A Perfect Guest Does Exist

Friend Harvey arrived from our neighbouring country and Duc-the-Rat-Cat went hunting.

Someone told me that male positioning tactics cross the line from human to animal and back again.  Proof has been presented a number of times over the years, but I thought dignified Duc would not indulge in such matters.

Harv and I enjoyed a very tasty and wholesome dinner, took a walk to aid the digestion, and settled in for a little computer comparison chat.  Actually we were comparing computer games.  He did not believe that I could acquire scores over 300,000 in Bejewelled.

When he fired up his computer to show me his version, it was clear why he thought I was exaggerating.  His vintage was like driving a Model T Ford after navigating the Autobahn in a Porsche.

Suddenly I heard the cry of a feral-like feline bragging about his kill.  A full-mouthed announcement.  I dashed to the open door in case there was a plan to bring the morsel across the threshhold.  I hit the switch for the outside light.

There it was.  The “here’s-proof-that-I’m-mightier-than-you” bounty lay at Duc’s feet.  Dead.  “Burrwwwow” said this proud, fully de-wormed, freshly de-flea-ed, supposedly domestic creature.

The adult grey rat with the broken neck, and not a speck of blood or wounding, was either tremendously overfed or  very pregnant.  “Ewwwww.  Oh my gawd, Duc.  Why do you have to do this?”

Pray, Top this Prey

Duc jumped onto his cushion in the carport, curled up comfortably and began cleaning himself.  There was no intention of eating the beastly creature that was undergoing rigor mortis safely distant from my feet.

Harvey came to the rescue.  Using a outdoor broom and a small shovel, he swept the body onto the shovel.

As Harvey carried Duc’s capture to its final rest in a wildly overgrown ditch, I looked over at Duc.  With paws hanging over the edge of his throne, he rested his chin on the left one.  The right paw was stretched out as though it would receive a shake of congratulations.  ‘What is different about his eyes?’ I wondered.

Whereas his eyes would normally have been blinking sleepily and serenely while perched on that cushion, at that moment both were open with pupils extended.  He was watching Harvey’s every move.

The expression was undeniable, “Well?  Top that.”

It’s not certain, Spirit Guides, whether or not I can shut out the world today and just be with you.

Having an opportunity to change your routine will be worthwhile.  We are pleased that you test whether you are entrenched in or locked into routine.  Take advantage of being with a friend who is so genuinely willing to give you the time and space to fulfill your personal commitments and yet enjoy the aspects of your life that give you such great pleasure.

It’s especially great that Harv and I can so readily accommodate each others’ independence while sharing the same living quarters.  Harvey loves being able to stay self contained.  Truth is, I really understand.  So here I am, able to remain true to my discipline, and know that he is as content as can be doing whatever he wants to do.

Are you going to check on him and see what he’s doing?

A Friend Even More Independent Than Me

I’ll take my camera and see if I can catch a glimpse of Harvey being Harvey.  I’ll share it here.  Then I’m going to take him on a walk down memory lane.  He hasn’t been back here for seven years.  Lots of change – some that he generously helped into being – so he’ll enjoy the soulful snoop.  What an easy guest.  It helps that I love this authentically good and decent human being because we talk about everything.  Everything’s fair game for us.

Enjoy.  We’re here always.

23 thoughts on “A Perfect Guest Does Exist

  1. We only let Tigger outside on a leash . . . with us at the other end of it. This prevents him from:

    (1) getting squashed in the road, or into battles beyond his capability; and

    (2) becoming the victor (in battles with mice, birds, rats, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, frogs, toads, and lizards), and being tempted to bring home the spoils. ; )

    He often sleeps with right paw extended ~ a trait I find charming.

    Harvey the Houseguest sounds wonderful. Enjoy his visit.

  2. Ain’t it great to be able to “open up” and not feel condemnation or shock from another person? That’s what I call a true friend. Like Harvey, from what you tell us about him.

    Now, that cat that bats a rat is something else!

    michael j
    gotta love all God’s creatures, Great and small.

  3. My kinda of visitor–one who adds to my already structured (and sometimes INSANE) world and brings TO it.

    What a deal!

    Now, the rat bearing cat…..notsomuch of a deal. LOL Bless Harv for taking care of that one before returning to his ‘space’.

    • Your description of Harvey is very apt, Mel. I had not thought of his “being” in that manner, but that is bang on. He truly lives a giving attitude and life. I keep watching him so I can be like him.

      Yeah, now about Duc le Rat Cat…his kind of giving means I have to be at least 75% feline to “get it”. He simply will not give up on me. 🙂

  4. Ah, what a cat!! The perfect mate for Jina…mind you, they could get into some serious competition 🙂

    As proof of how challenging the puppies are for her, Jina hasn’t hunted once since their arrival 😦 Much as ‘presents’ aren’t pretty, I miss them for her sake, and hope she’ll resume her heathen ways soon.

    As for Harvey, he looks like a keeper – that rooftop tent would do well in Botswana with us!!

    • I just told Harv that you would like the Flip Pac truck that is his ‘rooftop tent’. He says it would be perfect for Botswana because it runs on Diesel (good mileage) and can go anywhere. Only thing, he added, he goes with the truck. Knowing Harv, he’d give Dave and you the queensize bed and he’d sleep in the back seat of the truck. Look at the video of these neat little units: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1tGmVzDf8w The shell cost Harv $3600.00. Then you just add the little mod cons in the back. But Harv has also taught me about Female Pee Bottles! Did you know about them? Great for midnight relief in the wilds!

      Jina, I trust, will reclaim her turf once the wee canines mellow out a bit. She’ll have them in line. Animals work these things out very well. She’s just diverted right now and working out a strategy. (((Jina)))

  5. Very funky units, Amy, and diesel…even better! this is sounding like a plan, but not to worry, we wouldn’t dream of ousting Harv from his queensize bed! And no, I haven’t heard about the FPB’s – only little cardboard shute thingies that I couldn’t bring myself to try. The bottles sound brilliant, though…I’ll have to look up on the net!!

    Jina purrs a thank you for the hug – she’s just rubbed against me while waltzing over the keyboard. Puppies have been put out to bed, so this is our special time. Better go give her some undivided attention 🙂

  6. What a glorious cat you have! He’s beautiful. NIce that your friend could relieve you of his ‘gift’ — I can’t have cats anymore due to allergies — but I have many fond memories of the silly things they’d often do. My first cat was named Pinto — because I wanted a horse, of course!

    • Duc roams as I write. Who knows the gift I’ll find on my front door step. Am wondering if you have survived the return to work with grace or with claw marks on your pillow.

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