Do the Deed With Love

“Do it with love.  But DO IT.”

A few women have asked me to mentor them.  Each determined woman works very hard to uncover which character traits put her in a head-on collision with life.

The courage these women possess puts me in awe.  Service of this nature builds a level of intimacy that keeps love so fresh and vibrant.  My soul hums with delight.

These women include a generous strip of spiritual litmus paper in their soul’s tool kit.  They know they need to pull it out when faced with having to deal with conflict.  They place the litmus paper on their hearts and ask one key question:  “Am I doing this from a base of love?”

If they don’t feel any of that softness, that gentle hum in the chest, that feeling that makes them want to hug the other person, then they STOP.  No action.  No words.  And they wait, praying that the love, the right time and the appropriate words will be given to them.  The only thing they need to BE, until love comes, is ‘willing’.

Here’s the rub:  what about my being an example?   Well, being hell-bent-for-human, I slip and slide in life’s mud right along with everyone else.

On Tuesday morning, I agreed to meet Elizabeth for one of our soul sessions.  We rendezvoused at a local hang-out that is full of interesting people from all walks of life.  We found a small table, spotlit by sun, on the far side of the outside deck.  Elizabeth and I know a lot of people, but that’s expected on a small island.  Thankfully, residents have adopted the unwritten rule that one does not approach or interrupt two people obviously engaged in a deep conversation.  Well…we’ll make an exception if it’s to repay past debts!

Beside us, at a large round table, a mother soon settled in under a large umbrella.  Her two rambunctious children raced about madly while mother chatted at various passers-by.  And I purposely said ‘chatted at’.

About a 1/2 hour later, a very tall young woman, decked out in a costume, with a small, not-so-quiet dog was flagged down by the mother.  After squeals of delight and shrill gudgy-goos to the children – all of which upset the dog – the young woman proceeded to visit.  She stood by our table and, raising her voice as she dramatized her words and performed a visit across the table to the seated mother.   There was a spare chair, but this visitor chose to stand with dramatic flair.

Elizabeth was describing a matter that was of life-altering importance.  I strained to hear her, but continuously had to ask her to repeat herself.  After about 10 minutes of white knuckling my listening skills, I realized I was hearing more about the party that the mother had missed than about Elizabeth’s situation.

Since another of the tools in the mentoring kit is to ‘speak up’ rather than grow resentments, I felt compelled to ask for our space back.  The moment was fraught with emotion and I didn’t have an ounce of love in my heart.  I put my hand up toward the young woman and said quietly as I bobbed my hand downward, “Shhhhhhh!  Please speak more quietly.  I cannot hear my friend.”

The dramatic young woman broke into body language that depicted, “I cannot believe you just said that!” and she hurled various defensive comments.  I stood firm and responded a couple of times, but saw it would just become more negative.  They chose to leave which was not surprising since, after 3/4 of an hour, there had been no purchased food or beverage.

If I had a second chance?   I would stand up and quietly ask the young woman, face to face, if she would like to sit down so my friend and I could continue our visit.

In reality, I acted without love and had to live with the knowledge that I upset two women.  My intent was to give a friend, who I love dearly, my undivided attention, but the results left me with remorse.

With that on my conscience, I came home and meditated to see if I was the Flunkee of the Universe:

So am I heading in a direction that is fulfilling my Soul’s Purpose?  Let me ask you in this manner.  Am I doing God’s Will?

You understand the multiple layers of the Divine Source.   And the various levels of our Loving Source means that your purpose also has multiple layers.  When you climbed the mountain with your gentle and wise friend, Gordon, near Yukon, and kept discovering yet another peak, you grew tired and frustrated.  However, with his compassionate encouragement and steadiness, you continued.  You eventually experienced the glory and the incredible vista that is only available from the top peak.  It is the same with this journey.

That makes sense to me.  So what is the purpose at this ‘sub’ peak that I am on?

You are doing it now.  Here again we meet the difficulty in communicating.  When you were on the ‘sub’ peak of that mountain, could you define your purpose for being there?

Climbing Mountains in Grizzly Country

No, it was just a stepping stone to our goal.

Exactly!  You did not need to ask at each peak what your goal was.  Likewise, you do not need to ask with each stage or day or inch within the present.  It is all the journey.  You are doing God’s Will as long as you are moving in the direction…the one that lures you into fulfilling your Soul’s Purpose.  It’s all one and the same.  When you go to the grocery store to stock up on food, do you question how you are doing at each corner?

