Transforming with Past Life Knowledge

Guides are with us at all times.  Can you imagine having to wait so long for us to acknowledge their presence?  Their loving patience puts me in a state of humility…well, for a moment anyway…and makes me want to make up for decades of shutting them out.

In a previous message, my guides showed me how past lives affected my confidence and ability to cook and serve meals for people who I sincerely care about.  Less than three weeks later, I am amazed at the transition I feel – the transformation!  I could hardly wait to share a healthy, robust, and delicious dinner with a friend.

I said to my Guides: Do you think I ought to tell the blog readers that I actually invited Randy for dinner?

That would be good.  How was the experience for you?

It confirmed that I like spontaneous meal prep.  If I plan a dinner in advance, I feel compelled to go all out.  I go overboard and create an unnecessary amount of stress.  When I cook what I have, it is not stressful for me.

How did this opportunity come about?

It’s really interesting that I’ve had past life experiences that associated meals and meal prep with abuse.  This was so opposite.  It arose out of genuine caring and concern.

On Saturday, I took some medication due to a very weird physical situation.  These meds were a stop gap until I saw my Dr. this coming week.  The pharmacist explained the possible effects of the pills and let me decide if I wanted them or not.  I decided to take the directed number of pills around 1:00 pm on Saturday.

About 5:00 pm, as I was working on the computer, I noticed some strange bodily occurrences.  A very sharp pain would intermittently streak through my head.  I’d feel nauseous, then hot, then chilly.  There were other minor events that I shrugged off.  However, when my vision became blurred and I felt dizzy, I knew some action was needed.

A Friend worth Knowing and Keeping

A weed eater was operating next door.  Relief washed over me.  My friend Randy has the contract to do the neighbour’s garden work.  I walked over and asked him if he would pop in when he was finished.  About a half hour later, he arrived at my door.

By this time, I could not focus my eyes and was not steady on my legs.  I knew I couldn’t drive.  I told him I needed to go to the hospital.  Randy gathered his goods and chattels and we headed for Emergency.

I went in alone.  I knew he wanted to clean up and fix himself something to eat.  I told him I’d walk to his place when I finished.

The doctor confirmed that I was reacting to the meds.  I was given the reassurance that if I was going to experience anything worse, it would have happened by then.  Relieved that I wasn’t having a stroke or going blind,  I left the hospital and walked the two blocks to Randy’s home.

When I got there, he had had a shower and was about to eat his dinner.  I declined his offer for food – not a welcome thought.  I just wanted to lie on the couch, under a blanket and take refuge in his company.    So he made me a welcome and warming cup of Chamomile tea.

I wrapped myself in his warm, cozy comforter and laid on the couch as he ate.  We chatted the evening away in candlelight that reduced the blurry vision and subsequent dizziness.

In our chat, I confessed to Randy that I’d had a hellish Friday.  I wondered if Saturday’s experience was my comeuppance after a blatant bout of being on the pity pot.

On Friday, after a few disappointments resulting in a down-day, I had gone to bed thinking that I was totally alone in the world, convinced that there was not a single soul who loved me.  None of my family cared a tick whether I was alive or dead.  If I died in my house, I decided, I would lie rotting for weeks and no one would know.  I was so securely on the pity pot that I was wide awake – a great opportunity to add more worry to my dismal repertoire:  having no income, having no love and no purpose in life whatsoever.

Suddenly, here I was, the next day, HAVING TO ASK for help.  And there was Randy, a deeply spiritual man with whom I could feel utterly confident sharing anything, willingly available and caring.  He calmly listened and chuckled at the list of items on my negative checklist.  He knew distress of this nature is a passing matter and stayed completely present through my diatribe of misery.

By 10:30, after my confessional, I was fatigued and ready for home.  Once in my house, I immediately went to bed, exhausted and prayed that my vision would return to normal by morning.

Sunday morning, the world looked brighter.  My vision was normal.  I caught up on some computer work and the phone rang a number of times.  Suddenly I realized I still had friends.  Randy called to see how I was doing and asked if he could drop by with fresh spinach from his garden.  What a different attitude I felt.  What a shift!

When Randy arrived, I was cutting up a variety of veggies with plans for a stir-fry dinner.  He had mentioned that he had some things to do so I just put the veggies away in the fridge.

As we sat in the living room with a warm, blazing fire, the afternoon slipped by seamlessly.  Suddenly I was hungry.  “I’m going to make a stir-fry.  Would you care to join me?”  I could not believe that I actually said that!

