I’m Not Getting Out of Bed until I KNOW I’m a Writer

Messages have been arriving from every direction.  Repetition threads throughout numerous mediums verifying that we are indeed experiencing the predicted upsurge of energy.  Not only is this Transformation adjusting thoughts, hearts and souls, we’re feeling it in our bodies.  The symptoms that people are reporting make hypochondria look like a par three course.

Have you been noticing yourself aching more?  Dizziness?  Headaches that are not typical?  Joint pain?  Sore throats, more allergies, sinus sensitivities, upset stomach, tinnitus…?

These conditions have been well predicted, along with mention of all the invisible, “inside” readjustments.  And we are all experiencing the same mighty dosage.  It’s our individual choice:  Do we accept this powerful gift and make a change to our life or do we ignore all the validations that crop up like divots on Amateur Day at the golf course?  Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were zapped just like the rest of us and look what is coming out of that Divine Hole In One.

Monday Morning Me, Me, Me

How has it been affecting me?  My stomach burned as though I’d been drinking battery acid.  The pressure in my head increased to an irritating level which meant that my tinnitus sounded like it was performing solos on most of the instruments in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.  The kettle drums are hardly sweet at 11:15 p.m.

Then came Monday morning.  Besides feeling like I’d just completed a full day’s fitness program after a year of inactivity, my soul felt like my life’s purpose slipped off its pulpit.  It disappeared.  What was the point in writing?  Why wasn’t I doing something worthwhile like causing an implosion in our government?  Or convincing countries that war is such a passe, uncivilized, ego-driven, bag of ineffectiveness.  Or sending Dr. Phil overseas so he could stand at the podium and shout to the warring countries, “How’s it workin’ so far?”

Writing?  Talking to my Guides?  I pulled the covers over my head and tried to ignore my hunger pangs.

Okay, Guides, you know what happened next.  I am asking you to forgive my loss of faith, but I hit an uncomfortable bottom.

The joy we experience in your bottoms.  It is like being brought to earth in a thunderstorm.  It is a highly colourful and pivotal ride that we know is only temporary.

Well, I’m glad you find joy in it.  It’s not much fun from this side of the Universal Coin.

Once you left your bed, you discovered you had boundless energy.  You tackled numerous chores.

Energy?  You are being kind.  It was frustration and discouragement.

When you turned on your computer, you discovered you were not the only one having bouts of self doubt and a loss of faith.

Something incredible happened.  I still haven’t figured it out.  Suddenly I was discovering all these other bloggers, people with fascinating writing styles, creative presentation, intriguing topics.  And a number of them were having a similar tough time.  I was amazed.

As I explored their posts and discovered their talent, I was also finding supportive, loving, and unique comments that they were receiving from friends and other readers.  Those comments were exactly what I needed to hear.

My appreciation for this massive blogging world exploded.  My gratitude began to overtake the gloom that made me want to stay in bed.  Suddenly I saw the web of love that connects all of us into a ball of Divine Oneness that you keep telling us about.  I had been watching for some dramatic event that would splay and knot loving kindness.  Instead I find this gentle, quiet, powerful network of Love.  Strangers sincerely caring for each other.

Our Infinite Creator works powerfully through steadiness and stillness.  Chaos is left to those who appreciate it.  The healing power that is quietly transforming souls affected all of you.  You are noticing new thoughts, new desires, new responses within yourselves that are seemingly popping up without effort.    All of you are candidates for experiencing this same process.  Some are more aware than others.  The Love that is being given to all of you, directly from the Source, is concentrated and pure.  It is going to outlast any concept of time that you live by.  If we could describe the effect that is still undetected by earth souls, we would be giving you a vision of such glory that you would wonder how you can possibly wait to be a part of it.  Let us assure you, every soul who wants to be a part of this existence can be fully aware and fully participating in a Love environment that you are not yet able to fully conceive.

The drawing together of the people with whom you connected in the past couple of days is not a coincidence.

I suspected that.  I suspect that all of those people have a highly meaningful purpose.  That shines through their words, attitudes and the types of material they are sharing with others – in their comments and their posts.  While I was encountering these talented people, I remembered being told my role is “spirit builder”.  Some spirit builder.  Their goodness was the spirit builder on Monday, not mine.

You did contribute.  It is important to recognize the importance of every role in this type of encounter.  You did nothing more than connect with these companion souls, yet you found yourself restored to the state needed for giving Love.  This process is perfectly designed.  It unfolds as souls become willing.  This is the true essence of the Transformation.  This very fine example will vary by degree as this energy manifests in other situations, but it will all ultimately carry the same magnitude, no matter its size or nature.

So, my Guides, you are saying again, that our role is to simply keep connecting with others and take every opportunity to give Love.  Even if it is a story we tell that reminds others of Love?

