Art: “A Glimpse of God Interpreted by the Soul.”

Emily Carr , a revered Canadian Artist, lived from 1871 to 1945.  Her paintings are finally loved today.  They weren’t appreciated while she was alive.  After she was gone, we woke up and even named an Art School after her: Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Emily did not have an easy life.  She had a variety of friends, but she was private.  She loved one man who shunned and rejected her; then she rejected another man who loved her.  Although the latter gent married another woman, each Christmas for many years, he sent Emily a pressed flower.  She spent a lot of time alone, but was seldom lonely.

Emily never married.  She didn’t seem to belong in any particular niche.  Even when she was studying with other artists in San Francisco, England or Europe, she felt like an outsider because she could not appreciate their subject material.  At home in British Columbia, however, she loved the solitude of the Canadian West Coast Rain Forests.  Amongst her beloved trees, her passions rose and fought the betrayal of an unappreciative public.

One note in her diary describes her approach to painting:

“A picture is not a collection of portrayed objects nor is it a certain effect of light and shade nor is it a souvenir of a place nor a sentimental reminder, nor is it a show of colour nor a magnificence of form, nor yet is it anything seeable for sayable.  It is a glimpse of God interpreted by the soul.

Though I will never be in a league even close to Emily Carr, those words cause me to shout, “Yes, Emily!  I understand!”  Dammit, I do!

But…am I capable of writing stories that are a glimpse of God?

Hi my Guides.  I just listened to the video of the Yogi Master who received a very strong message from his spirit guide “Jupiter” about not keeping his promise to be silent.  The spirit guide even threatened to drop him as a student.  The Yogi made the video to proclaim his commitment.  He put out the word asking his followers to keep every Thursday silent.  Or at least some part of Thursday.

An important factor in our connection is the many hours of silence that you keep daily.

At times I consider that I am in  silence too much…I may start listening to my own counsel!

We appreciate your concern, but we find there is less complexity and confusion because you do practice the discipline of silence.

The past two days I tried to get my camera to download onto my computer.  It has not been peaceful in my brain.

Yes we are aware that it is a challenging place when frustration increases.

My dear Guides, do you have any wisdom to share about my writing?  I want it to be a glimpse of God, too.

At times we tell stories on you.  This is because the story contains the message.  You are welcome to pick it up from our introduction.

To me, it does not matter.   But, today, I want to mention my sadness about Emily Carr’s life.  She really painted to show us God.  What terrible loneliness to think that no one else saw God in her work.  Did anyone else, while she was alive, see the life she painted into her pieces?

She knew that spirit did and would shine through.

And to me, that spirit shines through her life story.  Her vibrancy and vitality is very real to me.  Can I be assured that she is aware that her life has a very significant influence today?

We understand how her life work and story has touched your heart.  We understand that you would prefer that she had known some fame and glory while she was still on earth.  However, great contribution rises out of the stories of her struggles.  She remained true to herself and trusted in the work of the Divine Spirit.

It would be good to think there was at least a small stretch of time where she didn’t have to worry about money.  She gave up painting for 10 years to run a boarding house.

As much as those factors are of considerable import to human beings, this person Emily had evolved  significantly outside of those earthly shackles.

So you are suggesting that this essence spotlights her incredible soul.  And she did remain true to that essence.  She maintained her desire to provide glimpses of God in spite of being overlooked and underpaid.  I have to remember that holding steady and true to that ‘light’ is more important than being recognized.  She never caved in to the ‘going trends’ that would have brought in cash.

Look at her message so masterfully unspoken.  The significant truth in her art is readily available to anyone who wants to see.  Consider what she gave in her paintings and her books.  When love is given, God is remembered.  When spirit is felt in an image, God is remembered.  When an image or a view elicits any feeling, God is remembered.

This is one of those times when less is more.  Emily, you did it.  And any more said would merely be reductionism.  Thank you, my wise ones.

11 thoughts on “Art: “A Glimpse of God Interpreted by the Soul.”

  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely post, Amy. I adore Emily’s description of “…a glimpse of God interpreted by the soul”, as well as your guides’ message about God being remembered. What it’s all about 🙂

  2. Amy,
    Every time you communicate with me
    I get a glimpse of
    I mean it.
    Your love always blows me away.
    It is so strong and
    so pure
    and it comes through
    in every single communication
    we’ve shared.
    Please take this to HEART.

    And in terms of Silence…
    Thank you for writing about this topic
    because I have been yearning
    for more silence
    very often
    these days.
    And Now…
    I feel more validation
    to claim that precious

    Turning myself inside out
    with Gratitude for YOU!,
    Athena Grace

    • You simply blow me away! Many thanks, Athena Grace…besides pasting this firmly in my heart so I can dig it out anytime, it’s going in to my “Poetry by Athena” file. I want to say how much you humble me, but you and I both know that’s a scam! So I won’t mention it and maybe I’ll have a nanosecond of humility. Oops, just missed it again!! So grateful to share this Road to Divine Discovery with you! Love, Amy

  3. Guides, huh?

    Sounds like a woman I just adopted as my teacher, but she doesn’t know it yet. She “channels.” If I had told someone a few years ago that I’d be discussing sitting at the feet of someone who talks to rocks, sprays aromatherapy essential oils at me, and draws me into walking a Labyrinth, I would have said the person was crazy.

    Well, I confess. I am (That is not any address I know of, so I wouldn’t try it.)

    Saw a movie I think is called “The Answer Man” with Jeff Daniels that dealt with spirituality. Loved how he cursed up a storm. Reminded me of me. On some of my good days, not the bad ones.

    But, there are times when I feel a spirit coursing through me, if I minimize the “me” inside. I let words become a story that flow smoothly. Almost appear on their own. Don’t have to force ’em. It’s like I’m just the dummy being told what to say by the more smarter of this spiritual duo.

    Oh well.

    Enjoyed this. Thanks.

    One day you have to tell me about the picture next to souldipper. Is that you standing on a giant chair? Are you on a walkway to some Greek Temple with columns in the background? Just guessing.

    See you later.

    michael j

    • Me, too, Michael j – it’s hard to describe how the messages appear, but the words I am most comfortable with – I sense them. Sometimes I sense the ‘whole’ and sometimes only the words. And at times it feels as though my address could be “”. Then, the Universe serves up the most incredible and palatable affirmation from such credible people and I realize that I simply have to accept. Oh, I will see about finding The Answer Man.

      The photo- it’s my shadow taken on the top “deck” of a complex set of steps to the ocean below. The steps are off to the right. It had to have been a clever builder who put that stairwell in place. The location is my wee island – I’d just finished treating myself to an infrared sauna and was lolling in the peacefulness of our winter sunshine. I think it was about November.

      Hmmm…I like the idea of a Greek Temple.

      Find your ID yet? Sure hope so. You are being so calm about it. Funny how we deal with the big things, but give us a broken shoe lace…

      Until later,

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