Bountiful Through Brokenness

Inspired by The Red Dress challenge: write about a broken inanimate object.

Sower of Story

Through the bounty of your life’s crop,

I inherited your wisdom.

You humble artist of seed and sod,

whose soul hosts heroes

from all lands.

Your DNA feeds stories of fickleness and famine,

of flourish and forever.

I carry them, wrapped in a carefully taped heart,

fragile freight

from one land to another.

“Don’t take that one!  It’s cracked.”

the artist protested.

“There is only one

and the world will not wait for me.”

I bundled you and ran.

You traveled safely.

Your likeness

fell fate to the swift,



of a cleaner’s obsession.

Soul intact.

31 thoughts on “Bountiful Through Brokenness

    • Thank you Jingle, for these awards. It’s such an honour to receive your recognition and to share it with such talented people. Wow, we certainly are richer for having found each other. And you! You certainly are the magical weaver who ‘woofs and warps’ our threads of unity. I’ll gladly share these!

    • Thanks a bunch. Glad to see you survived your first week back. Longgggg weeeeekend! By the way, I am going to be sending an award your way. I have a number to give out and to maintain my ‘purpose’, I will have to do them intermittently – between posts. But I want you to know that I do have one for you, my friend.

  1. Why do I have visions of a Humpty Dumpty falling off a wall? Is my soul shattering into as many pieces as this work of art you have fashioned?

    The words tell only part of this story. It’s the heart that brings it all together, and makes it come alive in your beautiful hands.

  2. A lovely poem and tribute. What the artist caught in that model’s face is amazing, as is your capture of the story of coming into the piece’s possession.

    “Don’t take that one! It’s cracked.”

    the artist protested….

    I think I would have run with it too. 🙂

    And soul intact – indeed.

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