The Bishop Wears Italian Leather

The elderly Bishop hovered.  His unspoken message fueled his fidgety behaviour.

Typically one who commanded respect, today, due to his nervousness, the Bishop only stirred my curiosity and left me with a lowered degree of reverence.  He was not robed.  His attire suggested he would soon join a family barbecue as the revered patriarch.

I waited between two of the numerous beds that lined each wall of the long dormitory.  Was I about to be lectured?

Finally, I broke the silence, “What is it you wanted to discuss with me, Most Reverend?”   Was that the correct way to address a Bishop?

He came over to the bed nearest me and sat on the opposite edge.  He untied his shoes, took them off, and gave them a light toss.  He propped pillows against the headboard, crawled onto the bed and leaned against them.  He patted a spot beside himself.

“You want me to climb onto the bed with you?”  I asked incredulously.

“Yes, please.  We can talk better this way.  Come sit beside me.”  He held out his arm in welcome.

I slipped off my shoes and sidled in beside him.  He drew me closer, as a grandfather would his granddaughter, “What have you been doing today?”

“I’ve been working.”  What a silly question, I thought.  He knows where I work.  What if someone walks into the dorm?  Why am I sitting on the bed, cuddled into the Bishop?  With no shoes on.

He continued, “It’s too nice outside to be working.  It may be better to be doing what you really enjoy.”

“Well, yes, but I have responsibilities.”  In spite of the mindless discussion, I loved being held.  The warmth and comfort of being beside him removed layers of life’s weightiness.

The silence resumed.  I grew uncomfortable, “I have to get back to work.”

I slid off the bed and searched for his shoes.  As I collected them, I was amazed at the softness of the leather, its rich texture and unique pattern.  Each shoe bore the lightness of an ear of corn.  I wondered how many widows had to bring forth their last mite in order to make certain their Bishop could wear hand made, Italian designed, kid leather shoes of such beauty and quality.

He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and reached for his shoes.  I opened the laces.  I discovered layers of accordion-folded leather that fanned out abundantly  Put back in place, they eliminated the need for a tongue.  He slipped them on and tied them with ease.

He rose and walked toward the door, straightening his attire.  He had just stepped outside when I rushed to the door and said, “Did you ask the question you really wanted to ask, Most Reverend?”

He turned.  “No.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t.”

“You wanted to know about my soul, didn’t you?  You are worried about my soul.”

“A few of us are worried about you.  You are too concerned that your ember has been neglected and is waning.”

Suddenly, like a burst of light, I understood.  He was correct.  Clarity flooded my brain.  “Kim sent you, right?”

“Yes, Kim sent me.”  His relief highlighted his statement.  He reached for me.

I ran into his arms.   He enveloped me as I melted into him.  I wept from a new depth.  Blessed relief.

Love washed over me like salve on a burn; it was a Love of purity, transformation, and power.  Its fiery penetration melted my knees; they gave way as I gave way to joy.

Soul Dipper's View at 3:16 a.m.

Suddenly awake, I looked through the darkness at the clock: 3:16 a.m.

So my Guides, thank you for the reassurance that you tolerate my absences.  You know, however, that the absence of meditation does not mean an absence from you.

We are in full knowledge of your ability to be with us while conducting yourself as a physical being.  Because of this capability, you are asked to write.

Yes, I feel your gentle nudges continuously.   I know you want to address the dream I had.

It is a rich and abundant dream about your concern.

I was hoping for some clarification.  Was it confirmation that my spiritual ember is dimming?

During the time that you were preoccupied with your social responsibilities and pleasures, you were not focusing on your spiritual condition the the same extent you usually do.  This is the first time, since writing daily, that you have had to concern yourself about diversions and long pauses.

That’s true.  I did wonder if my lack of usual connection with you would mean that I lose you.  Silly, but it was a real fear.

Look what happened each time you made a quick connection with us.

I sensed you instantly.  There was no time that I could not ‘hear’ your reassurances.  But, again, doubt creeps in when contact is lessened.    That’s why I prayed and asked for reassurance.  I also wanted confirmation again that you are “of God”.

We are the Ra Group and we are, and ever have been, messengers and workers whose mandate comes directly from the Ever Loving Source.  The dream was to reassure you.

The dream, being so vivid and real, left me feeling confused.  I have two significant Kims in my life.  At first I thought it was the retired Anglican Rector with whom I loved chatting. That caused me to wonder if there was a major concern over my not attending church any more.  Then when I was talking with Soul Journer Kadian about the dream, it dawned on me that it was the other Kim, my Spirit Guide “mother”.  She loves me so much that she willingly incarnated into this life as my little pup, Scamp, when I was about four.  Scamp never left my side until the day a speeding driver  killed him.  But Anslie MacLeod, the psychic who wrote “The Instruction” was the first to tell me that Kim has been very instrumental throughout many of my lifetimes.  She is devoted to making certain that I receive the love I need in order to fulfill my Soul’s true purpose.

