Fueled by Love

The past week presented computer challenges.  Downloads took ages.  Videos played like they were sent by Morse code.  Alien messages hinted at computer ailments.  Fear gripped me by the pocket book.  My five year old computer may be dying.

Yesterday, I cleaned disks, defragged, and eliminated add-ons.  A computer repair service confirmed I had plenty of memory.  My hard drive is only half full.  The clock whizzed me through six consecutive hours of worry.  Nothing improved.

This morning?    ZERO service!  Zero means no phone and no internet.   I had handed ‘my’ cell phone back to the business from which I recently resigned.  I panicked and drove to a friend’s home praying that he’d be there.  Just as I arrived, he was ready to jump in his vehicle.  He had to leave, but very kindly let me use his phone and his Internet.  The Internet Service Provider was able to reconnect the phone immediately, but a repairman cannot come to my island home to look after the Internet problem until Wednesday.

The problem is not my computer!  What a joy!  Gratitude bubbles continuously over that relief, over my friend who left me his entire home, and over my fabulous neighbours who have given me access to their Wireless connection.  Thank you, Divine Creator, who I prayed to like a whiny sniveler.

Oh, and because of the maintenance I did the last few days, this little Toshiba is running like it was built yesterday!

After two days of debilitating fear,  I did not feel like meditating last night.   I shamed myself into putting bum to chair and fighting the endless chain of  ‘what ifs’.  With a big, sad sigh, I threatened my Guides with a reality check.  I wanted to bark out my frustrations:

Ah, there you guys are.  Thanks for coming, but this may not be a fun visit.  Oh!  You are bringing me a visual?   There is a few of you.  All robed.  That’s interesting.  Are you doing that for effect?

Does it bring a degree of joy to you?

Yes, although I’m not sure how important physical attributes are.  You are energy forms.  I would have a difficult time discerning if I sense the same voice or not, whether it is male or female, or what any of you would be like in physical form.  None of that is material.  You have always just been a ‘presence’ or an ‘essence’.

We are highly satisfied with your response.

The important part is our connection – your message.  You are so loving that it blows me away.  I realize that you want to allay fears that could arise from the concepts of the Transformation and you sure know how to do it.

We are pleased with your confirmation of our purpose at this time in your lives.

It is very obvious that you are all love beings.  I sense the magnanimity of your love.  Your manner is so welcoming.  I am not able to name any human being who presents the love essence you transmit.  I feel your love whenever I think of you.  Plus, I adore your commitment.  It is a pleasure to experience unfailing reliability.   Working with seniors, I saw how much they relish a person showing up on time and as agreed.  I wonder how it is going to be for us when we are in our 80s or 90s.  What will the world be like?

Matters that have been of great import for your parents are not going to be your concern.  There will be no need to worry about how long you will live into old age.  You do not have to concern yourself about health.  You do not have to fuss over a sophisticated financial plan.  There will be a completely different world for you.  None of those issues will be a part of your being.  What you will be experiencing will be an existence of love.  To say you would have an abundance of well-being is inappropriate.  You will be in an energy realm that is beyond questioning whether or not any being has a sense of ‘well being’.

The Transformation is going to take you to another dimension that cannot even be explained because humans are not capable of comprehending.  It is like your brains are 6 x 6 x 6 and where you will be, you need to change the 6 to six million.  While that is a very crude expression of the destiny, it is given to present a hint of encouragement.  Plus it will help to understand that we are not able to feed a confined apparatus with overwhelming data.

It may be dangerous to shove a 6 million magnitude of data into a 6 slot.  And when you tell me these things, it certainly reduces fear, but with a “wait and see” attitude.  It gives me a good reminder to have the courage to believe and trust that our job is to just live in the NOW and give love at every opportunity.

That is our intent.  Thank you.    We have such enormous love for you.  Each human being has guides who want to reach through the illusion and proclaim the same love to them.  We have so much love to give that it is questionable that any human being suffers.  It is not necessary.

Many of us humans are running on a fuel called “fear”.  Look at my modus operandi the last while.

Fear is being released in many different manners.  It is difficult for human beings to recognize how continuously their decisions are based on fear.  Any negative thought, feeling or action is a result of fear.  Fear is the predicate of any negative gesture.  Those in power and those with none – it is the same for both.

