Running the Sidelines of Spirituality

Seems there is only one thing that hasn’t happened this past week.  I didn’t fall in love.  Well, not romantically anyway…

  • I love my friends.  One of them, Margaret, came to say goodbye.  She’s returning to Saskatchewan.  No matter how accepting I am, I feel like a Mistress of Farewells.
  • I love family, even though my branch is not a close knit group.  Being the youngest, actions from the older siblings too easily hurt my feelings.  Being more tender recently, I need to sort that out with my Creator.  Soon.
  • I love the internet.  While I had no service, I re-examined my dependence upon its ability to bring people who are sharing my spiritual experience.   I am bereft without the feeding and communing.
  • I love Steve, the man who readily found the reason I had no internet.  My service has been running on rust; water got into my cables.
  • I’ve been in love with Phoenix, a baby eagle, who popped out of its egg weeks ago.  Tens of thousands of us, via webcam, watched adult eagles diligently parenting this demanding baby that grew like a balloon being blown up for a birthday party.  On Wednesday, Phoenix died.  He/she had been perching on the edge of that nest like it was time to take flight.  I wanted to witness that moment of precious and profound freedom.  Something happened!  Phoenix simply died.  In the nest.  There is going to be an autopsy.  Okay, I wept!  Am still choked up and heartbroken.
  • I love a petite, black, angora, rat-hunter, Duc le Chat.  Night before last, he caused me to streak out of the house at midnight, flashlight in hand.  Cat screams.  Cat anger.  I’m certain my neighbours consider me an eccentric.  As an Old Soul, it’s my right.  Duc spent the night in the house with me.  First time in three months
  • Then there’s the big love affair.  My Guides. My Guides have been running up and down the sidelines of my life like Irish fans watching a National Hurling match in Ireland.  Now watching Hurling was an experience.  In a sheep pasture in County Clare, Catholic Fathers and Nuns, in full regalia, race up and down the field shouting orders and directions to the players as though they were in training for the Altar Guild.  One good Father raced past my Canadian paced presence shouting, “Git tem fookers!”

I caught my breath and puffed to my Irish friend,  “Which team are the Fookers?”

She howled with laughter and took off  to chase the play.   I had to wait until we were at the Pub before she finally explained her cackling.  Who would suspect a good Father of using the “f” word?!  The pub crowd howled with delight as she milked the tale into a number of free pints.

Makes me wonder if some of my Guides may have spent time in their physical form running up and down those pastures in the Emerald Isle.  Their humour reminds me a lot of the shenanigans that go on in and around those hurling matches – and reverberate through Irish Pubs.

Hello my special friends.  I’ve missed having these sessions with you.  I mean these ones that are for sharing.

You know we never miss the opportunity to do exactly as you suspect…run the sidelines of your life.  When we have the added ability to share this with others in your life – giving or receiving – it is an opportunity to extend our love and our purpose further a-field – if we may continue with your analogy.

I just listened to Shifra, a wonderful teacher in the Jewish faith.  She signs her emails as “Kabbalah of Transformation”.  To me, she is a delightful Jewish Mystic.   I hope she will forgive me for not having the official name of her faith at my fingertips.  However, she spoke of the writings of the Kabbalah and how they tie in with the various prophesies and predictions from many other paths and people. She is offering a free session highlighting the inner, mystical secrets from the writings of the Kabbalah – this Sunday. One can go to the link to register to hear how these writings tie in with so many others.  I love the positive interpretations of these ancient, and for long, secret, writings.

We are delighted that you have taken advantage of the quiet time of the past week to reflect on the similarities of the various incoming messages from early times and now.  We are noticing that you see many similar aspects of the messages we have presented to you.

That’s true.  I have been quite amazed.  At times, the simplicity of the messages from you make me think you must have me pegged as a simpleton!  Some of the other messages can be difficult to follow.  They are not straight forward as you present to me.  Is it because I am a simple person?

You have spent a good part of your life looking at the activity within your brain and your mind.  You have learned to observe your thoughts and to develop skills that keep you primarily in a positive mode.  You have been diligent about knowing who you are.  While that has made it a challenge for some of your friends and relationships, it has made our work considerably more straight forward.  We are more able to ‘run the sidelines’ with you and keep abreast with you  in a manner that frees communication.

So all that help from my mother, mentors and spiritual teachers really did pay off?  I suspect at times they wondered.

We have been highly rewarded by your acceptance of studies and teachings from the various sources.

Has my love of simplicity and non-complexity helped?

It keeps the clutter off the playing field; less hazard and convolution.  For you as well as for the process we need to communicate in this manner.

So my understanding of the message continues to be, in my simple terms, that we know who we are, ‘be’ who we are and love who we are.  Through that process, we are able to give love in innumerable ways.  And in simple ways.

Yesterday, while you were with friends, you spoke of your surprise at all the ways in which love can be given.  You told of one friend who, after having a double mastectomy, asked you to look at her chest.  She needed to have another human see her.  She trusted you.  When she exposed her scarred and un-nippled chest, you gently asked, “How does it feel, Vivian?”  Your willingness and your sensitivity was an act of love that many humans may need to look at more closely to truly understand.

That was a gift, truly.  And she taught me that the Creator, in Its Divine Mercy, fortified that bare chest with all the sensitivity and sensation that two healthy breasts provide.  That brought me to tears.  And I love her for that experience.  She died just two weeks ago.  After coming though one bout of cancer, she couldn’t fight the second round.

We know that your heart is weighed with sadness.  While it would be a pleasure to live out the reputation you are giving us, we want to close by telling you that we love every minute of running the sidelines with you.  The joy that we experience as you take your path will be known to you as you evolve beyond the physical.  Thank you for being willing to do the Will of the Divine.

My beloved Guides.  You make it sound like I have a choice.  I do not!  The alternative is too lonely.  It’s a slide toward being inundated with the vagaries of life.  Who wants that when we know the choices and the resultant consequences? Love IS the way and that is only possible through my willful attempts to do Divine Will.

Oh, and by the way, Guides.  After you have repeatedly mentioned that I am to be with my Soul Mate, I will just remind you that he has not shown up.  The Ferry system has been working, there are no sharks in our waters, the weather has been alluring and we even have some incredibly good food around here.  He has not shown up.  Maybe it’s time to take a break from chasing me!

We would consider that a travesty.  No, we enjoy spectator sport.


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