Welcome, New Soul Sister

Soul Mates infiltrate my existence.  Thankfully.

They have enriched my life.  Swarming lovingly within and bouncing against my life, they contribute to my overwhelming gratitude.    Males, females, old, young, big and small – all welcome contributors to my soul’s well-being and output.

Last year, my Guides told psychic Ainslie MacLeod that I had to connect with my Soul Mate.  What?  THE soul mate?  Another psychic provided the same direction, adding that this Mate was right under my nose.  Of course, they had no intention of telling me who this person was, but repeatedly stressed an urgency.  The big question:  Was this Soul Mate to be a member of the opposite sex, romantic or otherwise?  OR…someone with whom I could wholeheartedly do the Work of the Transformation?   The latter concept jump started a new sensation – ka-chong.

Ka-Chong my Sister

Nevertheless, I opened myself to the willingness of inviting a relationship of renewed depth into my life.  I even questioned a couple of men about their possibly feeling a similar ‘soul-matedness’ about our friendship.  One, who has been a friend for years, fled into the safety of temporary obscurity.  The other, a long time acquaintance, is very dedicated to, and focused on, his own path.  While there is respect for each others’ spirituality, the ka-chong, the sound of THE soul connection that I know is needed, has been out of ear shot for me.

Meanwhile, a precious, long-term friend, Nelly, who is in a care-giving profession, has told me for years that I needed to meet her friend Cath.  She would mention smidgens and tidbits of Cath’s life that included lots of travel between Britain and Canada, adjudications of some sort in the music/theatrical world and various forms of healing practices.   Cath apparently had incredible stories in her bag of life; even some sort of connection with very famous musicians like the Beatles.  I had no complete concept of this interesting woman or of what she did for a living.

Then yesterday, after finally settling on our island, Cath invited me to her new home for a cup of tea.  KA-CHONG!

Hi my Guides.  What do you want to cover today?

You had quite a visit yesterday.

Yes, I truly met a Soul Sister.  She reflects my Soul.  I look into the realm of her being and I see mine.  And yet, she has so much to teach me.

You will find that there exists a divine balance between the two of you.  You have much to teach each other.  This is not a student/teacher relationship.  This is a balance of respect and love.

If that is the case, it will be a condition that I have long awaited.

It is here.  It is now.  This is the present time that you have been cocooning over.  It is time for you to show yourself that your wings are strong and ready for flight.

True Connection Amplifies Beauty

Wow.  What a delight.  It’s great to know a person like Cath exists right here on my Island.  And she’s just moved here!  She had to hover around us a few times, go and live in other countries, and participate in various studies before she accepted this as her home.  Cath is a Reiki Master who is now doing her Masters in Transpersonal studies.  I know she is an Old Soul and that she has a loving heart.  I sense her integrity and that is backed by a mutual friend of ours, Nelly.  Nelly has repeatedly indicated that Cath is full of integrity.  Nelly ought to know.  She’s spent a great deal of quality time with Cath – over a number of years.

The flight begins and you are definitely ready to begin your Work with her.

Is that a part of The Plan?

The Plan?  Do you mean is this the direction that you will take your purpose?

Okay.  I understand…it’s my initiative and my will.

There is a great deal of purpose to be served with this connection.  You have both been on your individual learning curves and will complement each other with an abundance of Glory; typical of the Infinite Creator.  We celebrate and rejoice with you.  We know that there was confusion about you finding your soul mate.  Many humans fall into the misconception that a soul mate must be a romantic involvement.  When Soul Mates connect, there is a transcendence of the mundane.   Whether the Soul Mate is male or female is of no relevance.  The Soul Mate designation for our Work does not have limitations that worldly desires and wishes incorporate.  Soul Mates brought together for The Work are focused on matters of the Divine.  The many avenues and facets of the expression you will use to fulfill the Work is boundless.

Both Cath and I sense this.  We really did not have to dwell or elaborate on this understanding.  Both of us just know.  When I think of our connection, I envision two vines, entwined at the root, ever branching and reaching out individually with growth, budding and blossoming.

You will both strive to keep the communication lines uncluttered and clear.  You will be the anchor for keeping chaos out of the Work.  Cath will be the one who will keep the flow of encouragement and belief in your ability to do the Work.

Thank you dear Guides.  Now – am I to share this with others?

Just tell your story.  You may welcome a reminder of the power of  stories.

Oh yeah…you are so in tune.  Thank you!  I do forget.  Your loving nudges are phenomenal.  May I learn to be as gentle.

18 thoughts on “Welcome, New Soul Sister

    • Susan, we can always use another Soul Sister…the Transformation needs all the support it can get. But as one of my Soul Journer Sisters, just because a new soul sister exists outside our circle, you don’t get to give up any part of your role! 🙂 We’ll see what the Work is that seems to be resonating in both of us.

    • Who knows where or how our skills are going to be blended and applied. Nothing in a hurry… just letting the Universe unfold. It’s grand having someone of her ilk so accessible for mirroring and discerning. A big cuddle to your new wee pups!

  1. Soul sister
    Go sister, Go sister, Go sister
    Soul sister
    Go sister . . .
    Be my Lady Marmalade

    So, did you have marmalade for tea? : )

    Enjoy the path unfolding.

    • So you know about really having Tea, Nancy! No, instead, I introduced her to refreshing Jicama on a hot summer’s afternoon and she treated with fresh Ginger Spelt cookies. Since I typically stay away from caffeine, it was a treat to have a real cuppa. I am now back to my Yerba Mate, unprocessed and sent from Argentina, out of one of my artful Gourds and Bombillas. Elegance in the midst of supreme nutrition.

    • On New Year’s Day, we would serve afternoon tea for the neighbors, with scones and ginger snaps, and other tasty treats.

      The title of your piece reminded me of the song, Lady Marmalade, and its chorus of Soul Sister, Go Sister . . . .

  2. Hey Sister SOUL SISTA! LOVE IT!!! Lady Marmalade is a favourite of mine!!!
    And on Soul Mates, the beautiful words of Thomas Moore must surely be quoted .. honouring the mysteries of Love and Relationship .. Caring for the Soul .. surely the core work of any Transformation? And, on the elustrious philosopher Ficino, whose central idea is” that friends LIVE in each others hearts. In our letters we are recollecting and conversing with the soul, through both our friends and our selves”

    I am honoured to meet with you Amy. Shivers as I write and read your reflections. And, so glad to be back HOME.

    • Are you The Cath mentioned in the story above? I thought this was a fictional essay I had stumbled upon. Did not know the Divine was working magic in real life.

      Have to stay tuned for more little miracles. Anything can happen when souldipper follows her Guides.Soul mates. Two diviine parts brought together as one. I like that. I like that.

      michael j

      • Interesting, Michael J – your response to Cath came to me…guess we can only respond to other blogs. Anyway, I will copy your message and send it on to Cath. She’ll be delighted. – Amy

    • Okay all you Mama Marmalades!! We’re calling a Lady Marmalade Conference – in Victoria, B.C. Why there? ‘Cause we’re going to rent the Lady Marmalade Restaurant on Johnson Street! The only way any of us can get in is if we bring a Soul Sister and are prepared to introduce her by describing what makes her soul so beautiful. Since reciprocation will not be allowed, do you think we will bring the world?

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