Do What You Say and Say What You Do

A more evolved person would say:  “What’s the big deal?  It’s only a load of lumber.  He’ll probably bring it tomorrow.”

Except, it feels like a big deal.

I put my life on hold to accommodate his schedule.  “Thursday morning before 11:00”, he confirmed on the phone two days ago.  It is now after 6:30 p.m. and the appointed length of lumber has not been delivered as promised.

The spot for storage is cleared.  The prepared dumping site is barren.

Tomorrow is no good.  I have appointments and he has other commitments.  That’s why we agreed that he’d come today.

Good grief, here’s a mature man who is a member of a stalwart island family and he has not kept his word.  He is supposedly trustworthy.

Come to think of it, I have noticed subtle gestures from his wife when I saw them together.  She usually leaves a group setting when he joins the conversation.  He sort of takes over the conversation.

Once she said it was their anniversary.  “Congratulations.  How long have you two been married?” I asked.

“Oh, I’ve only been married to him for 15 years”, she said.  “I was married before.  My first husband died.  The children are from my first marriage.”

The absence of enthusiasm was as good as a confessional.

She continued, “He’s a good man, though.  Been a good father to my children.  But, you know…at times, I find myself wishing he’d talk about something other than his antique cars and farm machinery.  He’s always looking for more information or parts.  I know he wishes the kids would show a little more interest…”

A Gift From My Guides

Yes, I’ve noticed that little ‘something’ whenever we’ve talked.

Let’s face it.  He’s a great hulk of a man who talks too much.  He is not a man of his word.  He bores his wife to death and most people just want to avoid him.  He’s like all the rest of the people who never do what they say.  If anyone asks me about his service, I’m going to be honest.  People like him should not get away with this kind of nonsense.  Look at this!  It’s 7:30 p.m.  No truck, no phone call and no lumber.  And even worse, I did no writing today until now.  I couldn’t concentrate with one ear at the door.  He’s really screwed up my day.

The phone rings.  7:47 p.m.  Why does that time appear on clocks so frequently in my life?  What does it mean?

“Hi, I’ll swing by now and bring your lumber.  I promised I’d call first.”

“Thanks.  See you in a few minutes.”

The poor man.  He’s still working!  It’s going to be dark before he finishes unloading the lumber.  He’s had a hip replacement in his retirement and he’s still working so hard.  He must be starving.  I’ll offer him something to munch on.  I should have told him to not bother tonight.

Suddenly his white truck backs into my driveway.  He parks perfectly by the prepared spot.  He jumps out of the truck and cheerfully sets up the rigging for unloading the lumber all by himself.

“You’re working awfully late, aren’t you?”

“Well, I was doing a little fix-it job for the local Kids Klub and it took a little longer ’cause when I gave one of the young fellas a ride home, turned out his mother needed her washer fixed.  Then, when I got to the lumber yard, some guy had jimmied his loader so I gave him a hand, you know, just so he could get out of my way.  Then Old Rex Thornton drove in and wanted to know what he could do with his old ’49 Chevy.  He figures he’s ripe for the old folk’s home.  So after we had a little chat about it, I suggested we go and have a look at it.  It’s in great shape.  By gar, I think I’ll buy it.  Then he got to showin’ me some of the other stuff that he wants to get rid of.  I know lots of people who will be interested.  Turns out his wife was having trouble with an old clothes line that she still wants to use – you know how women like the bedding to smell fresh…”

Hello my beloveds.  I’m in big trouble, aren’t I?

The observer in you is fully functional when you ask such a question.

Throughout my life, whenever I do a character assassination, I pay.  I usually have egg all over my soul.

This story is an opportunity to see what caused you to become negative.  It is about gossip and the damage it does to souls.  Plus, there is more.

Okay, I will gird myself.

First, remember we bring the All Loving Source with us in each of these exchanges.  The only girding that is required is the kind that will keep the bond and bridge to our welcome relationship with you and all others who are with us.  Rejoice in the richness of this experience.  The purpose of your writing is to tell stories that give us voice.  Thank you for writing about this situation.  You caught yourself in an act that does not give you peace.  What causes the discomfort?

