Daughter Theresa – The Guides Respond

The Guides are referring to the following story:

Daughter Theresa – Part I

Daughter Theresa – Part II

Daughter Theresa – Part III

Welcome beloved Spirit Guides.  Your message will be most welcome.

You have written a story that has been waiting to be told.

It’s all from my perspective, however.  Having no idea whether Theresa ever recorded anything about her past, I have more questions than answers.

So be it.  We have confirmation that you have fulfilled your part in keeping your promise to tell Theresa’s story.  Thank you for waiting no longer.

I put off writing because I did not have enough information for a book.  To research the story sufficiently for that purpose would require my going to Atlin and likely to England.   I decided to simply tell the story from my window of time in the North.  If there’s a book to be written, I do not feel that is my purpose.  I strongly sensed it was my job to honour Theresa’s strength and determination and show how one small woman could face such adversity.  Theresa may have been small in stature, but she was one of the biggest examples of resilience that I know.

Your role has been to share your respect for her.  You have done that.

Can you provide any further information about Theresa?

We are able to explain that when Theresa chose this incarnation, she willingly accepted the experience that demanded responsibility for the lives of others.  Past life situations created specific fears and missions that required her to take responsibility for human lives.  In this life, she had three sons, she had a very ill husband, she was an ambulance attendant and she was a pilot.   In each of those roles, she accepted and fulfilled a great deal of responsibility for the care and well-being of other human beings.

What was the purpose of the deaths of the five people in 1986?

The deaths of those people were in perfect alignment with their own missions; plus the incident contributed to one of Theresa’s.  With diligent and loving persistence, Theresa was fed this understanding.  She was able to grasp this truth fleetingly and sufficiently enough to provide an alternative to her carrying enormous guilt, blame and shame over their deaths.   At a soul level, their deaths verified to Theresa the need for her to realign her role in this incarnation.  It helped her to reassess how she could best fulfill a realignment.  Though this awareness was active at a soul level, Theresa was willingly following the Will of All There Is.

Does that mean her belief in “the gods” was a belief in Universal Love, or, as many say, “God”?

Theresa was never disconnected from the All Loving Source.  She sought the truth about The Creator and rebelled against the “god” word that people used so loosely, in her opinion.  She struggled throughout her life to define her beliefs. She appreciated your acceptance of her and the discussions she shared with you on the topic.

Who CAN understand this incredible energy that is without beginning or ending?  How can we understand how and where we fit in?  We live in a world that calls The Source a myriad of names, a “thing” who we blame, we accuse, we curse, we love, we try to manage, we try to embrace.  How can we possibly understand?

Those who trust and are willing to listen to the quiet still voice from within themselves are doing all they can to live fully.

Some voices are not so quiet or full of goodness.

Then they will not be willing to be quiet and listen enough to hear.  With so many major events within Theresa’s life, she had an enormous task learning to listen, but she did.  She was saving that discussion for a time when you two would be together.

Are you saying she had found her own Path?

Because of the complexities she faced, she was powerfully connected to her agents of Source – or Guides.  She believed it was what you call the “survivor complex” that compelled her to focus on giving.  She found the connection with her Intuitive Being.  She realized that Love was the force behind all of life.  She longed for an outlet to express this to the world.  This is one of the reasons she wanted you to write her story.

Was she destined to hit that mountain in 1990?

That was an accident.  It was not predestined.  It was not an event necessary for fulfilling Theresa’s purpose.  As others have written and explained to you, and it is true, accidents can occur that are not created or ordained by the Soul or the Source.

When Theresa asked me to write her story, was Love the main reason for her wanting the story to be told?

Yes. By showing how she was able to live through the tragedies in her life, she knew she could contribute to the greater good of any soul who understood. That is one of her major Missions.

Is one of her Missions?  So through Theresa’s story, we not only learn about ourselves, we can still contribute towards her evolution even though she is no longer alive?

Time is an illusion and all souls continue their journeys regardless of incarnate stages.

Do you mean that all of us, simply by giving anyone our attention, have the power to help others fulfill their life’s purpose?

