A Soul Journer Sister’s Message

We’re joined by our souls.  Emails are plentiful amongst the seven of us.  Every two weeks, we Soul Journers have Skype time together.  An appointed time has been set when we stop the world so we can be together.

How many people are able to maintain a bond after time erodes the purpose and diverts the commitment?  We gathered in South Africa to learn our Soul’s purpose.  During our soul safari, we knew our connection was not to end.

Upon returning to North America, we set flexible boundaries with our family and friends and manage our lives so that the message that began even before Africa has been remembered and manifested.  We need to support and be supported within this circle of incredible women.  We need to do this so we can stand steadfastly at our helm while the shift of consciousness, the transformation, the deepening awareness, predicted for our world, unfolds.

We’ve kept the bond well thanks to blogs, emails, and Skype.

So, what’s the update on the Soul Journers?

Joanne engaged her plan to start a new life as a single mother while maintaining her professional livelihood and opportunities.  She and her daughter are busily adjusting to a new schedule administered from a new location.  With the completion of the school term, her son will be joining them.  I will ask Joanne if she will consent to writing about, and sharing, her experience.

Joan was the only Soul Journer to attend a Soul Safari reunion that was held in Washington State about a month ago.  Five or six safarites had the opportunity to re-unite with Ainslie MacLeod, the psychic author of two books:   The Instruction and The Transformation.  Besides developing her strengths and talents, Joan has been concentrating on educational opportunities for her two young sons.  Joan and her SJ sisters have been envisioning the boys’ acceptance in the school that will meet the needs of these two special children.

Carol underwent a scary health issue, but has come through with flying colours AND a plane ticket to Tanzania.  One of Carol’s passions is birding.  She received word that there would be opportunities to view some great species of feathered beasties and the decision rose from the depths of her bankbook.  We have reminded her that any bonding she encounters in Tanzania will be overridden by the fact that we got her first.

Susan continues to manage a small trailer park besides doing temporary dog-stays for canines of various breeds and temperaments.  During Skype calls, we’ll hear about a new boarder trying to reach an article of food from a forbidden section of the counter.  Being retired, she satisfies her need to ‘give’ through training working dogs.  Her stories about these dogs warm the heart thoroughly.  Susan has a well stocked library of spiritually-based books.  I only know this because she laments that managing dogs provides time to buy books, but not to read them.

Any day of the week, Della can be found selling artwork at their shop or at various markets and fairs.  Thankfully, she keeps in touch through emails.  Her marvelous turn of phrase and wicked sense of humour is a welcome addition to anyone’s inbox, but I hoot like a keening owl when I see a message from her.  Della manifests what I would love to do:  Art, business, pick up strays and dress with creative pizzazz.  Wisdom opened the door to her heart from the beginning of her life, so it seems, because she lives in a world of love, beauty, spontaneity and giving.

Amy –  I’m loving my home while writing blogs, wondering when I’ll run out of money, listening to my intuition, spending quality time with friends, adoring life and trusting that there is a big surprise waiting to hit my soul.  My friends and my Soul Journer sisters show up at just the right time…just when I decide it’s time to replace the blog with some piece of fiction that would only sell if it contained violence, kinky sex and traumatic relationships.  These loving, two-legged influences throw in quiet, gentle encouragement.  I listen and settle back into disciplined meditation, receiving messaging that erases negativity.  Plus I am willing to use my visualization skills to help people delve into their life’s purpose.  Click on the Intuitive Session tab at the top of the blog for instructions on setting up a session.

And last (you’ll see why…) – Kadian: Her home now includes a renovated space for her Energy treatment studio.  Now that she is no longer a Retailer, she has studied even more Energy courses.  Her confidence has led to her putting up her shingle.   She’s just sent the Soul Journers an invitation to participate in ‘distance healing’.   We’re going to allow her to scan our bodies and energy fields so she can further develop her healing skills.   When she has her website finished, I’ll post it here in the blog.

It’s been a long time since all seven of us were able to be on one Skype call.  Active, vital and involved souls like the Soul Journers have a lot of life to manage and enjoy.  Kadian, however, meditated before our most recent call and received a message for the Soul Journers.  I have Kadian’s permission to share this portion of the message with my readers:

“This group will continue to succeed because they are followers of true guidance.  However this guidance comes to each and anyone of you does not matter.  You all know it is for you because of the way it sit in your spirits.  The way it sit in your spirits is the voice you are hearing.  If you are not certain, then be still until it is.  You will come to know your own individual guidance clearly.  Get to know the voice.  It is like no other.  It may sound like you but you will know it by its energy.  How do you take time to know it?  Prayer, meditation and practice.  If you feel you are not hearing it, don’t speak on it negatively.  Say positives things about it.”