No.  And I am getting the point.  I can just let it be.  I am going to reach the highest peak when I reach it.  I will get to the store when I get there.

Yes it is that simple.  It is important that you bring this to  the attention of others.  Humans having difficulty knowing their Soul’s Purpose can take comfort in this knowledge.  It is through giving love within the framework of their lives that they are taking a guaranteed step towards fulfilling their Purpose.

Humans may not yet realize a desire to return to the Source.  They will have the incarnations they need to eventually come to that decision.  If humans wish to fixate on matters of the world, those matters will rule their lives for now.  They, too, are on their ‘sub peak’.

People’s questions prior to Intuitive Sessions interest me.  I feel very strongly that their well-thought out questions can be tremendous clues for them to contemplate.

Yes.  If they are questioning matters of a physical nature, they need to have confidence in making those decisions by and for themselves.  They need to ask questions that will free them and bring immense joy into their lives.

A wise person gave me a gift.  He said, “Is that your question or is that your answer?  You see, the answer may be that you have done nothing about that matter you just addressed in your question.”

Truly the whole of the universe rejoices with that insight.  It releases joyous energy that is transmitted by human beings and shared with the Universe.

So this is my awakening for today.  I’m at one of the ‘sub’ peaks of this immense mountain.  I have no idea how many more peaks I have ahead of me but it doesn’t matter.  I know that I simply need to keep going.  And I know the way.  There is no need to question that as long as I know the direction.  If I feel the need to ask the question, I need to take the step that I am trying to ignore.  Step by step, I move towards the fulfillment of my purpose.

Your spiritual journey is in front of you with all the freedom and help you need.  You only need ask and it will be provided.

Thanks for keeping it so simple for me. Now I can forgive the young woman as well as myself.

While forgiveness is key, love is its vehicle.

Could you Guides come and live here for a while?

We do!

6 thoughts on “Do the Deed With Love

  1. So true! What a great reminder that it’s far more helpful to celebrate my growing awareness — even AFTER the fact — than regret an action after the fact and engage in toxic “shoulds.”

    (A wise friend of mine is fond of admonishing, “Never should on yourself!”)

    • Sally, I must have neglected to hit the ‘submit’ button because I did up a reply yesterday. It was along the lines that you must be friends with my departed Mom. As kids, we were not allowed to use the ‘should’ word – nor any sly attempt to substitute it – like ‘must’, ‘have to’… She would add, “And the only thing worse than you ‘shoulding’ through life is using the ‘you should’ combination!” It certainly curtailed the tendency to be a fence sitter! – Amy

  2. Thank you for this fabulous post, Amy! Love the reminder to relinquish fixating on matters of the world and simply proceed within the framework of our lives.

    Also love your bonus comment, Sally, not to mention your profile pic!

    • “…within the framework of our lives.” you say. That must be difficult right now with all the excitement of the World Cup in your home city. I’ve been trying to imagine the extent to which the effects will be seeping into the cityscape. And yes, isn’t Sally’s photo unique? I hope she’ll tell us the story one of these days!

  3. Once again a wonderful post.
    I agree, we cannot forget that we are only human.
    We WILL make mistakes.
    Regret is a poison that invades our whole being.
    I try never to say “what if”.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    p.s.Would love to meet Bishop Tutu. He has a wonderful sense of humour.

    • As I was raised Anglican and was staying in St. Paul’s Guest House for one night in Cape Town, I went to a weekday a.m. service at St. Paul’s – about 6 of us there. ‘ Uncle Ernie’, seemingly a dedicated parishioner, greeted me graciously, making sure this lone Canadian woman was okay. We chatted after the service and I asked if Bishop TuTu had recently attended St. Paul’s.

      “Oh he was here not long ago as the guest preacher!” He broke into a huge grin, “He said his wife woke him up one night because she couldn’t sleep. He asked her what she thought he could do about it.”

      The good Bishop’s wife replied, “Perhaps you could give me one of your sermons.”

      I heard Bishop TuTu’s daughter speak in Vancouver in place of her father who fell ill and could not come. It was the World Peace Conference with the Dalai Lama. The daughter spoke of the love and respect her parents have for one another and how easy it is to give love to the world when one is raised with such an example of healthy self-esteem.

      So, granny1947, how do we get the world’s self-esteem in shape so it knows how to give love instead of heartache! And spilled blood!

      Good grief, I did not intend to go there! Thanks for contact…I love your blog! – Amy

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