Robert Weissmann – Glass Art Extraordinaire

Not everyone drops into the studio of an artist, fires up a camera and captures an artist’s soul.

Nick Roveda did just that. He walked into Weissmann Glassworks Studio in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, camera ready, microphone turned on.

The result?

Here’s a 3.5  minute film, The Glassmann, featuring a man who I have known for over 20 years.  Robert Weissmann has not only dazzled me with his talent and ability to express himself in various glass art forms, he also is the one who introduced me to the glory of stained glass windows such as the one in Toronto, done by Yvonne Williams, as featured in my article, Jesus in Blue Jeans.

Nick’s film, The Glassmann, captures Robert’s passion for creating a relationship between glass and light, bringing out exceptional visuals day or night.  It demonstrates the grace with which Robert uses his strong hands to coax the fragile pieces into their conceptual home.  It shows an artist who repairs and creates elaborate church windows.   It features two exquisite windows Robert recently completed and installed at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Victoria.

When not working on commissions for churches located anywhere from Victoria to Toronto, Robert releases his creative energy, and frees his evolutionary styles, on a variety of pieces as shown on his website, Weissmann Glassworks.

Both highly creative men, Robert and Nick met on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.  Thus began a friendship that allowed them to openly share a world built with colour, music, humour and gentleness of soul.  When I learned of this film, I saw the opportunity to showcase two men whose talents must not be overlooked or taken for granted.

If you haven’t already clicked on the ‘hotlinks’, please take time to visit their websites.  Take a look at the dreams of two men who well deserve the praise of peers and the commissions of professionals.  Don’t hesitate contacting them; no question is too mundane.  After all, no one wants to admit it, but it’s lonely being an artist.

I Caught Robert Explaining a Concept

20 thoughts on “Robert Weissmann – Glass Art Extraordinaire

  1. Interesting post and interesting work. Can’t open the vid on my computer. Checked YouTube, but not posted there. I did get to see his site … nice, nice work. I do love stained glass … Cathedrials in New York – wonderful! Linked to Jesus in Bluejeans … nice .. well done …

    Thanks –

    • Granny, if we could have met a year ago, here’s what I would want to do more than anything: Grab Jasmine and you and walk those beaches. You could teach me all about the habits of your ocean, explain the stuff lying about and reveal some of the uniqueness of your coastal environs. Then we’d go for a bit of a lunch somewhere that would allow us to smell the world as we wore down good fresh-air appetites and laughed our faces off at ourselves.

  2. Wow…..the windows are amazing. And that piece at the end of the film–just gorgeous.

    I like what he said about the light, colours and even the lead having to speak. What a brilliant creator.

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    • Yes, it’s not yet on You Tube. The film is a peek into an artistic soul, but if you go to Robert’s website, there is a video of the Holy Cross installation. That will give you an idea of the caliber of his talent.

  4. This looks so special, Amy, it’s disappointing that neither video works for me, although the website photo’s are exquisite!

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