Ode to Those Who Reveal Reality.

Blog buddies are rich veins of ore discovered by a miner after hacking away, alone, cold and hungry for a period of time in the darkness of the Blogosphere.  Blog buddies show up and provide recognition, encouragement and respect with precise timing and sensitivity.

Soul Dipper was born into the Blogosphere with claw marks in the airwaves; its purpose Divinely unclear.  I’m grateful for a landing that didn’t cause it to crumple.  But how did Soul Dipper end up with a bunch of eloquent poets as its buddies?  Soul Dipper is primarily about stories and still these poets diligently visit and show their support.  One poem, Bountiful Through Brokenness, brought poetic comments sufficient to give hope of knocking Tennyson out of commission.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to my poetic Blog Buddies:    I love reading your words.  I love the depth you reach with so few words.  I suspect you have all been to a Word Sale and were determined to exchange no more than one fresh fish for a bag of words.

And that’s the rub.  You teach me.  You remind me to shave, cut, polish, eliminate, delete and give up that one electric phrase, no matter its creative promise.

To all those poets in my bloggerhood (who I consider “Jingle’s Jewels”), please know I read you faithfully.  Trouble is, I feel so ill-equipped and under-qualified to comment on your incredible work:

Soul Dipper's Landing Pad

Thank You – My Poetic  Blogger Buddies

A concept grew  organically –

Fly AirWord.

No flight plan, only trust.

Divinely nagged,

creatively sparked,

finally on board.

Now in flight,

passion grabbed the parachute.

Hesitant to leap,

glimpsed Death hiding in a cloak of safety.

No decision, no choice.


Leaving destination

to Gods of Pen and Prose.


People gathered on stars

riding the light to greet me –

approaching with gentle curiosity.

Landing on a teardrop of joy,

I fell into a pool of poets

Who lift veils of ordinary,

revealing intensities

of reality.

In spite of

my lack of metaphor

or assonance assertion,

they welcomed me as one

of their own.

My scattered, non-shattered talent

Rejoices in salve ministered by poetic souls,

Having blushed,

and brushed myself off,

I ask:

What have I to give to these smithies of smoothness?

Oh! I know!

I can make a promise:

I’ll stick with prose.

27 thoughts on “Ode to Those Who Reveal Reality.

    • This is the third attempt to respond to you, Jamie. I have felt quite ill-equipped to comment on someone’s poem that sends my whole skeletal system into vibration. (For example the last one I just read of yours. Yike! After that one, I could have fallen in love with Mr. Bean!) So if my expressions of delight aren’t off key to ears and talent, I will gladly respond to whatever aspect of the poem that has caught me by the heart. As long as poets know that I am a writer – whatever that encompasses – and do not consider myself a poet.

      In writing this, I am reminded that one of my writing instructors urged us to read poetry. Lots of it. And here I am, dazzled, as I sit amongst this incredible plethora of poets who simply showed up. Thanks be.

      You are wise, Jamie: Let it be. I will. (Sometimes my Guides put skin on!)

  1. Nice! Enjoyed it very much. I know how you feel exactly — and the acceptance and encouragement I’ve found in the blogging world has given me the gift of confidence. You’re part of that and I thank you whole-heartedly each time you you ‘visit’. Have a great weekend.

    • Aha, Trisha, thanks for saying that. Hope you share the message I’m getting: Forget about whether we know the ins and outs of poetry, we can simply let our poets know when they have touched our lives. And taught us something!

    • Many thanks – yours is one of the blogs that I visit regularly as a subscriber. In fact I appreciated your very handy checklist of symptoms for depression – as a writer and as a friend to sufferers of this insidious condition.

  2. Soul, you are one of my favorite blog “catches”! And it feels so good to read such a lovely tribute to all of us, your blog buddies.. Thank you!! 🙂
    You can just move inside a letter to your 16 old self to your present form so easily and also at the same time make it easy on readers, a great quality! On the same note, I find this post so contemporary, it might just represent what every blogger thinks of his fellow blogger friend!

  3. @contoveros and @souldipper: Thank you guys, the “catch” is now getting confusing and complicated.. Have we all caught one another yet..? He he.. I appreciate both your sweet comments.. !!!
    Thanks for the love!

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