Strangers Who Love

In October, 2009, when I went to South Africa, an incredible organization, Uthando, provided us a chance to see their projects in action.  Guess what Uthando means!             L O V E.

I’ll share Uthando’s love with you.  It involves seniors, it involves Bishop TuTu and it involves a verbal portrait from James, a man dedicated to spreading joy in sparse lovescapes.  …at the end of this blog.

James is the ace organizer of Uthando in Cape Town.  He sent the message this morning  describing the good Bishop’s visit to about 120 overjoyed seniors.  One tiny visit!  Transformation in action.

First, though…take a look at how my awesome Guides have been setting me up for this welcome example of  L O V E.    My heart is spilling over like Victoria and Niagara Falls put together:

Saturday Night:

So, we only need to look after this moment.  Right?.

That is a perfect plan.  Every chance you have to offer love to others, take it and give to them.  Every incident where you can offer love, give it double.  Each of you has an endless supply.  This is not the time for being miserly with love.  Withholding love is a wound to your soul.

Sounds like I need to shovel it out.  Whether it is to plant, animal, human or you…I need to keep my attention on loving what is in front of me.

And inside you.

Like my ego?

Yes, it is important to love your ego, too.  Without it, you would not have the clear contrast of your soul.  It offers the opposite you need to remember what choice you want to make.  And it is your choice that gives rise to celebrations in all the corporations of our existence.

I am going to leave this information tonight and see if it resonates tomorrow.    I’m not sure what you want me to write.  Based on what we have shared tonight, it is pretty all over the place.  So I will sleep on it, my beloved Guides.  And thank you for giving me a new level of courage and self-acceptance.  I am amazed how my connection with you has created a transformation within me.  I am more patient than I was before.  I listen differently.  I speak up now; though I need to do that with more love than I have done.  My goals are different.  I appreciate at a deeper level.  I plan differently because my priorities are different.   I hope I am a better friend and loved one.    Oh, and I feel I have endless time now.

You are welcome.  One of the factors of your personality is your gratitude.  That makes it much easier for us to channel through you.  And yes, we know you love us.  Thank you.

Then on Monday Night:

And so my Guides, what do you want to give us tonight as a message?

We encourage people to acknowledge gestures that are signs and demonstrations of higher evolutionary thinking and acting.  We would like to ask humans to observe others and catch people in the act of being insightful, aware, loving, giving…any state of positive and sustaining virtues.

Do you mean actually speak to the person about it?

Yes.  Acknowledging without being over-zealous.  Quietly let people know that you saw their beauty in that act or in those words.  Don’t stop yourselves.  Souls respond to such communication and they will find themselves wanting to do likewise to others.  The world, like a hungry child, wants to engage with you so as to be fed.

When people compliment other people too flamboyantly, it feels awkward.  It detracts from the person who deserves the compliment.  Is that why you encourage us to do it quietly?

Telling someone what you heard or saw can be done with simplicity and in a gentle manner.  The power of gentleness overwhelms negativity.  It breaks the seal of depression.  It lures goodness from iniquity.  It quells a scream of rejected love.

I heard on a radio talk show that young people were heard chanting, “Talk to a Stranger”  “Smile at someone you don’ t know”.  They want to reverse the trend that everyone is untrustworthy.  Is this more evidence of the Transformation being underway?

It is indeed.  Many different subtleties are in your midst.  This is why we are encouraging humans to observe it, see it, look at it, hear it, be it, acknowledge it.

Dr. Kubler -Ross, the author of Death and Dying, said to never stop from doing that wonderful gesture that comes to mind.  Do it.  She said that not taking the opportunity to reach out is cause for our soul’s agony.

There are many opportunities to acknowledge goodness.  Plant a seed of encouragement.  You cannot fathom the breadth of its resounding  and beauteous destiny.

Now the message from James of Uthando – right after Bishop TuTu’s gesture of L O V E:

Hi All

James of Uthando in Action

The visit by Archbishop Desmond Tutu today to the oldies at Neighbourhood Old Age Homes in Khayelitsha was an incredible success, they were overwhelmed and overjoyed that the man who is the absolute supreme moral conscience of South Africa, a truly deserving Nobel Peace Prize winner, and a champion of THEIR rights during the dark days of Apartheid, made the time to visit them, to sing with them, to share with them, and the listen to them.

I am so totally inspired with a renewed sense of passion and conviction…for when all is said and done, no matter who you are, where or how you live, how successful you are or have been….this life simply boils down to how much joy you can bring to people, how much love and peace you can create in the world. We all have the power, everyday, with everyone that crosses our path to create this reality. Such a cliche, but so true. Today, I was reminded of this.

We are born naked, and we are essentially buried naked, we take nothing with us, BUT we leave a legacy of how we have lived. We all make terrible mistakes and errors of judgment in our lives, but that is the path of growth and development to becoming better and wiser human beings.

Today I witnessed the utmost joy and love from people who have largely had a life of deprivation and oppression, their spirit has made my spirit soar and I feel the most remarkable conviction to be the best human being that I can be.

All my love, from a cold, wet and windy Cape Town.


12 thoughts on “Strangers Who Love

  1. Wonder Woman! (used in the same context as “man”… you know to begin a sentence from time to time…) Amy. This piece about embracing THIS moment as the only important thing, and loving accordingly… Totally hit home. I have been trippin’ and stumbling my ass off on that one with my man. Because I am getting clearer and clearer that I don’t choose him as my “one”… and in the face of that, I’m afraid to love him fully… like it might be misleading to him. And so much about him is driving me crazy. And YET… withholding my love IS wounding my soul. It hurts so much. And so deeply. This is my Work right now. Unconditional love. For myself as I clarify my choice to let go, and for HIM who is entirely lovable even as I choose not to choose him.
    This post woke me up like a slap. (don’t worry, I like a good slap every now and again!)
    Sending you bird song
    and stereotypical california sunshine,
    Athena Grace

  2. “Is this more evidence of the Transformation being underway?”
    “It is indeed.”

    I think my grocery store’s manager must be one humdinger of a lightworker, because all the employees and customers this store attracts are awesome. I’ve had so many wonderful encounters there with “strangers,” and I always leave nourished and uplifted.

    • Hey Sally, That is precisely it…you are awake, dear woman. We need to create buttons and give them to the people who are DOING IT! What can we put on the buttons?

      • How ’bout Namaste? Simple and does nothing to exclude those who have yet to heed the call (except that they might not know what it means).

        • Yes, Sally! Namaste certainly says it all and its associations are far reaching. Yah…that word does give meaning to a significant state. Maybe we need our own, brand new word that would build the same encompassing effect around a statement of ‘transformation’. Hmmmm… challenging.

  3. Thank you, Amy! What a lovely post. The message from James is so relevant, so clear, so spot-on. I am so delighted to see so many people becoming aware and to see the transformation that is happening all over the world. From one change agent to another, bless you!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting.

  4. Good morning souldipper! I’ve been away for awhile — computer problems — love your posts — very upbeat and positive. As for feeling lonely as a blogger — I understand, but in my life I’m always so busy that I feel blessed everytime some one ‘visits’ me online. Still, actual, physical visits are the best1 Take care, hope you enjoyed Canada Day.

    • Hurray! You survived yet another school term. Bravo and take a bow! I loved the photos of Alberta on your blog. I don’t remember seeing that fungus as a kid, but maybe I was too short… 🙂 You are enticing me to get more of my photos posted. However, right now, I’m off to two highly-anticipated, catch-up visits with friends. Glad to have you back in cyberspace! – Amy

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