Shifts of Consciousness

A High School buddy dropped in for tea yesterday.  I sought her honest feedback about the blog.  Her response – she was nervous that she was losing me.

“Losing me?” I asked.  “In what way?”

“In the way the guides are talking to you through your computer.”

“Well, they don’t talk to me through my computer.  Their message comes to me and I type it into my computer.”

“Oh!” she said.  Her authenticity – a word that is popping up all around me today – makes up for the anesthetized world of political correctness.

So, those who know me, FEAR NOT.  These guides have been with me a long time.  I’ve just come out of the closet about them.  Some of us like to stay away from the label “psychic”.  Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy chose to call themselves Medical Intuitives because they knew ‘psychic’ conjures unwelcome, unfair and unwanted visions of weirdos wearing turbans fastened with gaudy, pre-bling-bling broaches sharing a room with talking toads.

Ainslie MacLeod who authored the book, The Instruction, helped me to accept my active intuition.  He fought with himself over concerns about being called a psychic. Now that he’s a successfully published author, he doesn’t worry about it, but he has empathy for the rest of us.

A label for me?  Still to come.  The Guides don’t seem to care…they still showed up:

Did you hear the perception of my friend Joan yesterday?

Yes.  She was afraid she would lose you through a mindset that your computer was giving you messages.

Yes, that was a total surprise.  I assumed everyone would know that you are feeding me information and I am typing up the stuff that rolls in.

Maybe it’s time for you to describe your experience with us.

Okay.  I get into a meditative state.  I have my laptop on my lap as I sit in a comfortable chair that keeps my posture comfortable.  I close my eyes.  I wait for you to begin providing information.  Sometimes there is a long pause and sometimes I have to type like a wild woman.

How do you ‘hear’ us?

I sense the message.  That is the best way I can describe it.

Do you type every word we say?

Yes.  Sometimes, I lose the concept and have to read the material before I am totally clear about what was said.

This is not due to the information being presented too quickly.

No, it’s just that at times my fingers are just flying and I lose the thread of the sentence or the idea.  At times, I find myself thinking about something else entirely while you are presenting. Thankfully my brain is capable of telling my fingers what key to hit.  When I go back over the material, I am often very surprised how well the thread was continued.  I’m often very impressed with your ability to come back and tie it all together.

How do you describe the main purpose of the blog?

To spotlight the significance of love in life.  To show how the ordinary is never just ordinary.  To remind us how even little gestures carry tremendous weight in the overall scheme of the Universe.

You’ve got it.  And it’s for people who really want to be alive.  And evolve.

It’s hard for people to feel alive when so many feel so unloved.  So many people feel they have missed out in their quota of love.  I talk to a lot of people who feel SO unloved.  People do the wildest things to try to get their share of love.

When human souls are not working towards loving themselves or others, they are wounding themselves and others.   Any energy that is put forward has an astronomical impact.

I was reading a blog by Athena Grace – This Is What Love Looks Like (Today). I love her writing.  She caught herself judging a scruffy looking man very negatively while he was working in his yard.  She was blown away when she saw what he was doing.  He was planting a garden. It put her in awe and it shifted her consciousness.  She made a complete switch from a wounding thought to one of love.  She altered the universe in that moment, didn’t she?  And who can predict what she did for the man?

The man’s life was altered with the positive thoughts she gave to him.  It was not necessary to speak to him, the gift was given.

What would have been the result if she had spoken to him?

Added to his power to shift.  It would help him unlock the tendency humans have to ‘withhold’ goodness and love.  When we feel we aren’t getting our share, we withhold love from others.

Does humour work as well?  Does it have the same power?

Shared lovingly, humour is good.  Especially if you are laughing at yourself.

Sometimes I say something that I think is hilarious.  Then I see it is not understood by the person.  It’s embarrassing having to explain it.  Sorta kills the whole thing.

Only if you let it.

Attitude, right?

You can just be honest.

When I read Athena Grace’s blog – observing the perceived TV- addicted, beer – guzzling Neanderthal carefully planting tiny seeds, it reminded me of the day I saw a woman working in beautiful black soil.  Beautiful Canadian soil.   What a contrast to the sandy soil I saw in Cape Town, South Africa, being worked by a beautiful woman who advocated for a Community Garden in the Townships.  She lovingly and successfully ekes out incredible produce from very poor soil.

So, I couldn’t resist – I stopped the car, rolled down the passenger window and said, “I just have to tell you that I

Teacher, Lover and Leader of the Community Garden, Townships, Cape Town , South Africa

love seeing what you are doing!”  That’s all…but she smiled and thanked me.  I drove away.

Both of you were uplifted.  And these gardening stories are what this blog is about.  This IS what is important.  This is how humans can have a profound effect on the world’s energy through every single tiny shift that happens…every single gesture, word or thought that uplifts the energy of another soul.

Many humans have forgotten the importance of exercising this power.  Especially to the person deemed unlovable.  Find a gesture for the person who is not easy for you to love.  That will help you know you have evolved.

Even when we give in small doses like these?

Yes.  The quiet, simple and small gestures are powerful.  The more you do it, the more natural it becomes.  You’ll see how hearts respond to hearts.

In this pause, you have decided we are becoming smarmy.

Yes, this is repetitive.

Repetition from us will cease when love is given repetitively.  When that level of evolution is achieved, it will be humanity’s gift to the Infinite Creator.  Souls have forgotten the gifts they bestow with each shift of consciousness. Reminders are still necessary.

Can I ask about the Internet?  Are we any closer to the time when the internet is brought out of its infancy?

Be patient.  And trust that blogging is part of the evolution.

Thank you Guides.  I will go over this message and see if it feels like a publishable exchange.    Okay, okay…that’s a slam against you and that was not loving.  Good grief.  I just wounded my Guides.  How low is that??!

4 thoughts on “Shifts of Consciousness

  1. I am putting this here because it will be more fun for you.
    I am so impressed with your blog baby. Please be encouraged. Wonderful and valuable content.
    You should be proud of yourself.
    Nice background color it feels good to be near it.
    What do the guides say about the gulf oil disaster?
    It is so horrifying on so many levels especially how
    much the animals are suffering,and will be for years. How can they drill with no methods to deal with such a situation. GRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Hi Dells! The message about the oil disaster emphasized that it’s time to find new ways to live – to stop this radical dependence on oil and oil products. I went around for days thinking about how my daily life would be changed dramatically. Yes, the effects on sea life is unbearable. We have, at this point, no idea how far reaching the consequences will be. If we humans cannot come up with a whole new way of thinking about and approaching this aspect of life, then all that are affected will have experienced horror in vain. GRRRR is right!

  2. Bless your sincerity and authenticity, Amy, so grounded in love 🙂

    We’ll be thinking especially of you all and our wonderful Soul Safari over the next three days, as we’re off to Madikwe!

    Loads of love from SA,

    Naomi, xx

    • So now you are going to see all those babies all grown up! Wow, Naomi, I will be waiting patiently for some of the photos. What a great thing to have people like Dave and you to provide a wallow in familiarity. I’ll be right there with the elephants. Enjoy and may you get the BEST shot ever! Love, Amy

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