Putting Life on the Table

This morning I hiked a Rain Forest trail with my friend, Joan, accompanied by her two spunky Springer Spaniels.  After having her in front of me throughout many High School hallways and classes, today I followed her along deer trails, through ferns, over squishy spots, around giant trees, amongst foxglove and parting dazzling daisies.  Finally life hands us the opportunity to discover each other with a level of intimacy that many years have well fertilized.  As she revealed her latest challenge of motherhood, my respect for and awe over her strength matched the majesty of our monstrous West Coast cedars.  The whole time, I was being reminded of the power of love.

And once home, through meditation, my intuitive messaging maintained the familiar theme:

Hi Guides…you certainly have been eager to get this message out today.  What’s up?

Hello, tender soul.

Yes, I DO feel tender.  First, about my friend Joan who is dealing with lots of change.  Also, I am concerned about another friend, Nelly, who is battling depression.  Both are so full of love and give so much to others.  What a challenge.

We are aware.  You are doing the best for them that you can do.  You are consistently and responsively available to them and for them.  At this time, Nelly needs to know that she is not being rejected because she is not able to be strong.

I will let her know.   Thank you for that insight.  Anything else I can do, say or be?

Just be yourself.  The love that you feel is very healing for your friends and all others with whom you connect.

That’s good to know.  I feel so helpless so often.

Prayer is very powerful.  When you give Therapeutic Touch telepathically, it is prayer magnified.

I hope so.  Thanks for the encouragement.  What do you want to have blogged today?

We are very pleased with the connections you are making with various people on blogs.  Like the one written by Bill who is dying with such grace and dignity.  He is teaching humans how to live.

He has an incredible attitude.  So much of what he writes can be a huge help to any dying person.  He marvels over being able to mow the lawn even though it takes him three hours with all the rests he has to take.  It used to take a half hour, he writes, but he rejoices no matter how long it takes.  As a Hospice Companion, I see how his writings are tremendously insightful for family members.  So many dying souls either cannot express themselves well or they don’t have the energy.  He puts life right on the table and invites us all to join in the feast.

Yes and you received such a loving message from Athena Grace who is going through youthful confusion regarding relationships, men, livelihood, health, and spirituality.

Athena Grace reminds me so much of me at that age.  Reading her blog, I feel resurrected…26 years old – that is the age I feel inside.  I was not as forthright as she appears to be.  I was too inhibited.

When I think about it, I have held myself back all of my life.  Through blogging, I am able to release the love that I feel for humankind.  In fact, I think many of us who are blogging release a lot of unspoken wisdom…positive, insightful and intimate.  Anyone can stand bare naked in the middle of the street hurling negativity and other non-recyclables, but the message will be nothing like one from a kindred soul who shares the good stuff, the real stuff – even on our computers; so-called bad, time-consuming, and addictive social networking.  Methinks we better get on board or be left behind – technically handicapped and lonely.

Michael J. is another person who expresses himself so very well.  I enjoy seeing what is on his mind because he is a welcome mix of intellect and soul.  I just learned he has gone through laser surgery to improve his eyesight.  He spotlights the irony of having this laser work done at a time in his life when he’s looking inward.  I loved that dichotomy!  His blog is a reminder to appreciate my eyesight.  A couple of weeks ago some freaky meds prevented me from being able to focus my vision.  All was normal after a night’s sleep, but not without thinking about all the approaches I would have to explore to continue feeding my spirit and mind.

One thing hit home very deeply:  would there be anyone willing to sit and read my favourite blogs to me?  My blog family is growing and I love knowing what has captured their hearts and attention with each article they publish.    And these bloggers are the cream of the soul crop because they chose to express themselves.  In skin and bone life, people deny, withhold, suppress, inhibit and judge themselves when it would be so beneficial to SAY IT.

When I think of all the

You called, God? I'm here.

slippage that occurs because people withhold the gems that would put love, wisdom, clarity etc into the solution, it makes me sad.  Our courage to speak up, with love and with tact, could save us years of waste and keep us from endlessly reopening wounds and pains.

But I’m going on again.  What do you want to say to us today?

All that you are saying.  You are saying the message we give repeatedly.  Savour the simple times.  Love without borders.  Give with daring.  Feel  with the light.  Trust like an eagle’s first flight.  We are here.  We are here for all of you.  We are the life spark that you sense within you.  We are not your imagination…the whisper IS us.

I sense you are saying we have to continually wake up.


Okay.  I have total faith that the people reading this blog are people who remember to wake up and laugh and respond and see and love and be.   I trust that all of us want to blow the life force into each other.   Like Bill, we can do this by reporting on our life’s victories.  Because of what he gives so generously, we have him forever.  Same with us!  Imagine if he had not been willing to share himself with us!  Imagine if he had to spend his time on earth wondering if he had any purpose!  Our purpose is all entwined with and for each other.


Now you know the condition under which we, as a corporation,  support, guide, encourage,  and love you though your divine purpose.  Each and every one of you has a magnificent purpose.   We rejoice over each connection with you.  Because of you, our purpose thrives.  Thank you for accepting us.

I cannot believe that you are thanking us!

As you evolve, so do we.

Oh yeah.  I forgot.

You fell asleep.

Not for long with you guys around!

We love the way you awaken with such awe.  You accept each revelation as though it was the first.

And it isn’t?

For this moment only.

10 thoughts on “Putting Life on the Table

  1. I thank you so much for this. I am honored to have been mentioned by your guide.
    I am a very strong believer in Guides and Guardian Angels. I wish I had inner ability to contact my own.
    I thank you for this and the support on my blog.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, K Lloyd~ I visited your site and was delighted with yours as well. Please know that I will love the photographic offerings…I am still very much in love with South Africa. – Amy

  2. Thank you for putting into words the lovely memory of our walk together. I love the imagery and depth of your writing, and look forward to another walk! Tomorrow is Thursday – if this works for you, 9:30 is good!



    • Never a dull moment when we are embraced by our West Coast nature! Thanks, Joan. I’ll give you a call in the morning…we did talk about exploring the trail by the Big Dip. That would be a good place for me to hear about your Kayak trip! Gosh I love the way we “older women” live! – Loads of Love

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