Forgiving the Dark Side

(When I began today’s session with my Guides, feeling light and frisky, I asked to hear the story behind a cuddly, green, hand-knit sweater that I bought in our local Thrift Shop today.

To show the love I receive from my Guides, here’s what happened.  There was a long pause.  I asked if there was a problem.  They were trying to accommodate my request AND still deliver the message they were to give today! )

We are to provide you with a message today and we are considering how the story about the sweater would allow us the opportunity.

Oh, then please forget the sweater!  I’d rather receive your message.

Thank you.  That is going to make the messaging more available.

Your friend Nicole has introduced the topic to you already today.  It is about the existence of people on the planet who are not committed to love and positive energy.

Okay.  Is this part of the Law of One?

Yes.  You have been privy to different materials that explain that there is a definite need for human souls to understand the concept of ‘opposite’.

Yes, I’ve discovered this unsettling concept a few times during my lifetime.

You remember the concept about the white room?  The experience you would have if you looked into a room that was all white…nothing else?

Yes, I remember the image I developed in my head.  I didn’t like it.  How does one look at nothing?

Well, that is what life would be like without opposites – nothingness.  There would be nothing to compare.  So God had to allow negativity into your world so you would have a comparison; so you would know the difference – positive.  If you did not have ‘up’, how would you know ‘down’?  If you did not have ‘sweet’, how would you know ‘sour’?  If you did not have ‘white’, how would you know ‘colour’?

How would you know God if we did not know the lack of godliness?  Don’t be afraid of the world “evil”.  It had to be given to the human system in order for human souls to make a decision to choose God – non-evil.

In addition, there is a truth that each soul must face:  there is a degree of evil in each and every soul.

Deep into the Dark

That is why it is important to not fear it, but to see it.  Search it out in your soul.

I remember this being discussed in Conversations with God.  I remember that Hitler was used as an example.  It was a shock to read that I have some Hitler in me!  At first I wanted to reject the concept like a piece of rotten meat.  Fortunately, I was eventually able to cut into the rotten meat, see the condition it was in, and check out how I may have some of the same fermentation.  I have not killed another human being, but with gossip, I have committed a form of murder.  Because of my gossiping, another human being has experienced unnecessary rejection and negativity.

Yes.  And how many times?  It is essential that each human come to this realization.  Without acceptance of this condition, you will have no concept of the good in you.  Just as the world contains both good and evil, so does each human.

So is it true that so-called ‘evil’ forces are amongst us with God’s blessing?

That is one way to perceive it.  It is due to God’s desire to have Love return to Love on its own volition.  Your race was designed in a manner that accommodates each human’s ability to decide whether or not to chose Love.

Why does God need us to love Him/Her/It?  Would God not be above that?

God is Love Calling into Existence.  The pulse of the Universe is ever beating.  Love is brought in and love is given out.  When the pulse is part of the human force, the power is indescribable.  The collective conscience is a major force.    To have the will of the human force pulsating in rhythm and in oneness is most pure.  God wants all souls to experience this inexplicable Love that comes from the collective desire to say ‘yes’ to all that is Divine.  How do you know to say ‘yes’ if you do not know ‘no’?

Some material about the Transformation states that we are going to be uplifted with a huge dose of positive energy.  Is that correct?

Yes, that has already begun.

Is its power largely up to us?

Yes.  Your decision will impact it.

So this is why each of us have an influence on the outcome of this evolutionary process?

Yes.  And this is why those who are not willing to be aware and contribute to the oneness of love and light will have to be realigned for more opportunities to live with the differences.

Wow!  I really hope this is not just stuff coming from my imagination.

Humans have thought that Star Trek and the Montauk Project were just creative gifts given to writers of Science Fiction.

So we really, seriously have work to do.

Yes, and it includes very deep, sincere and dedicated looks into your own soul.  Find the evil or dark sides of your being.  Do not be afraid.  Do not be critical of yourself.  It is very important to forgive yourself and then make sure you no longer use that dark side to harm  any other soul.

My beloved Guides.  You have influenced me so much already.  There is such good reason to practice each and every virtue that I can.  And when I screw up, I am reminded about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is coming to the fore…the word is cropping up all over the place.  Thank you.  I need to remember that in order to be able to forgive others, I need to believe in forgiveness of myself.

Yes, if you plan to love your neighbour as yourself, it is appropriate that, first, your self love be in good order.  We will connect again later.


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