I bad-mouthed a person for not doing what he said he would do.  I even dragged his wife into it – I needed an accomplice.   So how do I deal with this?  Sure, he was doing all these random acts of kindness, but he was still 8 or 9 hours late.  Am I supposed to be okay with that?  He didn’t even apologize.  Sure, I get mad when people don’t do what they promise.  It happens a lot and it’s getting worse.

Are you ready to hear that this situation is not about him?  Can you see who this is really about?

Oh boy.  I forgot.

We are pleased that you remember.  It shows that you do have the knowledge.  Feeling let down by others has been a challenge many times for you in this lifetime.  Because of this, you expect it.  Therefore you manifest it.  Please describe what you were thinking this morning when you first awakened.

You’ve caught me red-handed.  I was thinking he was just one of these island guys who would show up whenever he wanted.  I had decided that I was at his mercy.  I held off starting anything today.  Mentally and emotionally, I was standing on one foot.   Wow, did I ever manifest exactly what I thought.

You gave that man exactly the freedom you resented him having.  Not only did that bother you, you added to your negativity by dissecting his character.  As you said, this was not food for your soul.

It makes me feel soul sick, actually.  I am going to send tons of loving energy to his wife and him.  I am going to purge myself of the debris I gathered in my negativity.  I’ll do a chakra cleansing and balancing. I will remember to expect, and watch for, situations where I see people “do what they say and say what they do.”

You are seeing the extent of the effects of the thought that is wrapped around a situation or other living organism.  It affects all involved.

It is so easy for me to forget all this.  Thank you for bringing me back so gently.  Ironically, when I began writing this story, deep down I was thinking how I would connect with you and you would make a case for people keeping their word.  I forgot that I was responsible for the day.  You know, we are so powerful and we don’t even realize it.

We are pleased with this discussion.  Did you have more questions?

Thank you so much for your simple and gentle wisdom.  This situation, as simple as it is, brings me to a profound understanding of how we are creating our lives continuously and are so unconscious of that most of the time.

Unless you aren’t.

Unless we aren’t.  Many thanks.

54 thoughts on “Do What You Say and Say What You Do

    • Thanks, Cin. Suspect you already know that lesson. Hope you are really enjoying your weekend. If I remember, as a married person, having a weekend alone is like eating salted chocolate.

  1. Great story and well, it’s human nature to be like that, isn’t it. I know it’s not nice sometimes and we should know better but deep down inside, you’re a kind person so one slight error of judgement does not make you a bad one. You realised your error and that is why you’ll keep growing. It’s the people who still would have given the man a piece of their mind after hearing all that, that will never learn.

    • Good point, Alannah. My spiritual teacher taught us to just see the negativity and let it go. No “shoulds”, no acting on it (including “fix-it” techniques) or self-flagellating. Amazing how it leaves room for Love to move in.

    • Thanks for commenting, Sam. Yah, look at that time: 4:11 a.m. As promised on the phone, I am sending all of you healing light and asking for blessings all around. Please give Ferron a big hug. She’s got all the right stuff to come through this like a trooper. Especially since she has a mom like you.

  2. Ah yes…..contempt prior to investigation…. One of my ‘used to be’ favorite past times.
    I drive himself crazy nowadays–that fella zipping through traffic….probably in a hurry to get to the hospital where his wife is having twins.


    It’s too easy to assassinate in this culture we’ve built for ourselves as human beings.
    And since we all know I’m an alien….LOL…I’ll go against the ‘norm’ ty! 😉

    • Yep – it is jumping on the “me wagon”. My investigation used to be just getting the facts from the other person, then reconsidering it. Now, with intuitive guidance, and various teachings, I’m seeing that it really is nothing to do with the other person at all. Period. Contrary to what I thought when this concept was originally introduced to me, it’s freeing. Go figure!

  3. Wonderful post, Amy

    As I started reading, I thought, “Wow. HE’s not doing anything to HER. SHE’s making herself miserable all by HERself.

    When he arrived, and the story shifted, and you had your “AHA!” moment, I smiled.

