Empowerment in Action

This is not about religion!

It`s about Spiritual empowerment.  What is that?

From a young age, I questioned what religion was saying when I was told I was a sinner.  It meant I was not okay.  It meant that if I dared to think I was okay, I was being prideful and arrogant.

Religion demanded that I doubt myself.  It needed me to doubt myself so that it could “rescue” me with a brand of repressive dis-empowerment.  How else can religionists control me?  According to Spell check, I just invented the world “religionist”.  That speaks volumes.

During Sunday School years when I was building Noah’s Ark and weaving Jacob’s coat of many colours – and doing a fairly creative job of it – I was close to the truth I live today – a Co-Creator with a God of love.  God and I have a covenant.  God hasn’t signed it, but as long as love is my motive, a spiritual handshake is acceptable.

A remarkably courageous man, Bishop John Spong talks about control and about spiritual empowerment.  He’s one of the folks who inspired me to live a life within the realm of mysticism.  He and Teresa of Avila (now there’s a remarkable woman).  Here`s a SHORT video if you want to see how this man could be so influential:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF6I5VSZVqc&feature=player_embedded

As my Guides have been saying all along, it’s all about love!  Teresa knew centuries ago!  John knows today.

So do you and I.

2 thoughts on “Empowerment in Action

  1. Amy,
    What a moving piece to listen to from John Spong. And so interesting for me to think about on this spiritual journey I am on.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • Yes, Lance, he certainly invites us to take a look at ourselves, doesn’t he? I like this kind of invitation – a self-inventory is good for any aspect of life, including faith. – Amy

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