Intimacy- An Endangered Condition

Loneliness is not overcome simply by being with other people.  Or being connected to other people.

Putting ourselves in the mileau of  the masses does not cure the ache of feeling unloved.  Grabbing one of the latest communication devices or heading to a place where you can catch people’s attention like velcro in a lint storm are just distractions.  They give  temporary relief from the gnawing sense of being unloved, or unlovable, but it’s just a temporary fix.  Loneliness will predictably resume its clutches without the antidote of intimacy.

I remember being terribly lonely in marriage.  It was a double whammy.  Not only did I long for that soul intimacy with a male, I felt it would be unfaithful if I did communicate with another man using that level or brand of intimacy.  I’m not talking about sex.  I knew that sex would not bring intimacy.

But I knew intimacy certainly brought good sex.  Intimacy in an incredible aphrodisiac.

Thankfully I didn’t have to indulge in any two-timing activity.   I kept a generous number of incredible women friends with whom I could fall into intimate conversation immediately upon impact.

These soulful women friends inadvertently taught me that loneliness simply needs a healthy dose of intimacy.  That’s the antidote.  Intimacy is to loneliness what light is to a dark room.  Attempting to fill the intimacy gap by simply connecting to others is like moving to a different room without a match.  It’s just another dark room.

Sharing Intimacy and a Great View during a Walk with A Good Friend

When we find that soul, male or female, who knows about sharing intimacy, the match is struck.  The dark is transformed instantly.

And so, my Beloved Intimates, now for your wise input.

There may be some confusion about how to be intimate.  How do you know when you are on the receiving end of intimacy?  Or when you are in a state of intimacy?

That is a unique question, My Guides.  (Pause.)  It’s when we are communing at a level where we are able to demonstrate a deep, unspoken understanding of each other. I will probably have more to say, but can we start with that?

That’s an impressive beginning.  Thank you.  So do you find you can be intimate with a stranger?

By all means.  And I love those times when a conversation goes so deep so quickly that both of us forget to be inhibited.

What do you mean by “deep”?

May I give an example?

We would be delighted if you would.  Remember the value of stories.

At our Market, a young woman was selling her pottery.  She had a number of pieces marked down on a separate table.  A small, very elderly, man stood beside me as we both carefully perused the sale table.  The pieces were exquisite and unique, far more interesting than the regular pieces.  Both silent, we mutually marveled over the sale items and glanced comparatively at the regular stock.  I could tell it did not make sense to either of us.

Finally I had to ask the potter, “Why are these pieces on sale?”

“They’re seconds.  I probably shouldn’t have brought them,” she said, demonstrably embarrassed.  She explained that they defied either the oven or her hand, resulting in a state of ‘different-dom’.  They didn’t belong to any set, she concluded.

The wizened old gentleman and I suddenly looked at each other in a conspiracy of soul.  His worn-blue eyes sparkled with impish delight, “This woman is God”, he said with a New York accent.  “She’s made gloriously flawed pieces of beauty – just like you and me!”

I hugged his cane-free left arm and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Second.”

Could you have had that same exchange with a friend?

Yes.  I have many of those types of exchanges with friends.

So how did this stranger know that he could share that depth of soul with you?

Maybe he read my energy.  Maybe he didn’t.  Maybe he took a chance.  Maybe he did what I do with the women I mentor…he “put it out there” to see if the concept would be recognized for what it was.  At the very worst, if I had not been thoroughly and joyfully engaged with what he was saying, he simply would have been a memorably nice, little, old man.

And instead, he hit on a soul that embraced his.

Obviously he embraced mine, too.  That happened about twenty years ago and its effects are as fresh as the seconds on that table!

And on the subject of young people and intimacy, you have expressed concern about them possibly missing out on this type of intimacy.  You see them with plugged in, turned on, racing by, drinking in, smoking up and party hard lifestyles.  We recognize that your concern is really about them missing out on the love that lives in intimacy.   You want them to experience it.