Prepare to Sail, Scribes

Write, tell, speak, give and receive Love.  Let it be the natural outfall of the same Love given to you by the Infinite Source.  You will recognize authentic intimacy and significance, no matter how big or small.  Tell others about it in whatever manner your creativity provides.  This message is for one and all.  However, at this time we are focussing on the story tellers.  It is our desire that you recognize and remember the significance, the wonder and the value of story telling and its transitional powers.

Thank you so much.  Who else would tell us that our role is important?  I hope everyone sees the importance of their contribution in telling a story, but I especially hope discouraged writers rethink their purpose.  As we flounder, so can we sail as long as we have each other to help with the lines of our sails.

As hearts open, so come the Divine ocean breezes.  Sail on, sweet scribes, and let the stories unfurl.  Hold back no tale.

I think you are wannabe writers, my creative Guides.

We mentioned before that we adjust our communication according to our transmission device.

This transmission device invites you to stick around for the next doldrums, please.

Our love keeps us ever with you.  Even a writer’s thunderstorm won’t break the connection.

22 thoughts on “I’m Not Getting Out of Bed until I KNOW I’m a Writer

  1. Being on this blogosphere has been one of the best things I have done recently because of all the wonderful people I have come across. When I hit rock bottom on Monday, they were there to give me advice. A truly wonderful thing. So if you feel down, just remember everyone here will bring you up 🙂

    • And isn’t it just like the Universe to use your “rock bottom” to lift so many of the rest of us up. Encouraging another helps oneself even though our motives are clean.

  2. Amy,

    Now I know why I was down and out of it the last few days. I needed a little rejuvination.

    Thank you Guides for “telling it lik it is.” Gives me more incentive to go back within.

    michael j

  3. Yes! I confessed to one of my critique mates that I felt tired, overwhelmed and so distanced from any kind of identity as a writer that I feared getting together with her would only make me feel worse. She staged a one-woman intervention, filled with staccato bursts of activity designed to put me in writer-like motion. Her show of caring support was enough to inspire me to take back the reins of my life. I’m not exactly burning up the pages with wordcount, but I’ve found a new equilibrium, and enough passion to make it worth getting out of bed. Crazy times, girlfriend. We gotta stick together.

    • You are 100% correct. We do ‘gotta stick together’! And we will. I had fun going through some of your posts tonight. You make me think about stuff that I love thinking about. – Amy

    • Thanks for acknowledging my photo, Naomi. At the time of the shot, I was walking with my friend Susan who would not permit a picture that included her. When she saw my blog, she wrote, “Loved the photo in your blog….how you captured that atmosphere is a mystery to me…I didn’t sense what I saw in the photo……talent or what?” What a compliment from a highly creative woman whose husband is the Andrew Wyeth of Canada.

      • Wow! I finally found the time to check out Andrew Wyeth’s work. It’s stunning! Although already certain this was compliment indeed, I now get the full picture. Keep up the great work, Amy!! 🙂

  4. Amy, Thank you so much for this post. Your reach extended to me through another blogger and of course it had synchronistic timing, because I too have been in the doldrums, chastizing myself and even commenting to my husband that if I was getting paid for timely writing, I would be fired. But as you so beautifully stated, “As hearts open, so come the Divine ocean breezes.” Thank you for fanning them my way, for “The Butterfly Effect” does exist, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. Peace and Love to you.

    • Hi Carol, I just visited you, too, and I’m glad you are not letting up on the unrelenting need to express all the good stuff that you have to say. Exposure is not easy, but intimacy cannot come without it. I’m not sure how else we share love. – Amy

    • I’m pulling for you in the publishing push! Like your advice for handling rejections: Keep Writing! And the photographs of your rainforest look a lot like my home turf in Western Coastal Canada. Great way to live, isn’t it?

  5. Amy,
    I love how you have written here. And it is also something I both very much believe on the one hand, and on the other – have moments where I wonder what’s the purpose.

    Today…as I read here…I am very much reminded of that purpose…and what a story can do…especially when written with love…

    ….which you do so beautifully…

  6. ‘Write, tell, speak, give and receive Love.’ – this is what I’ve started to do after feeling the need to write about ‘love’.

    Actually, I’m just starting to ‘get’ what real love is and hopefully my limited perspective can be expanded some more as I write and learn about it at the same time.

    And one thing I appreciate the most from blogging aside from having a platform to express my thoughts and feelings is meeting really nice and caring people/bloggers who I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

    I’m learning a lot from your blog, Amy. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Earthianne. Love is certainly a life study. Love provides an endless supply of material to write about! If we ever run out of “how to”, we can always find “how not to” material! 🙂 But why focus on the negative…

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