Pat.  She is an excellent example of using the transformative power in life and living.  It is possible for all physical beings to live in the same frequency.  It means putting love at the root of any and all transactions in life.  It is from this root that power and abundance springs.  When a person is taking action from a base of love, such as Pat did for her mother, the feelings are felt even before the action is completed.  Those feelings power dreams into realization.  They cause wishes to materialize.  They demonstrate that prayers are answered.   The name put on the request is of no significance.  Looking through language prevents words from putting up a barrier against Love.  Any thought is a request for spiritual intervention when love fuels the thought.

Do many humans come close to performing acts of love similar to Pat’s demonstration?

All of the time.  Every day.  It’s all around.  It is often unseen because people continue to live in the illusion of duality.   Many believe the illusion of being separate.  We emphasize, there is no separateness.  When one of you lift the veil and see the unity that is the Truth, these acts are more and more obvious.   With lifted veils, comes a new consciousness that transforms behaviour.

The simple acts of love that are all around…you use the term “snowball effect”.  A tiny ball of snow starts at the top of the hill.  A gentle push downward sets the ball in motion.  It gathers snow and grows.  It picks up more than just snow as it rolls.  It picks up whatever is in its path.  Its impact and force at the bottom of the hill is far and beyond the power of the one gentle push given at the top.   Love follows the same universal effect; in all of the Dimensions, not just yours.

What would be your example of  a seemingly minuscule gesture that could grow into a situation of enormous significance?

The smallest courtesy paid to a harried, unkempt and impolite woman may be the action that affects her heart sufficiently to prevent her from breaking the heart of a child.

That’s enormous.  And it comes back to the principle of loving ourselves.  When we love ourselves we can more easily or gracefully override the negativity of others.  So many us want to react ‘in kind’ when someone is being foul or negative.  The Course in Miracles teaches that negative behaviour is a cry for help.   It is a universal cry for love.  When someone is being nasty or obnoxious, it is very difficult to think, emit and give love.  But I do know it is possible.  And miracles can happen.

When humans love themselves, they are more able to give to others that which they would dearly love to receive from others.   Please consider this carefully because the words of the Christ Energy known as Jesus have not been understood from a ‘larger mind’ point of view.  “Love your neighbour as yourself” means to love others as you would like to be loved.  It is not necessary to weigh, judge, discern or second guess – just give it away.

That means our “neighbours” don’t have to wait for us to love ourselves before we can love them.  We can give the love we would like receive.  That’s straightforward.

When love is given to others, it follows that you love yourself because there is no separateness.  If you give love to others, you give it also to yourself.

Is it really that simple?

Think of your friend Pat.  Do you believe she loved herself fully or perfectly before she extended such love to her mother?

No, of course she didn’t.  And she didn’t do it to “get love”.  Got it!  Thank you.  It’s good to have you back.

Anytime.  However, for us, the more appropriate response is that we are nowhere else but with you.


17 thoughts on “Here You, This Is How I Would Like To Be Loved.

  1. Hello.

    Came over to meet you and say hi.

    I will look around now, but, yes, I think so much about so many things..

    so, I”m thinking (haha) that I kinda belong here.

    Nice to meet you…

    • Welcome, Alexandra. I visited your blog and got zapped! Yes, zapped. And now I have a new profile picture. Many thanks. Oh, and how can I not appreciate someone who get’s crushes on Canadians?

  2. For a long time I underestimated the power in loving–convinced I could ‘guard my heart’.

    I’m graced to have been enlightened. And I am all that I am today because of that–
    No foolin’….

    It’s all about that little four letter word.
    Oh, but if I could only do that perfectly……

    Thank you.
    I read the story and get the message(s) therein. But I suspect they were my messages to receive–and you know what they say about when the student is ready…….

    Now. The real trick is what I DO with it, eh?

    • It’s an incredible experience to finally open ourselves enough to let love in. Then, you are so right, Mel, it’s up to us how we greet and treat that great gift. Meanwhile, I continue to send lots of good energy to you.

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