Writing – A Lonely Affair

Lately, I’ve been on a rant:  “Bloggers get lonely, ya know.”

Thanks, my Soul Group – you guides have had some incredible influence on folks who have asked for some insights.  That puts my purpose into action!  I’m actually learning to bite into every moment instead of treating life like a smorgasbord that I pass over.  I’m going to let a bit of that ugly looking dollop enter my mouth for a split second instead of deciding it will taste like roll mops.

Going back to my Anglican Priest/Hermit/Professor/Spiritual Director, Cynthia, she talked of days when she was ‘eating God’.  As she was prone to do, her words activated a crochet hook that plucked ‘knowing’ from the wrinkles within my soul’s deep crevices.  A tiny furry dustball, captured by those baited words, held at the right angle against a stained glass window, suggests I know something about that.

When my purpose moves, weaves and waltzes my sense that I belong to this cacophony of two-leggers, I suspect I am ‘eating God’.

Thank you for helping my friends.

Anytime we can contribute to your feast, we will do all we can to provide a robust and enticing menu.

You gave me a lot of information yesterday – which will come out in various blogging fashions over the next while.  Today, the cry from within is that I need to make a statement as a blogger.  We bloggers need to stand up and declare a new situation that non-bloggers don’t realize is happening.  Here it is:

Dear Readers (especially my friends and loved ones who are not Bloggers):

When you read my blog, you feel you have had a visit with me.  Please be aware that I do not feel I have had a visit with you.  You may feel you have communed with me, but I am now walking through life not knowing who knows what about my life.  I still need to visit spiritual entities with skin on!  I need tea, challenging conversation, good food, but mostly I need to enjoy a share of you.

When you read my blog, you peek into my life and it gives you a sense that you know what is going on in my world.  Please note that the tiny fragment that you’ve lifted from your screen is only one teeny part of me.  The multi-faceted person who you read needs to share your essence and life, too.  Each one of us customize our time together…my time with one friend is never a carbon copy of any other one.  That’s how I know that none of us are replaceable.

When you read my blog, you are conjuring all sorts of wisdom and insights.   Please share them.  Go to the blog site and dare to write your comments.  Yes, your input is valued – and not just by me.  I want everyone to know how incredible each of you are.  That’s why you are in my life!  When you email me your comments or tell me about them in person, your beauty – your individual soul print –  is not getting out into the world.  Blogging is our opportunity to affect a shift the consciousness in the world.  That’s why the Guides bugged me about setting up a blog.  It’s for me AND you.

Love Soul Dipper – who loves writing the blog and gets shivers over the fact that people find stuff to think about.  Or feel about.

P.S.  You have eaten a piece of our blogger souls, but let’s make this a shared meal!

You see, Guides, I believe there are lots of busy people who do not have the time or inclination to blog.  Yet, they need to be heard.  I want to share this portal with as many people as possible.

That’s the reason we chose you to work with us.  The sincerity of your expressions  will speak to the soul of the readers.

When I cruise around the blogging world, I am amazed over the creativity, the openness and the positivism that exists.  Oh, there are lots of blogs that I do not read, but I don’t shun them.  They simply hold no interest for me.  When I find a genuinely good blog (my opinion), the added bonus is that they will have attracted good comments, good blog sites, and lots of soul stuff.

So, my Guides, I’ve learned there are many good people wanting to share intelligent, creative, loving, supportive and giving stuff with the world.  I’m so glad I do not watch television.  I would be missing out on the opportunity to have good people challenge my mind, heart and soul.

As we discussed yesterday, it is this evolutionary process that we are cheering on.  Every minor or major insight is contributing to the Work that needs to be done in preparation of the upcoming energy transformation that many humans are beginning to accept.

Yes. Meg Blackburn Losey has written a book called “Communicating with the Children of Now”.  She has found that gifted children who are so brilliant they do not fit into mainstream society are, in fact, capable of communicating telepathically.  I thrill over that!  This is validation that we are evolving.  We finally accept that, instead of trying to fix THEM, WE need to change our approach!  We need to BE telepathic and proffer them the acceptance that they are okay…just as they are!

I’m on a soapbox.  My friend, Soul Journer Joanne, brought this book to my attention and I just had to share the information.  What a step in an exciting direction, one that is likely not yet medically, professionally, scientifically or politically palatable.  Thank God.  It means it is a step that may have a chance to move mountains.

We’ll accept this as a welcome ‘wrap’.

A Work in Progress - UFO Screen

Thanks.  I’m hungry.   You know, I was going to brag about my keep-flies-out creation.  I built it on Friday with memorabilia from Africa, Cuba, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.  It’s hanging in my open doorway as I write.  Flies without passports are staying away in droves.  A copyright may be in order:  it’s a…a…UFO Screen!

Creating this UFO Screen would be a terrific family project.  Mine holds a treasure chest of memories depicted by old jewelery, my father’s polished rocks, an ex-lover’s glass art, African bead work, New Zealand whale bone (ugh! please don’t use whale bone any more!), and ribbons from various and sundry gifts.

The joy of simple things. And duly loved by Duc-le-Chat.

10 thoughts on “Writing – A Lonely Affair

  1. Sally & Amy I felt the sam about the crothcet hook,
    Yes you are a writer don’t question it.

    The UfO screen is fantastic. My screens disapear.
    they are a pain in the ass especially on a dusty road. I think maybe the bugs are scared to stay in here too long. Your UFO screen is a lovely, creative,
    meaningful ,useful invention. Artist onward.

  2. Ah, John’s birthday…please forward very best wishes from Dave & I, Della!

    As for this post, Amy: what a valid rant and so well expressed 🙂 I salute how forthright you are and second your message to blog readers, as well as the endorsement of your creative talent!

    • Thanks Granny…I walked in the rain this morning – WITH camera because of you! I’ll have to post one or two shots of one of our glorious wildflowers – the Foxglove. You may have something similar and it would be interesting to hear the S.A. name.

      I’m thinking about you , trusting that you are making sure you get some pampering and nurturing. Grannies are NOT to be messed with!

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