Life in the Simple Lane

Checking out the flotsam and jetsam in my life’s wake over the past while,  I remember how I used to convert simplicity into a mass of convoluted, complex and complicated non-essentials.  If all the adrenalin wasn’t manifesting with a dominant flare, affecting every aspect of me and others around me, I did not feel alive.

And I thought I had life by the throttle.

That very life rose up and pounced.  It had had enough of me.  It pounded hard enough and long enough to throw a line firmly around my attention. I surrendered when I was so blue in the face that all I could say was, “Help”.

Life Threw a Line

That blue patch was a long, hard stretch for my well-developed, pride-dragging ego.

Then The Work began.  Layers penetrated meant Glory’s release.  Experimenting with new skin, different approaches and disposable masks took years to refine.

And I wasn’t even hard core.  I was a business woman.  I was responsible.  I was a strong, independent, resourceful, intelligent and reliable woman.  Ooops… maybe I was hard core.  But not street-wise hard core.  Just denial-wise hard core.

Thank God for The Work.  Being a Seeker, a Student, a Sponge of Spirituality, the jet boat existence had to be docked at God’s Wharf.  It took a long time to let go of the noisy, whiney, snotty-nosed speedboat, but I undid the line and let it float to God’s Recycling Center.

That’s why I can do an inventory on my life today without agonizing with a knot of anxiety, regret and shame.  All the teachers, mentors, friends and lovers of healing have shown me empowerment, goodness and simplicity.  Those three elements of existence allow me the joy of looking at my wake and not weeping.  Neither the barnacle-covered objects nor the feelings that cling to them like abandoned fish nets have a grip on my soul.  Ever since I stepped off the jet boat of soul-existence and adjusted my sea legs to the land-locked Simple Lane, I have evolved past myself.  It had to be all about me UNTIL I could reach the Simple Lane.  That was my inner Work.  It still is and will be without end.

Good morning, my fabulous Guides.  Boy, the love is sure flowing today.  On my walk this morning, Duc la Chat escorted me to the highway, dragonflies flitted about as I intruded upon their flight path, and Indie-the-gray-dappled-horse and her owner, M***, chatted me through the last leg just before T***greeted me on his way to work on his sail boat.   As T*** bubbled over with joy about his granddaughter’s delight with a tiny kayak, Duc la Chat walked up the road informing me that he’d

Milk? Have you Forgotten?

waited long enough for his morning milk.

If that is too much information about my walk, I apologize.  But I am so grateful for the simple joys that come right out of a big bag of Divine Abundance.

Your gratitude and enthusiasm is contagious.  Do not apologize for the the Divine Love that comes through each of those exchanges.

In the past, I was so coated with self importance and pseudo-esteem, I could not have felt the exchange that takes place in these simple and full-of-awe moments of connecting.

Others feel that radiance whether you share it quietly or with exuberance.  That is the healing Love Energy that is being broadcast to all who will receive it. Even if you are encountering a non-receiver, the proverbial mustard seed will have been planted.

Funny how it is so much stronger on some days.  Today the level gauge must surely read “Robust”.   When I came in to give Duc his milk, I began making my breakfast.  There was one of those giant mosquitoes – the ones that eat small mosquitoes, but don’t bite us.  It needed water so it hung out around my sink.  I tried to make a tiny puddle for it, but scared it away.  Soon, however, it was back, drinking and didn’t budge as I worked closely around it.

Simplicity is vital for living in the realm of the Divine.

Yes…here’s it comes…  BUT!  There is a great deal of complexity in achieving simplicity.

It may feel complex.  The complexity is actually the intricacy of working through the entanglements you have assigned to a simple situation.

Oh yeah.  Like that wonderful line I heard many years ago: “I’m busy pole vaulting over mouse turds.”

The overwhelming love that you are emitting is a concentrated version today.  We do not want to take up time today.  You have chores to do.  Go tend to them, Land Mine Lover.  We know you have people to meet so venture forth and help others wonder what they have stepped on.

Well, thank God they don’t have to work their way through that flotsam and jetsam of my past to reach the Love that sits ready to detonate over a mere smile.

Before you go, about your spiritual jet boat?  It had to be melted down.

I probably thought it was a hot flash.


14 thoughts on “Life in the Simple Lane

  1. Amy,
    I could relate to every word of your post, well, not the smaller details, but the overall feelings of simple vs. complex, configuring your self/Self while doing The Work, and being grateful for the constant support of Divine Love(rs). (And I especially liked the mustard seed message). You expressed it all so well, thank you.
    Maggie B.

  2. “. . . There is a great deal of complexity in achieving simplicity . . .”

    Ain’t it the truth.

    I love your Guides. I melt when reading them, feel like you’re “channeling” them from another reality that only you and your guides share. Feel like I want to take pictures of the two (or three or four) of you discussing life and the simple things that make up the greatness in our living.


    michael j

    • You just go right ahead…pack your camera, buy an airline ticket if you cannot yet teleport yourself, and just arrive. I’ll make sure my Guides throw a party so wear your sunglasses! And don’t bring the goddamn rooster. – Amy

  3. Ah, you mean a Crane Fly, I think. I like them. Thank you for reminding me that it’s important to go forth with all the love radiating regardless of whether those around me are receptive. The mustard seed is planted nonetheless. It’s not my job to control the reception. Detach from outcome. Yes.

    • See how I need you in my life, Kelly? Yes, the Crane Fly. I love that name. As children, we used to call them Granddaddy mosquitoes. Throughout my life, I would gently cup them in my hand and put them outside. One day recently, one stung me. Couldn’t believe it! So I leave them alone and remove their little bodies from the house after their term is finished. Still enjoying your blog immensely. – Amy

  4. Amy, you’re right. I see some similarities in our journeys. Life does have a way of getting our attention, doesn’t it? Sometimes I wish I’d gotten the message a bit sooner, but I’m done with the past and try to live in this moment. It’s really all we have. Every single minute of every day is a gift.

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