It crosses my mind frequently.  There was a professor, from the States, interviewed on our Canadian Broadcasting Corporation who addressed many of the same concerns.  Will the constant bombardment of input on their senses cut off their ability to develop their intuitive skills?  Will they be able to learn about energy?   Will they know that those times of piercing loneliness require nothing more than their courage to reach out and into the soul of another?

You know we are the Ra Soul Group.  You know that we have existed over all of what you consider ‘time’.  You are aware that since the beginning of this planet’s existence, we have been loving humans through stages and conditions of existence.  We have been instrumental in feeding Love, directly from the Source, to all circumstances where it is accepted.  We have been with you in ways that certainly fall within your definition of intimacy and far beyond.

We have been called upon by the Source to provide all that has been needed for the great Masters to give to this world, according to what could be accepted by the masses at that time.  This, as you know, includes Jesus the Christ.  The depth and stages of the loneliness those Masters could have experienced was overridden by the support from the All Knowing and All Loving Source.  Besides the Masters, we joyfully come to the assistance of all have ask for help.

Having fulfilled this Work for The Divine Intimate, why would we not also take care of your concern?  Is this not a prayer?  Each time you have felt concern over the possibility of young people suffering due to a lack of intimacy or love, we have responded.

Yesterday, you gave me Dale, didn’t you?

Yes.  She reminded you of the Abraham teachings.  The youth are fulfilling their destinies.  They will emerge through their youthful machinations and gyrations.  You were more evolved than your parents.  What would cause these young people to be less evolved than you?   Also, thank you for noticing the billionaires who are opening their hearts and their wealth to further facilitate people being able to live without poverty neutralizing their love.

Thank you to the Infinite Creator for that shift of consciousness.  What about how youth can hurt parents?  Can that be lessened?  Parenting must be the most hurtful responsibility in existence.

We are with each generation as the evolutionary changes transpire and evolve beyond the former.  We assist all who ask for help.

Thank you.  I will trust that all is under God’s Loving Care.

Take every opportunity to give love and intimacy to a parent – any parent – that you find in your path.  It is a confusing time.  The confusion for both youth and parents is heightened during this transformative period.  Approaches and solutions will be made obvious as this transitional shift unfolds.

Thank you, My Incredible Guides.  You have assured me that we all will seek the intimacy we need at the level we comprehend.

We will continue to be with you. Without end.

20 thoughts on “Intimacy- An Endangered Condition

  1. It’s dangerous to be intimate sometimes. A woman will think I was “hitting” on ’em, and a guy just can’t open up to another guy like women do.

    I find it easier in the spiritual context, where I feel less vulnerable. I have a lot of women friends, Buddhists, HSPs (Highly Sensitve Persons), meditators, New Agers. But, I can only go so far.

    Don’t know if I feel lonely. I go within and find lots of comfort. It puts me in such a great frame of mind I share it with those I come in contact with, and I feel like I’m doing, I don’t know, I want to say “God’s work, but all it is, is an attempt to make others happy and less focused on their problems, their possible sufferings.

    I guess I can be intimate with my son. To a degree.

    Give my best to your Guides. I think you may have a thing or two to show them from our human realm. Thanks, Amy.

    michael j

    • Oh Michael, you remind me how we, as a society, have become so skewed. And I’m so sorry about that. It’s okay to denigrate, chastise, criticise and belittle someone openly and loudly, but God forbid we let another human being know that we find a virtue, trait or feature of theirs admirable and attractive. What have we done!?

      I must be out of sync. When a young man told me – just a while ago – that he loved being around me and listening to my ‘take’ on some issues, I didn’t think he was trying to jump my bones. Or have access to my bank account. Or want to stalk me. I thanked him and told him how much I appreciated the compliment.

      I’ll just keep listening to my intuition and inject the world with doses of intimacy. I’ll even continue to receive a share of it.

      But then, with my Guides, intimacy is a form of breathing.

  2. Thanks, Amy

    Interesting post. We are more “connected” and less intimate than ever before.

    We insulate ourselves from others with our techie toys and find that it doesn’t feed the need for true connection.