    And I adore the graphic. That’s one of my favorite sayings,

    “Don’t believe everything you think.” The Ego is a big, fat liar. ; )

    Thanks, Amy

  4. Indeed!
    This post is huge for me. I, too, am very sensitive to folks not following through. I have felt let down by others my entire life. Actually, the only person that never let me down was my husband. So this is a good lesson for me – still a challenge – but a very good lesson.
    Consequently, I always make every effort to do what I commit to, simply because it is important to me – so that’s good, I guess.


    • Hey, Arlene, it’s great that you are aware of that hook. Hope you have an easier time of changing your thoughts than I do. My tangle is that I dread the let-down. That’s what I have to kick out of my head. ‘So what, you big baby, Amy. It’s not going to kill you so quit giving it power to rule you.’ It IS freedom. Fleeting, but I know it’s there and can grow. Plus, Arlene, it’s a good exercise to let a commitment slip every once in a while. Give yourself permission to let it be less important. It’s quite the feeling. And it helps me forgive others more quickly.

    • Hi Granny, so good to hear from you. You bet we are all guilty of this stuff. That’s why the ‘skinless saints’ zap me with these topics. They chose me to write this stuff because I have so many of the damned character flaws. Thank the Powers Of Whatever that I’ve learned to laugh at my foibles. I love your blog because you are right up front with the humour. Mine is outside of the blog, but, believe me, it’s there. I need to go now and see what exquisite photo you added to your blog today.

  5. “I usually have egg all over my soul.”


    And thanks for the reminder. Funny how the ego wants to make it about me, me, me, me, except when making it about me forces me to take responsibility!

    • You’ve got it, Sally Felt. I like the great little verbal package you just put together. That is why life seems pretty crappy while we avoid stepping up to the plate. The thing I love about this Work is that as soon a light goes on, the platform drops to a deeper state. Who needs to climb Everest?

  6. Amy,
    What honest and deeply meaningful writing. This idea of our unconscious living…so, so true. I like to think that I’m living my life very consciously, and yet – I know there are so many moments where I’m not there…

    Thank you. This was so good to read…

    • Thank you so much, Lance. Your visit means a great deal – and if anyone has not visited your blog, they are missing out on a marvelous piece of life. I’m wondering about the shopping challenge. Love the idea.

  7. Amy thank you for this. It is indeed a reminder of how we need to always be willing to see our part in a situation and take responsibility for ourselves, our reactions and such. It is actually very empowering to own our emotions and experiences. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we might have been a victim once, but we don’t need that as our default position. Also, according to my “Angel Numbers 101” Book, by Doreen Virtue, “747 means that the angels are telling you to soar high in the direction of your dreams”. 🙂 Maggie

    • Maggie, you are the Angel of Comments this morning. Thank you so much for all you wrote. Doreen Virtue, who I have on Face Book to learn more about her, has been cropping up in all sorts of places these days. Then, after reading the definition of “747” which you so kindly passed along, I wept. Think there’s a reason?? 🙂 You are my blessing today, Spirited Soul.

      • Oh Amy!
        So wonderful to finally see this, and know I could be of such a supportive voice to you as you are to us.

        As I just told michael j., I have just now been able to locate where your replies go on my computer! I usually have to rely on my iphone most of the time, and for some reason it doesn’t notify me of your replies to my comments. Long story…

        I so wish I had the time and ease to read your every post, and michael j’s too, and comment, and make more posts of my own….but that’s just not what’s happening at the moment. It is all good, whatever it is 🙂

        Blessings to you Sweet Soul Sister

        • Oh Maggie, I didn’t know there was a problem with technology, but I noticed you have not been posting much. Actually, I just left a comment on your latest. Thank you for coming by and leaving your comments. Hope everything is all cleared up for you now.

    • Yeah, well, Nance, this is the joy of cyber friendships. You might consider using a bit on your binoculars. No, make that on the lens of your satellite. Thank you, my florida gypsy blogging friend.

      • Hey Nance, I think I need to explain this comment. Because you so kindly said I don’t need any Windex, I wanted to “cleverly” tie in with your post about cyber-friendships and say that the distance is affecting your vision. Ergo the need to clean the binos or the lens needed to “see” me.

