Sympathetic Strings Attached

Harry Manx sings the blues.  Bruce Springsteen autographed the guitar that Harry used when he sang one of Bruce’s songs a few years ago.  Bruce just happened to be in the crowd at a concert in the Eastern Seaboard.  He came back stage, Harry said, and had a close look at this small guitar that puts out its own unique sound.

Harry made the guitar… out of a Cigar Box.  Bruce was more than impressed.  From what I heard, he was moved.

Harry is from my home island.  He puts on incredibly intimate concerts where we not only hear his fabulous music, we hear his stories about adventures around the world.  He is our neighbour.

Harry Manx, Blues Artist Supreme

Harry is a master of unique guitars.  He recently released a video where he explains and demonstrates another unique instrument called the Mohan Veena.  It’s a slide guitar sitar.  A man from India built it with 20 strings that are double-decker; 10 on each level.  The intricacies required to produce the awesome sounds from that uniquely-toned instrument meant that Harry had to go to India and study under a master for five years.

Each lower string, called the sympathetic string, is perfectly tuned with the string above it; a sort of master string.  Without being touched, this lower string responds to the vibration of its upper companion.  It resonates in marvelous tones.

Of course, being such a creative person, Harry grows one very long nail on his little finger so he can reach through the upper strings and stroke those sympathetic strings occasionally.

What’s my purpose in introducing this incredible talent demonstrated by Harry Manx?

The reason is this:

And please note – this meditative portion has nothing to do with Harry.  Harry’s spiritual path is his private business.

In meditation, the energy form who I know as Jesus presented a concept that made me think of Harry playing his Mohan Veena.  This Jesus happens to be one of the Ra Soul Group for those of you familiar with Ra.

Hi my beloveds.

We are pleased to be with you.   We want to confirm that all are here fully and completely.  Did you have a specific question for Jesus the Christ?

I find it very difficult when I am misquoted or when someone tries to paraphrase something of my beliefs.  The job is usually done so poorly that I need to speak up.  What does it do for you, Jesus?

We can look through the misinformation and see the intent.  In a loving manner, it is possible to locate the bright, shining gem from deep inside and hold it up.  We can turn the gem, which is truth, show its multifaceted shape and let the light cast through to correction.

So to be loving, I need to find the nub of the idea that does hold true, bring it out, and talk about that in such a way that any error is brought into line without the other person losing face?

That is the encouragement I give to you.

Pride protects the delicate feelings and sensitivities around my little gem.  So, Jesus, in your present form, are you aware of people doing this continuously?

Yes.  This is the reason I encourage you to look at the intent and the find the truth gem.

I can do that as one human to another, but how do you do it?

One of the truths I gave on earth was that, as you respond to someone in need, so you are responding to me.

Yes, I am familiar with that concept.

So when someone is confusing the original meaning and intention of my words, any of you can respond with loving kindness and create a shift back to the truth.

You are leaving it in our hands to find the gem and hold it to the light?


This means that I can speak up when someone says something that does not resonate with love or  accuracy.

This is my message. When the message rings with life, truth and love, you hear.  If it does not, it will sound discordant to you.

This is quite a responsibility, Jesus.

This is what the disciples of my time on earth came to understand.  It is what I ask you and all of humanity to understand now.

That each of us has the responsibility to defend you?

There is no need for defense.  Each of you are able to give life, truth and love.  Each of you can hear negativity and shift to the positive with love.

As stated by Bishop Spong….you, Jesus, are not a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or a Buddhist.  Thus you call on all of humanity, no matter the religion or non-religion, to take responsibility for the shift when a negative factor is presented.

This is our request.

When I meditate with you in this manner, you are so consistently loving and endlessly compassionate.  When I think I can encapsulate a vision of your ‘lovingness’, you go far beyond what I can imagine.

Yes, humans are limited in their ability to perceive the breadth of ‘knowingness’ and existence.  We are here if you are willing to receive our assistance.

Will we humans understand fully while in our physical state?

That is up to each physical being.  More humans are evolving and referring to the transition.  All conditions have come together as you call on us to bring the transition to you.  We introduce the energy that is creating the shift evident amongst you.

Thank you, Jesus.  I sense your presence continuously.

Bless you, my Child.  We appreciate your willingness.  We know this causes some uneasiness.

Thank you… also, for the beautiful contacts that are coming from the blog.  The people  who respond seem so lovingly evolved and intimate with their own concept of the Source.

We are so very willing to continue adding to your soul’s companionship.


And so I sign off as this ‘sympathetic’ soul whose purpose strives to resonate and mirror the Mystical music of the Master Soul.  It is in meditation that I feel a spiritual ‘finger nail’ reaching through the no-space stroking my soul into response.


3 thoughts on “Sympathetic Strings Attached

    • Hi Granny, The photos have been great. I love storms…well, when I’m safely on shore. But the drama of Nature stirs up the vitality in my bones. Sounds like you have come through your storm well. I’m glad. Thank you for the little gift! I will need to ‘do the work’ to keep the gesture fresh and moving. – Amy

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