Living without Love

How can anyone live without love?

One soul, Rita Balachandran, is definitely a LOVER.  Rita’s home base is here on my wee Island off the Pacific West Coast.  She has a number of projects that she has undertaken in different countries: Action for God’s Love is the name of her Foundation. She tells me she has so few gifts to offer, but she offers one gift that her God has given her:  LOVE.  She puts her money where her mouth is.  She wrote me from one of the orphanages she built in Kenya in 2007.   The children simply keep streaming in.  I just read an email from her this morning:

“The last 23 girls came from the poorest of the poorest  conditions and believe it or not have given me more smiles than I could ever have imagined. They run to greet me and hang on to me for dear life. At times like this I wish I could wrap my arms around all of them.  On thursday 14 more are coming from the same district, I don’t know in what condition but can only visualize it as I have been to quite a few in that area.”

I wept.

“Feelings are not easy to put on paper. I’m just so very gratefull to the Lord to have given me this

Rita holding one of her Orphans in Kenya

opportunity to bring a smile to some child.
If you ever feel the need to experience this kind of love – feel free to come here any time.  As we say in Kenya ” Karibu Sana” – Hearty welcome!!

Mama Rita”

Okay, my dear Guides, what do we do about this?

As you studied with your Anglican Priest, Sufis believe that the word “Heart” holds a much larger connotation than the one typically used in your society.

Yes, and I feel compelled to re-read that definition:  From our resource material, Living Presence, Kabir Helminski wrote on page 157:  Beyond the limited analytical intellect is a a vast realm of mind that includes psychic and extrasensory abilities; intuition; wisdom; a sense of unity; aesthetic, qualitative and creative faculties; and image-forming and symbolic capacities...They comprise a mind, moreover, in spontaneous connection to the Cosmic Mind.  This total mind we call “heart”.

Please help me know how my Heart is to respond.

Since physical matters are not the deciding factors, the Heart question is:  what is the most valuable occupation of the time you are willing and able to give?

You are so adept at not giving answers!

We are your sign posts.  You chose the way.

Seems to me that whether I spend three years in Kenya or stay here for three years, thanks to your help, I will still be given the ‘Heart Food” opportunities that will support my contribution to the Transformation and, therefore, the evolution of my soul.  Is that correct?

The outcome will be determined by your will, by your choices and by your Heart.

This is going in circles.

Listen to the interview give by one of your early Astronauts, Dr. Edgar MitchellHis interview is a highly effective demonstration of Heart.  You will hear the validation, the truthfulness and the

Dr. Edgar Mitchell - Astronaut with Heart

authenticity that is required in decisions all humans need to make at this time.

Thank you!  I just listened to Dr. Mitchell.  I am not only astonished, I am greatly encouraged.  This is phenomenal material that needs to be spread throughout our world.    We do not want a war against ego – that’s what put us into this situation.  We need to Work to open Hearts so Hearts will manage egos.

It is possible for humans to emulate Astronaut Mitchell and Lover Rita.  Both have tapped into resources they trust and have quietly brought an awareness to others.  Love is at the base of both hearts.  They each offer a unique form of transformation to your world.

Yes, and both meet the challenge with courage that has to come from The One Source.  Going back to Sufism, I’m reminded of the difference between Heart action and Ego action:  Heart knowledge is living and creative, while ego is repetitive and predictable.

I want my decision to be living and creative.

I am going to sit under your signpost and meditate more:  How can I best contribute to the Transformation?  It could be going to Kenya and it could be letting the Kenya story kick start more Heart action.  Dr. Mitchell just affirmed that one lone person can contribute.  And Rita is proving it.

Love wins.  Babies in Kenya already know that.   I want to help them remember.  Too many of the rest of us have forgotten.  Our egos are creating Earth orphans.

We are with you no matter the road.

Thank you for your endless love and support.


8 thoughts on “Living without Love

  1. Interesting post.

    Glad our guides are with us no matter the road.

    Loved this quote:

    Beyond the limited analytical intellect is a a vast realm of mind that includes psychic and extrasensory abilities; intuition; wisdom; a sense of unity; aesthetic, qualitative and creative faculties; and image-forming and symbolic capacities…They comprise a mind, moreover, in spontaneous connection to the Cosmic Mind. This total mind we call “heart”.

    Thanks for posting. Good luck with your decision.

  2. I love stories like this one about Mama Rita. I know a Rita, too, who has a heart bigger than anyone else I’ve ever known. She gives so much of herself to anyone less fortunate — especially new immigrants to our area. In a few days, she and her husband are going to Africa — Malawei (sp?) — and will help with some schools there. I admire their commitment and love for others — they truly are angels here on earth. Keep us posted about what you decide!

    • I know what you mean about big hearts. Other friends from here spent time in Malawei (sp? :))a few years ago. Their experience confirmed that there is a real advantage (safety feature) to having a partner. So this decision is going to be a challenge. My Guides are being very accommodating. Right now their signpost just says “Decision Lane”. The Universe occasionally places the right stuff in front of us when our “right stuff” seems to have moved out. More will be revealed… – Amy

  3. What a wonderful piece about Heart–and a good thing to etch in my brain.
    Love wins. Every time.

    More will be revealed–of this I have no doubt. I also don’t doubt that things get whittled away for me when I’m in need of a little more clarity and ask for it. LOL Sometimes I remind myself to be very careful what I ask for–but there you have it!

    Love wins.

    • Oh, yah, Mel, the whittling. Just like Michelangelo and his sculptures. Plus I love the way the Universe provides the answer in packages I don’t expect! I used to wonder how many answers I have missed. I am assured my trust can lie in the repetition.

  4. Mum You Are Great.Your Love Has Given Us The Hope That We Have Always Desired.You Have Lifted Many Of Us When We Felt Feeble To Stand.Mum You Are Really An Angel To This Beautiful Home At Marimba Kenya.God Bless You.

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