Completely.  Hopefully this amplifies the reason we repeatedly emphasize the need for humans to live in a positive light.  We rejoice over every opportunity taken to send love to others in any manner deemed appropriate.

Did Theresa have a clear understanding of this?

Theresa was responding to a Divine “urge” when she asked you to write her story. Souls know, but for practical purposes, have forgotten within each new incarnation.  In the soul’s connection with the Source, the directions are given through various means.  All souls are being lovingly directed at all times.

Seems to me that many Holy Souls have tried to teach us this.

In as many ways as there are spiritual paths.  Through the current Transformation that is underfoot, more and more humans are willing to listen.  Those who are willing to grow in courage and act on their intuitive urges live in goodness and Love.

Thank you for these insights and the encouragement to contribute so simply to our own, and each others’, evolutionary glory.

Blessings on one and all.

19 thoughts on “Daughter Theresa – The Guides Respond

  1. Why can you not turn your work of posts into a book? Break them down by category and pick and choose the different titles that your Guides could suggest to you?

    Who cares if it would sell commercially? Your great-great-great-grand niece would have a copy to read about the SoulDipper of the 20th Century who tackled the Northern wilderness braving the most ferocious school board members this side of Genghis Khan or whomever was the worst you ever had to deal with. All of this is you, a wonderful you that tells a story I would buy.

    I’d buy you, if you were on the market. Pay full price too!

    michael j

    • Okay, now you have me giggling like a school girl. Michael J., I have no idea where these are meant to go. But I will tell you a little secret. The Guides told me to do a blog and it was/is to be just the beginning. They did not have the final concept to give me, or were not authorized to give it to me – don’t know which – so I am letting the process unfold in trust and faith. I am doing this for my best friend – God/The Loving Creator/All There Is/The Beloved/Christ – or whatever name anyone wants to use, according to their own belief system.

  2. I found your dialogue was incredibly helpful to convey an understanding of the complexity of life and death, the cycles of transformation and the gift of life itself. I really appreciated knowing in such a clear way about her soul purpose. It was tangible and accessible yet sensitive. It also gives a lot to reflect on. Which I will do today. Thanks, Amy for this work.

    • Thank you, Cath. Out of respect for your studies and the thesis that you are heading towards, I especially appreciate your comments. I admire how you work with the coupling of the spiritual and the erudite in order to satisfy academia.

  3. Thank you, Amy and Guides. This response brings the spiritual peace I was hoping for after the powerful impact of Theresa’s story. I second Michael J.s sentiment about a book and also trust the unfolding for you, Amy 🙂

    • Yes, Naoms, that spiritual peace was very relevant for me as well. I now believe that Theresa did, in fact, tap into that same love and peace. Since she died on May 4, 1990, I looked up May 4 in the little book she gave me “The Promise of a New Day”. I am touched to see: “What we call prophecy is the ability to see through the complex machinery of the present into the true nature of events. Both the poet and the prophet seem to be touched with magic – with more than human powers.” It’s hard to say which position she occupied. Perhaps she came to claim both.

  4. Your guides are very wise Amy. Glad you have contact with them and I’m not surprised they came to you and/or chose you. Without ever meeting you in person, I know you’re a special woman. It is something that shines in all your words.

  5. Suddenly I’m not saddened by Theresa’s story. Why I borrowed the sadness, I don’t know….I’m sure I will, though.

    I’d agree with others who encourage (at some point where it’s revealed to you) the connectedness of the stories and the wisdom of the guides who connect the dots so eloquently–or is it your eloquence through their words.
    I’m glad now. I can celebrate her life now.
    Shoulda trusted that I could do that without the dialogue with the guides, though.

    Darn the feeling jazz that can muddle up what I already know….sheeshhhh….

    Thank you.
    I paused before commenting.
    I seem to need to do that a lot when I visit and read and feel my brain turn to mush.
    (I consider that a very good thing, btw!)

    Abundant blessings……

    • Ah, Mel, you say so much! I’m so glad you did comment. Your presence is obviously meant to be a part of the messages’ seasoning. I like the fact that you “already knew”. That’s what I find with the messages – they reawaken our souls and remind us of what we have forgotten.

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