Go ahead and embrace the message.  Make it yours.  Share its adaptation into a positive, loving situation.  Spread it around.

The world will grasp it like love to a parched soul.


15 thoughts on “A Soul Journer Sister’s Message

  1. your word come across like the sweet taste of honey. i have always had a way with words but yours surpass my ambitious thoughts. what a wonderful post—keep up the great work. you can intuit me anytime.

    love ya


    • Thanks, Sandy. And I continue to love your site where I wallow in fabulously, fascinating Africa – its offerings of natural beauty, its incredible people and its mesmerizing animals. When my funds say YES, I’m heading back – First Class so I can be refreshed the whole time! Your mom will be joining you soon – maybe she’s there now. Please give her a big hug for me. Love to you, too, Sandy, – Amy

      • Yes I will Amy, my mum arrives end of June, so looking forward to seeing her. Keep up the fabulous writings, I am enjoying every single one of them, and I am so proud of you for jumping through your fears and starting this journey of yours.

  2. It is nice to read of your group of friends. I just read your so kind comment over on my blog and had to stop by to thank you. I hope to hear more from you.
    Thanks again.

  3. Wonderful to catch up a bit on you fabulous women and your fulfilling lives. Thanks so much, Amy, and love you all!! Carol has told us about her pending trip to Tanzania, which sounds awesome! Another amazing place, high on our list to visit.

    Also, I have to chuckle over your comment about novel writing, Amy, and hope you’re misled! If not, then that would explain why I’m still looking for an agent 🙂 My book contains no violence, kinky sex or serious trauma. Instead it includes signature action, outdoor sex and topical issues, hinging around the sea and romantic suspense. Perhaps I’m missing the point??

    • Hi my friend – The writing style is determined by the type of material one wants to put out there. My preference is towards providing something that a reader can pack into their soul’s duffel bag. Plus, in my creative writing classes, I heard, “if there’s no conflict, there’s no story”. This is one major reason I prefer being more of an essayist. One teacher told us to read the Bible for ideas because it contains every theme of human drama. He claimed there is no relationship conflict we can create that is not found in some way in the Bible. Plus, look at all the conflict in the classics. Even Aesop’s Fables had really scary stuff! I still think of Billy Goat Gruff when I walk over a tiny bridge. 🙂

      When I read great books or watch quality movies, like “Out of Africa”, they portray a life that was full of conflict and drama. Yes, there’s lots of deeply poetic prose that sets the scene and provides a feast for our senses. But there’s lots of action fueled by passion – hinted or described. For me, without the drama, it is a description, not a story. And to be honest, Naomi, my heart often feels too tender to bear the violence so I scan those descriptions. God knows I cannot write it!

      I just finished a Hemmingway biography. He reminds me to believe in my writing. We need the variety. Vive la différence! If you believe in yours, there is NO missing the point! – Amy

  4. Thank you for your encuragement and insight, Amy!

    I fully agree with the fiction prerequisite for conflict, drama, challenge, internal and external struggle, transformation, etc., while remaining hopeful that it need not necessarily delve too deeply into darkness 🙂

    • Some publishing stories from writers are pure heartache. Seems other art forms ‘put it out there’ and the viewer decides. Perhaps this is why Word Press has 200 million blogs on it!! Frustrated writers have the same ‘put it out there’ opportunity as other art forms.

      One of the aspects of the Internet (and, sigh, Reality TV) that I fully appreciate is that the world can decide. We’re less in the hands of the few who are dictating our choices.

      Maybe it’s time for an on-line book store that lets a reader come in and peruse the book. They have 15 minutes to look at your book and you only have that time on that book once. The computer would keep track. So if the book grips the person, they buy it. So what if only 10,000 people read it? As it is now, publishes will only consider huge potential or nothing.

      Maybe this exists, but if not, here’s a business for someone. 🙂

      I will ask my guides about your book and see what response I get! – Amy

  5. Hi, Amy. I love that you’ve got Soul Journers (and even more that you’re describing yourself as a spiritual exhibitionist). I just knew there were others out there like me who’ve felt called to speak up. Thanks for finding me so that I could find you!

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