“Sure, I could do that,” he said.  I don’t know what happened to his plans, but I wasn’t going to ask.  I headed for the kitchen really looking forward to making a good meal for us.  Imagine!  I have a male friend who shares my eating style – alkaline-balanced meals with little or no yeast or sugar.  Well, I cheat, but being under the scrutiny of a homeopathic doctor, Randy is very disciplined.

What a joy to make a meal that this man could eat with relish and gusto.  Eating out has not been easy for him with the strict rules he’s had to follow for the past few months.  What a delight to be able to say thank you to him with a gesture that used to put me into apoplexy.

I know he appreciated the whole experience:  the selection of veggies, the delicacies of flavours, the warm fire, my comfortable home, and some good conversation.

This is the quality of sharing that I want to experience with my friends.  I know that I have been missing out on a quality of companionship that can so easily be filled with shared meals.

What did the experience do for you?

It seemed to soften me.  It helped me to feel human.  It gave me a chance to receive and to think differently about it.  And I realized I do not have to do any of it alone – which was a big excuse in the past.  Randy offered to help with any meal prep.  He went out to get more firewood and looked after the stove.  We reveled in comfortable silences as I heated the sesame oil to begin my offering and he thumbed through a book I had from his home city.

Life was good.

This is an example of how looking at past lives dissipates fears and transforms souls.  This is a shift of consciousness.  It opened your heart to a willingness that produced confidence and determination.

I hope I can stay where I am with this shift.  I want to keep going.

Then you will!  You will move forward with blessings and joy.

Thank you, my loving Guides.  You make me burst with love at times.

8 thoughts on “Transforming with Past Life Knowledge

  1. oh i have traveled that path of the “pity pot”. i can get there in a heart beat. “i have no one who cares a whit if im alive or dead” “if i died today, no one would notice and my dogs would eat me”

    i spend a lot of time being self sufficient and being alone. aloneness is great until you realize that by choosing that path, you put those who care about you at arm’s length. when you go into the feeling sorry for yourself, that arm’s length stuff is what put people far enough away from you that they dont know you are in need of a kind word or soft touch.

    • YUP, YEP and YESSIR! I empathize, Susan!! It is just great being independent until my invincibility is knocked down a peg or two. The work that we have undertaken before, during and after our Soul Safari has reinforced that the PARALYSIS OF ANALYSIS is a waste of time. The Guide’s constant reminders that little things count do not include the cord of wood that I chop and stack OR the fact that I can change the oil in my lawnmower OR clean my own gutters. It means rubbing hearts, souls and shoulders with other people and letting them show me who I am! The WORK.

  2. I had no idea what happened. You are welled love by many, myself is one of them.

    Life is not a “do it yourself project”.

    When we do not ask for help from our friends, we short change them the gift of giving. And we all know how wonderful it is to give.

    Very grateful you are okay.

    • You are so correct, Sam…like is not meant to be alone. And people like you make it very easy to not try to go it alone!! Enjoyed the celebration today and hope you leave New York in good shape! Look forward to talking with you about it when you get back home. Lots of love, Amy

  3. I hate to admit it, but I felt some relief to know that you’re as much of an imperfect, human dork as the rest of us. It’s easy for me to put spiritually gifted people on a pedestal and think “they” are exempt from all the slime of normal human consciousness. There is nothing I love more than GREAT COMPANY on this never-ending, dusty road to Everywhere!
    Love, Love, LOVE to you!!!
    And Thank You Sincerely for your vulnerable share!
    ~Athena Grace

    • Yep, I am just as capable of all the human dorkishness as any other two-legger! And it’s good for me to be honest about my foibles. My spiritual teacher cautioned me about a couple of things that have saved my butt:

      First, putting another human on a pedestal is not fair to that human being. Being human, that person is going to do or say something that shatters the pedestal. Both people run the risk of being shattered. BUT!!! Look how lucky I am…my humanness gave you an uplift and you’re still here! Hurrah for both of us.

      Second, she taught me that as we evolve in our spiritual life, we have to deal with dark forces that seem to come from nowhere. At those times, we connect extra tight to the Infinite Creator/God/Divinity…and, hopefully, friends who share a healthy belief system of their own.

      As much as I don’t like going through them, they keep me humble!! – Thanks so much for writing, Athena Grace! – Love to you, too – Amy

    • And speaking of being loved, Joan, thank you for those fresh eggs. Mmmmmm what a delicious difference. But then…look at the love you pour into your chickens! I’m going to change my schedule, eat more eggs and buy them from YOU.

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