The first day of summer?  The strangeness of our climate this year continuously reminds me of the oil gushing into an ecosystem that cannot deal with it.  Wake up FOLKS.  We have to find other methods.  We have to live differently.  What we have been doing to the planet and to each other is not working.

No more EGO.  No more PROFITS FIRST.  No more POWER OVER PRINCIPLES.  Please..we have had enough!

Hi my Guides.  I feel sad today.  I have been thinking about the abuses that our planet has endured because of our carelessness.  And I truly mean CARE-LESS ness.  Why are the meetings with BP only to discuss fines and dollar amounts?  What about SOULUTIONS?  Oh, did I mis-type that word.  I’m going to leave it!  I’ll use it as the title.

The earth has been used by humans without appropriate focus on what is needed to protect it and give back to your home.  As David Wilcock has been teaching, there is scientific proof that a major energy shift is taking place that is affecting all planets, including the Earth.  We are reticent to make a statement that other processes are responsible because of the propensity of humankind to blame and thereafter ignore its own actions.

I will continue to be prayerful about finding a solution regarding the oil spill.  It is so overwhelmingly destructive that I can hardly bear to think about it.  But I do and I will continue to send positive energy in whatever manner possible.

Changing gears, I was so very moved by Athena Grace’s mention of her Intuitive Session with her Guides and with you.  What a gift you have provided – giving a soul a sense of being wrapped in love.

What she received is the condition that is available to all humans.  All of you could be living in that love state throughout your life experience.

What prevents us from having that?


Not being connected.  As you have witnessed, the sessions you have provided to people all contain the request, the urgings, to have the person meditate.  To be still.  To learn to be quiet.  This is not a message to be taken lightly.  It is one that can and will have a profound affect on that person and on humanity as a whole.  It is through a quiet heart, a still soul, a calm mind that we are able to assemble those conditions needed for us to connect fully and powerfully.

I have found in the Intuitive sessions that people pick up on aspects of the message that seem ‘thrown in’ at some point.  The part that I think is the biggie is seldom the one that the person wants to follow-up about.  I love that.  It shows me that you are in the lead.

We noticed that you have contemplated a concept from one Session:  “There is no shortcut to love”.

With all of the Guides, you and others, I’ve learned that there is such power in the simple phrases.    Do you strive for that?

We strive to give in a manner that will be most easily received.

Perhaps the reason that line had such impact on me is that I have been a bit arrogant in my declaring that I want my next relationship to be Five Years Old.  As glorious as it can be, I’m happy when the honeymoon period is lifted so we can stand naked in front of each other and say, “Oh yeah! I do love YOU.”

As an old soul, you require the authentic.

Do I ever!  Thank you.  When we arrive hidden behind veils, masks and camouflage, what right do we have to waste the other person’s heart time!

You do have soul mates who know that about you.

Yes.  And I have to return the honour.  I want to share the knowledge I learned on a documentary a few years ago.  A medical scientist had completed a number of years researching the chemical processes that influence our brains, thinking and lives when we fall in love.  The findings?  When we are newly in love, we have the same chemical process happening in our brains as the one in the brain of a person deemed “insane”.    How profound!

What have you done with that insight?

I question making a life-altering decision in the first year of a new relationship.  And that is what I suggest to the women who I mentor.  Do any of us pay attention to this fact?  Only maybe!  Lust has great power.  But the fact that we have the knowledge certainly ruins the ‘pedal to the metal’ tendency.

Even if this knowledge is resisted, there is benefit.  Resistance is a signpost.  It means there is something down that avenue worth observing.

Speaking of avenues,  what message do you want to parlay today.

You have just sent an email giving an Intuitive message to a person who asked a question in order to validate.  It means validating you, us and her Guides.

Oh boy…okay.  You’ve opened the door. Yes, she asked for some information that would help her have confidence in herself as well.  She is also highly intuitive.

We are pleased that she has asked for this to happen.  You will learn more about this later today, but you still need to have this validation, too.

Yes, I confess.  It seems too easy to simply record a conversation that I sense is taking place.  As my Guides, are you ready to send this cautious human a Dear John letter soon?

Your continued questioning is welcome.  We have chosen you because of who you are.  Do not despair over your need to be cautious.  If you did not have a necessary awareness of the power of the ego and the mind, you would not be the one we nudged into recording these messages.

In my Sufi studies, I learned that we do not want to do away with the ego.  Our goal is to observe ourselves well enough to catch our egotistical acts and go back to the Source without beating ourselves up through judgment.  If we try to “kill” the ego, it really fights back.  But if we learn to accept it as we manage it, it loses consider power to tyrannize us.

You are demonstrating the reason for our asking you to record our messages.

It takes dire honesty.  I am human.  I want to do things my way.  It is hard at times to send off an email after an Intuitive Session when the material seems unlike what I would have expected the Guides to say.  I have found it necessary to pray over the results and ask you the next day if there’s anything to change or add.

That is the discernment and willingness we appreciate in this process.  You received data about a spiritual hibernation; a sabbatical.  You were highly concerned about such a concept.  Before sending it to the person, you needed our reassurance.  That clarity contributed significantly to the person taking steps out of hibernation.

Thankfully, you inject love, confidence and reassurance to us ‘struggling souls’ on this struggling planet.  Because of that, I am willing to be a conduit.  Thanks for choosing me.

You are welcome.  While you, and any other soul, struggle to evolve and shift beyond old belief systems, we are loving you through every stage.

I feel your love.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on ““SOUL-U-TIONS”

  1. I saw Souldipper on Athena Grace’s blog. Was very interested in reading your Guide’s take on verification. I find myself questioning things I intuit because I’m afraid of my ego stepping forward and taking advantage of my open mind. That’s always a struggle with me. I am really trying to develop my psychic talents and open my mind wide to sense vibrations around me, I want that so much. I have a workshop secheduled with Sonia Choquette (Meet your Guides) in October. I have read her books, are you familiar? I believe she’s the real deal. Thanks for your insight.

    • You are welcome, Arlene. It is very important that we constantly determine the accuracy of the messaging. The test that I referred to was really scary because it was so precise and Guides “guide”, they don’t tell people what to do. Guides are huge respecters of human will. Therefore, we have to make the decisions. They are the signposts. Sometimes I wish they would include a description of the street on those signs! They leave that up to us to explore – trusting that we get to where our purpose is leading.

      Oh, and the test? I was blown away. I’m hoping to have the person write about it or let me summarize it. My Guides are so patient!

      Thank you for the reference material – I will take a look at her book! And enjoy your workshop. I’d be very interested in how your progress. Keep in touch! – Amy

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