    • Exactly Nancy. Now watch the young people show us how to come through this ‘extimacy’ and into intimacy in spite of complete indulgence with techie toys. Like so many coming through as the new generation, they will, I suspect, believe they invented it!

  3. Let’s dream a dream where we are co-queens of the united states, bleeding love between each line and into outer space! Three cheers for AMY!!!!
    Hip Hip Hipity hop hooooray (cubed)
    ~Athena Grace

    • ‘Oh drat! I can’t get my IPod configured and the laptop is leaking data when it’s supposed to be sorting. I’ll have to postpone Love until I get this all under control. Oh, the phone’s ringing. All I need now is to have some human being showing up on my door step asking for something!’

      And then you, Athena Grace, pop up on my screen. In – to – me – you – see! You just helped me let all the rest go! I have some God-given priorities called ‘people’ and I hope to touch base with all the blessings attached.


  4. Yes, I find it strange when we connect like that with a total stranger, sometimes I think it’s because we must be old souls or knew each other before, who knows, whatever it is, it’s a wonderful thing I wish wold happen more often.

  5. Hi Amy, great post. Being lonely and being alone are two of the most misunderstood concepts we humans face. I can’t stand to be lonely; when I am I immediately seek out others to relieve that feeling. However, I often love to be alone — sometimes even with a very dear friend.

    • Back to my prairie life, mom used to say, as we came of age and were panting to get into our own digs, “It’s one thing to learn to live alone, but it is far more important that you learn to live with yourself.” We certainly were endowed with a steady dose of intimacy in my home. Of course, we tried to ignore it as ‘silly mom stuff’. – Amy

  6. I love Intimacy of the Soul!

    I am now very comfortable with myself, love myself and enjoy my own company, learned to love and appreciate my own body and nurture it – but nothing compares with sharing intimacy with another. That is the supreme accomplishment of our condition as Humans, and being in relationships of all kinds is fastest way of spiritual growth.

    Thank you Amy for this wonderful sharing! ♥

    • How well you describe your relationship with yourself and life. What refreshing and authentic maturity, Leila. I just know this is going to be a wonderfully intimate friendship. Welcome to my life.

  7. I understand this exactly and it is most likely because I have always had 2 very profound intimate relationships in my life. My sisters and I have a bond like no other bond I have ever had in the world. And so through the beauty of that, I know intimacy. I know how to look for it. I know how to cultivate it. I know how to cherish it.

    I have it with my husband. Although, and this is no denigration to men, I adore men, but I think there are very few men who really can fathom that sort of level of intimacy. It is much more innate in women, I think.

    I also have been fortunate to have a few spellbinding moments in my life, where I did connect on that level to a complete stranger.

    And one more thing and I’ll stop hijacking your blog, but your subject just enthralls me. I have also had to be very careful in my life. I feel like there are a lot of lonely folks in the world. And these days, with all of the social networking available, I’ve definitely had my share of men, fishing. A sort of open invitation to connect emotionally on a more intimate level and a loud hint that they would like that intimacy to lead to more. I draw the line, because I have been so happily married for all these years and there are just some things that should remain between my man and I. Emotional intimacy is just as sacred to me as the physical part of our relationship.

    • Joann, you can hijack my blog any day. (Good luck with shoehorning any ransom.) May your presence encourage my readers to realize the enjoyment that lies waiting for them in your blog.

      Your integrity puts a lump in my throat. Seriously, I’m blinking back tears. When I recognize purity and goodness (who cares the degree) in another soul, it truly is salve to my soul. Not only can a husband be grateful to have a partner of your caliber, there are three girls benefiting from a role model who has given them a kick-start that will take them well beyond her.

      And Joann, I was told a soul steaming secret. Parents know when they have done their job when they can look at their kids, see that those young people have already evolved beyond the parent and they are just getting started.

      Thank goodness people like you are being exposed to the world at large.

  8. This surely was an article in truth. I chuckled at these words … how true they are: “Parents know when they have done their job when they can look at their kids, see that those young people have already evolved beyond the parent and they are just getting started.” I think that my kid was simply born more spiritually evolved than myself.

    Great article.

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