        In my enthusiasm for trying to be clever, it may have come across in a strange fashion.

  8. Wish I could implant your story into my head and play it everytime I get irritated by the actions of another and blame them rather than look at myself and ask for help to understand what is usually out of my control.

    I quickly jump the gun, attribute the worst, and want to hide in a hole when faced with the goodness I could never subscribe to another.
    Like you, I am fortunate that my better angels can take over and allow me to forgive myself for being so hard.

    Great serving a humanity here. I’ll be back for seconds later.

    michael j

    • A wise friend teases me at times when he hasn’t seen me for a while – “Careful with the company your keeping.” And about you, Jamie. Hope you are managing well. Sensed some struggles.

  9. My guides are guiding my blogging today for sure as I happen upon happen upon happen upon messages that are meant just for me (how can that be?)! You helped me to understand something that occurred yesterday that got me all twisted up in a ball. People “say” lots of stuff… but what are they doing???? “Things” take on a life of their own if you let them! Hmmmmm….. Thanks Again! Diane

    • Thanks for your comment. Glad you “happened upon” here. It’s good to know I have company in these simple, but teachable, moments when I wake up, but, ‘scuse me, Diane. “Yoohoo, Guides, can we set the alarm for 2040?”

  10. Amy, I am such a work in progress over here! Trying to “launch” so many things at once, and not just technologically. I’m trying to learn and maintain 2 websites, Facebook Pages, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr!! When I jump in, I really jump in! I barely even knew computers a year ago…and well, you can kinda tell 🙂 Thanks ALWAYS for any comments you make to my posts. I get notified right away of those and any posts you make to your site, just not the replies to comments you make to me on your site! Confusing!

    • Oh! Okay…that clarifies it. Well congratulations on your incredible learning curve, Maggie. Nothing like jumping right in. You are doing exceptionally well in view of that short time-frame. We’re lucky we haven’t lost you through a teleporter or some other type of techie travel.

        • Maggie – I read somewhere (Internet?) that a man has actually invented a tube-like device that we operate ourselves and it flies us where we want to go. And it’s not run on fuel. I actually considered I may have been born too soon, but remembered that I am exactly where I am meant to be!

          For now, we have a marvelous technique that we can use – meditation. 😀

  11. p.s. I’m still trying to get my business rolling in person, and helping Dr. Metz, and learning, learning…and trying to keep an eye on my Mom as she’s getting older.

    I really do love writing. It’s always been therapeutic to me. Journaling mostly. Never wrote for anyone else besides my teachers, and old-fashioned penpals. I wish I was a better reader though. Have comprehension problems. Anyhew

    • As long as there’s time in there for Maggie. Very important. As I say to people in any of the care giving fields, “I only want some one who goes on vacation to look after me.”

      • Thanks for your concern and reminders SoulDipper. That perspective is so “evolved” of you!!! We do get an occasional client who complains about our days off, but they just don’t understand how important it is to recharge your batteries when you’re constantly in “giving mode” and paying “full attention”. That is very rewarding, but energy intensive indeed. Part of the reason why I have a hard time keeping up with everything is because I DO take time to get out in nature, walk, sit in silence. Not really a “vacation” per se, I would like to be able to afford one of those again someday. But I do like my life more than ever, and I treat myself to some little diversion, introversion, or extroversion, just about every day…the simple daily pleasures are the best.

        • Maggie, I am so glad to have found you. A Transformational Therapist once said to me, after I told her I felt like my embers were dimming, “You must make certain you have old souls in your life. They fan your embers.” So Maggie, you fan my embers. Many, many thanks.

  12. I would have to day the same goes for me on both counts 🙂 We’re Honorary Members of the Mutual Admiration Society 🙂

    And yes Amy, meditation will take us farther and higher than any teleporter, once we trust, let ourselves go and learn how to fly…

    But ever since The Jetsons, and Gilligan flew around his island in a jetpack, and I Dream of Jeannie, and Bewitched…and later in Back to the Future…I’ve always desired such a ride!


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