Being able to grasp that the root of negativity is fear will require truth and determination.  When a human hears justification or rationale in response to self-questioning, the root has not yet been exposed.  The promised gain to bringing the root to the light is freedom.  Freedom from fear is a promise that is fueled by love.

Guess the topic is pretty clear, my faithful Guides.  Thank you.  And, in addition to fear, I sense the underlying message is ‘trust’.  But why did you decide to give a little visual tonight and show up in robes?

Did it take you away from your list of negatives that you wanted to extol in the name of being real?

You guys are unreal!  No wonder I love you.

8 thoughts on “Fueled by Love

  1. What a BLESSED way to start the day!!!! Remembering how Loved I can choose to feel, just by opening to it, in ANY and EVERY moment! I certainly feel it NOW! Thank you to Amy and her groovin’ soul funk posse! I’m also stoked to know that I don’t have to WORRY about health care and retirement funds!!! That’s awesome, since I ain’t got none, baby!

    Opening to LOVE,
    Athena Grace

    • Hey Athena Grace, My interpretation of the health and finance part of the message is that while we don’t have to ‘worry’, we do co-create with Our Loving Friend. Individual co-creation depends on the various factors in our lives – especially how we want to live. My thought has been that the Creator does not put the coffee on in the mornings, but does give me the impetus and skills to be able to access coffee and put it on myself.

      My mom and dad married in 1930. Because of the hardships of that decade, we were raised in an attitude of financial scarcity and fear of poor health. I’ve had to work diligently on that fear based thinking since it was conditioned into my existence. We are responsible to do the “do” stuff while we strive to “be” in abundance.

      Your exuberance is so fabulous, Athena Grace, that this seems like a ‘downer’. But I get nervous about the interpretation of some of the messages. I would ask more questions, but at the time, it’s difficult to anticipate the myriad of interpretations. – Amy

  2. Glad your computer is up and running and that your friend was so accomodating. ; )

    We are indeed a fear-based society . . . in my opinion, churches enhance that fear by speaking of hell and encouraging guilt:

    “They stand on the pulpit spreading lies
    Creating fear and guilt in on-looking eyes”

    Instead of embracing uncertainty, with all its infinite possibilities, we are socialized to “play it safe” and “not make mistakes.”

    Such a waste. : )

    • Yes, hurrah for kind and generous people. Guess I have to admit my addiction to a computerized lifestyle. I certainly experienced fear when the deadlines loomed over me and all were on-line generated.

      And speaking of fear, it’s amazing how few admit to having it. Well…no ego wants to admit it. I trust the Transformation will impact this in ways that will amaze us.

  3. Thank you for another fabulous post, Amy, and so glad your computer is all clear!

    It’s so enlightening to start tuning into our feelings and identifying fear – as a first step towards freedom 🙂

    • My computer is running like a charm…I’m still using the wireless service from my life saving neighbours. And about fear, the biggest challenge is getting to the level of honestly that identifies the correct one, I find. I usually want to find a nice, easy label and close the door. It’s a challenge to love oneself into healthy response to life! Hope everything in J’berg is returning to normal. – Amy

  4. Transformation sounds like fun!

    I feel it slowly expanding an awareness inside of me that might always have been there, but is only now awakening.

    Could there be a connection with actions taking place at your site? And from those providing your Internet commentary? It seems I gain more knowledge not only from a post like this, but also the comments that follow.

    Thanks everyone, and you in particular, Amy.

    michael j

    • Hi my universe neighbour…and soul mate. I feel quite behind in my contacts because my Internet service is just now restored. Living off the kindness of neighbours meant limiting myself whether I really needed to or not. They have a household of computers so I did not want to overrun their generosity.

      I will go back and comment on your blog about your intuition. I loved it! The understanding I’ve been given about the Transformation is exactly what you did…discover inner connections and listen to them. It takes a lot of courage to write about it. I still waffle about the ego!

      If you are going to be practicing the connection of, and accepting of, this loving, inner voice, I will pass on what my teachers have emphasized: Please begin with a request that you only receive the guidance from those who are interested in serving the purest, highest and most loving information. It is important to protect yourself from any sort of base activity.

      Using my Yerba Mate, I toast the Sombitch Rooster’s departure! You must have some highly developed Alpha pheromones to have that rooster attack you so readily. And I’m curious how you got him in a box!

      Thanks for commenting – Amy

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