The Agony and the Ecstasy of “Paying It Up”

One of our blogging family, Jingle, has presented some very gifted colleagues and me a few awards.  Out of the grouping she offered, we are to accept ones of our choosing and then pass them on.  What a delight to “pay them up”.

Without readers, a blog would simply be a journal.  What a joyful discovery to find, after building Soul Dipper, that people actually read my posts and were willing to leave comments. Readership numbers are confirming, comments remove the sting of loneliness and now awards appear.  Awards encourage new and seasoned writers alike.

Dear Friend Jingle, as I commented before, thank you for being Master Weaver of our crew and for keeping the thread of unity vital and fresh.

The YOU ROCK! Award is passed on to :

Athena Grace who writes with raw authenticity as she shares her life’s goal to grasp that indelible and customized buddyship with God – whomever God may be.  One thing for certain, I’m following her blog because if anyone finds God, it’s going to be my beloved, adorable and Love-filled friend at

Granny1947 who overcomes the bombshells that land on her life with humour, wit and a streak of quiet dignity. (Bet you thought I didn’t see that, Granny!)  In the few months that I have been following Granny, she has overcome almost every problem that a person could face in life: at work, in traffic, on the beach, on the Internet, with family and with one determined canine named Jasmine.   She’s teaching me some South African sayings that I’m not sure I am supposed to repeat:

Michael J. who swung by my blog on one of its earliest posts.  I was able to see that Michael J., once a courtroom lawyer as well as a journalist, not only has a brilliance with phraseology, he has the heart of a Lover.  He champions new people and encouraged me with a blogger’s sweetness that could make a flame blush.  Michael J., I know you are practicing silence right now, but I know that we are going to be richer for the growth that is brewing in your spiritual path right now.  You are my love and I know you know:

Nancy who can pull off more posts in a week than I do in a month.  This woman relocated to Florida after putting the legal profession to bed in other climes.  (Good grief, I’m talking about a lawyer.  I better watch what expressions I use.)  We commiserated over stress in the workplace and agreed it is great being a LightWorker.  Nancy also encouraged with words and consistency – pure inclusivity.  (Look that one up, Nance.)  She is a word puzzle fanatic and I don’t even want to hear how fast she could complete a Challenger Sudoku:

My next awards are in recognition of Excellence: 

Naomi at Naomi’s Notes,

Cin at The Only Cin,

Jamie at Musing by Moonlight

Amanda at Buttercup 600


I pass on the Friendship Award:

All That Matters

Healing 4 Tomorrow

Mel’s Dream

Soul Strand

Turtle Memoirs

My Spirit Guides are reminding me that I could hand out Awards to all those with whom I engage.

I would have a valid reason for each blog, each style, each unique person.

And now, my Writing Purpose is calling.

First, Meditation.

40 thoughts on “The Agony and the Ecstasy of “Paying It Up”

  1. Thank you, Soul Dipper!

    I accept the “You Rock” award with delight ~ it’s posted on my sidebar with a link straight back here! Later today, I shall pass it forward to some deserving bloggers.

    BTW: I love Sudoku. : )

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  3. And I am so late…it’s Sunday morning here in Australia and how wonderful of you to think and mention me my dear friend…great minds must think alike!! It is such a delight to have you in my life, I thank you from the heart. Much love xx

    • You certainly are correct about that. I think it’s marvelous how blogging does remove some of the loneliness from writing. We seem to build our little core unit of bloggers and that feels good.

    • You are very welcome…and Jingle, I hope I responded appropriately. My goal is to let people know, through comments, how or when their work appeals to me. It will be fun to add an award to that once in a while as validation.

  4. I’m honoured, Amy…thank you so much! Also for sharing these wonderful awards with your beautiful blogging friends, some of whom I have yet to meet…what a great introduction! Soul Dipper, our super connector 🙂

  5. What a great, affirming, positive idea and what a special group of folks. I’m happy to be on the periphery. I’ve hardly had time to keep up with reading, let alone commenting, but know that I so appreciate you and Michael j. He was the first, and you were the second to welcome me. I was so surprised (I thought I was just talking to myself) and am so grateful for your presence!

  6. Blush! I can’t believe I missed this one! It’s like if Leonardo Di Caprio slept through the Academy Awards and someone told him six months later that he had won an Oscar… How embarrassing!

    Well, thank you Amy!

    Of course, I’d like to thank God… for blessing me with this strange existence and this insatiable thirst for Truth. And for Souldipper and the galactic strain of Love which is her Native Tongue, Mother Country, and Gift to Humanity.

    May we ALL Love with such courage, commitment and veracity!


    ~Athena Grace

    • And my blessed little blogging buddy is riding the clouds to Kauai today. Oh man, when you get that shack together on the beach, put down a bed of boughs for guests. I may have to escape the ravages of monotony or the predictability of daily ablutions. First, though, I do have to remind the Universe that I am a very wealthy person in coin as well as friends. I keep forgetting to put the $ sign in my mutterance of gratitude. How can I miss you so much when we are not one gigabyte further away from one another?

    • Hi Michael J, I am having some technical problems with the Awards article. Very weird. So I responded (and explained) the problem to you on your post: Thank you for being willing to come out of “quiet” and give the alert. I just re-read the post while I was there and as I said, you could make a flame blush.

  7. What an honor to be thought of by you, Souldipper in this way. It is a boost to my confidence and a boost to my heart. As one of your fellow Soul Journers, late night chat buddy, and spiritual student, you mean the world (no, universe) to me. Love you much.

    • Thank the Universe, God, and all our Guides (they’re all in on this in some way) that we are living a two way street. Your love of healing, whether with your hands, words or heart, ever shows during the times we can be with one another.

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