Kim is from the Causal Plane.  She initiated the Bishop spirit.  She wanted you to feel Love and not be concerned.  She wanted you to remember that Love is your Soul’s fuel.  Love is your spiritual fingerprint, DNA and blood.  Your soul is so full of the Love from the All Knowing, or as you like to say, The Beloved, that it cannot be contained.  We celebrate your will and determination to dole it out in bucketfuls, Soul Dipper.

When you doubt or appear to need validation, Kim wants to be the one to bring reassurance to you.  We are highly pleased to co-opt with Kim on these missions.

I am so grateful for her. Her Love wraps me in Holy Beneficence.   What was the significance of the shoes?

The Bishop spirit was taken aback when he encountered your soul. When he encountered its loving state and status, he hesitated broaching the subject with you.  He was reassessing his commission.  Since he was not approaching the subject matter as commissioned, it was necessary to bring in some form of distraction that would allow you to disqualify the exchange.

You mean he wasn’t doing the job so I needed a reason to judge him?

Not to judge him, but to deem the dream a ‘disconnect’, as forgettable.  However, your Soul was not prepared to waste an opportunity to serve you.  Your Soul prompted you to get to the crux of the visit.

I was so miffed at the expense of those shoes.   Suddenly, he was just another big ego.  Thankfully, my Soul intervened because the Love that I felt at the end of the dream was unbelievable.  It was almost too much.   I could hardly contain it.

It is that Love in your Soul that the Bishop saw.  Can you understand now why he was perplexed?  How could a Soul so full of Love and Beauty be in need of his assurances?  He was overwhelmed.

He did the perfect thing.  He held me.  I so appreciated being held.

We understand.  Please remember…you, and all others, can be held in that precise manner at anytime.  Just ask.  Please ask.  All of you will be filled with the Love and Beauty your Soul desires.

24 thoughts on “The Bishop Wears Italian Leather

  1. Amy, a few days ago while going through a tough time, I so needed someone to hold me. I didn’t think to ask the universe to do that for me. So, tell your guides thank you for REMINDING us that when we need a hug all we have to do is ask the universe.

  2. how many more lifetimes do i need to hear the guides talk to me? i am basically lazy; i still dont meditate. i can find a thousand reason why i dont have the time.

    the only thing that has become crystal clear to me recently is that i have been animal involved all my life. there is no amount of time that an animal hasnt been in it. even my original dream to be a vet was fromthat reasoning.

    oh well, im priveledged to know some very illightened beings like “the 7” who make meyearn to be like them in their search for truth.


    • I’m not surprised to hear you say that – in light of the issues around religious figures misbehaving. No, there was not even a suspicion of that in my dream. My dread was that I was about to get a religious lecture. If I use Carl Jung’s approach to dream interpretation, the Bishop was a facet of my personality. Yike!

    • The reassurance was slow. For a while, I was diverted by the fact that an elderly Bishop was haunting me. What a beautiful Latin (I believe) phrase – In Somnis Veritas. It’s feels great saying it. I assume you studied Latin. My mother did and loved it.

    • I studied very little latin (other than legal expressions, like habeas corpus, alibi, corpus delecti, etc.). But I know a sprinkling of latin phrases:

      In vino veritas ~ In wine, truth.
      In somnis veritas ~ In dreams, truth.
      Carpe diem ~ sieze the day

      Now, you’ve got me wondering what other latin I’ve picked up over the years. : )

  3. In the beginning I was concerned about where the story was going and thought it would be sad and painful. In the end it turned out not just to be beautiful written but an expression of beautiful spirit. A gift. Thank you!

        • See? There you go again…hitting on the very point that gives me the biggest hesitation. I can hear my friends cheer over your request to include the dialogue. They had to put up with my whingeing and whining reluctance to put it out there in the first place. Though much less with time, I still have moments of “oh pshaw”. However, I will continue to share my skinless saints. Though I like to think I am in control, they would not have it otherwise.

  4. Wonderful to read of you being held in the arms of love, exactly where you belong 🙂 Thank you for including that stunning image of your breath-taking view. Reminds me so of my last Cape Town appartment (close to 12 Apostles, only a lot higher up Camps Bay’s hillside). Enjoy it!!

    • When I was in Cape Town, I found myself seeing similarity and familiarity to my Canadian West Coast environs. That huge storm on our first night in Cape Town was very harsh and costly to some, but not scary to me. It was like storms on the west coast of Vancouver Island where we love to be in it while safely on land.

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