Earth needs an Oil Change

(My Guides must have thought I talked too much the other day.  They took charge today.)

Do you have a question today?

Last night, Kadian and I were attempting to understand how we have so many different guides and why some have names.  Are my earlier Guides, Tony, Adam and Kim part of the Ra Soul Group?

Yes, they are.  We are only allowing soul group members to communicate with you.  Wisely and protectively, that is your prayer.

Are some Ra Souls considered Astral guides and the others Causal?

You are aware of the complex structure with which your care is orchestrated.  Each human has an entire corporation of care.  It is a structure that would amaze humans.

Would it help us to feel more loved and cared about?

It would demonstrate the truth about the love that is carried, maintained and distributed for and through each individual.  However, an attempt to explain becomes a scientific jungle for humans.  Simply accept that each of you are fully loved, cared for and guided by a corporation of souls at various levels of evolution.    More and more human souls are aware of guides from various levels of evolution who are able to delve into specific subjects for humans.

I remember gleaning from the Urantia book, years ago, that as I grow and evolve in my spiritual life, so do my Guides.  I like that.  It means that my efforts are not only helping me and those around me, they are evolving my Guides.  What a great reason to work even harder.  Who would give up when we know our efforts are helping to evolve entities who devote their energy to loving us and helping us evolve?

We look forward to many other human beings being willing to feel the same.

You guys can power up the numbers of blog readers if you want.  You have more control over that than me.  So can you power up the number of people who know about this?

Did you like the way we did that the day you were feeling like this was all a waste of time?

Yeah, did you ever.  Thank you.  It is very encouraging when the readership shows that the messages are reaching people.  And my friends are beginning to talk about it when we are socializing.  I appreciate hearing what catches their hearts.  I love to know what gave them pause to look at their lives.  Today, my friend Susan, who lives way up on a  mountain, told me she was sitting in a big foggy cloud, feeling gloomy.  She began harrumphing over the number of people “bugging” her to go walking.  She told how she caught herself in such negativity and realized how fortunate she is to have friends who want to walk with her!  That’s so incredible that she caught her negativity and changed it.  I told her that all my walking friends have petered out so she can send some to me!

That is transformation in action.  You have been sent various articles and messages about the acceleration of the transformation.  You have shared information about the physiological effects this increased energy is having on people.  This is going to continue and will gradually become very powerfully obvious to those of you who chose to be aware.

I am noticing a significant change in how I listen to people now.  While I listen to the words, I am more aware of the feelings behind them.  For example, when Susan was telling about her negative patch, I saw a dear friend being overwhelmed with demands that she thinks she needs to meet and fulfill.   Her words were about her demanding schedule; her cry was for time to herself.  She’ll remember she has the power to manage her life and does not need to feel overwhelmed.

More of the trans formative power that is underfoot.  2012 is not going to be a negative scenario.  It will be a culmination of tremendously empowering changes for evolved human souls.   Humans will be able to communicate telepathically.  And not be encumbered with tri-dimensional limitations.  You will need to have enough faith in your evolved powers to USE them.

I’m not too keen on the concept of leaving people behind because they are disbelievers.  That sounds punitive and out of sync with the message of love and compassion that I know is our key.

It’s not punitive.  Look at it this way.  Here’s a parent who has two children; one can walk and the other is too little.  If there is reason that the location is no longer suitable for the children – for whatever reason – the parent will scoop up both children and put them in a location of safety.  The child who can walk can be given one type of new location, but the one who cannot walk will need more care.  The parent will instantly ascertain the levels of care needed and call on the forces needed to help with the situation.

A child who cannot walk is not punished or left uncared for.  On the contrary, more help is required in its care.  The child who can walk will likely offer comfort and compassion until even more capable help is available.  This illustrates how, during the period in which the transition unfolds, the entire population will receive love and compassion.

This is part of the reason it is imperative that you understand who you are.  You need to trust that you are capable of receiving messages of guidance.  You will be able to share this guidance with others.  The messages will come directly from the Infinite Creator and all those working in those magnificent corporations that we discussed earlier.

For this reason, we are very grateful for all who are reassuring others that the transformation is not an event to be feared.  Rather it will be a time to be revered.  It will be the shift, the transition, from feet of clay to a vibrant, loving, powerful existence in locations appropriate for each individual.

Thank you for that explanation.  And speaking of children, what about them?

If there is any separation, it will be followed by an immediate, glorious, and momentous celebration of reunion.

It sounds like death.  It sounds like there will be death and some form of reunion after the physical body is shed.

Death has been the method used to facilitate transitions for human souls until now.  This will be different and that is why if is so difficult to communicate the events to you.  And this is why the word to remember is transformation – not death or dying.  Souls will transform.

Some of the messages say that we are already in the process of transformation.  Some are saying there is proof that it is happening NOW.

Yes it is.  It has been underway for some time and will increase in energy and thrust.   The energy uplift has been introduced gradually to minimize fear.  It is now accelerating and will continue to grow.    In this way, changes will occur that will become more and more acceptable to more and more people.

Will we see incredible changes in how the world operates?

Yes, more and more.

A Relationship Past its Time

I have been very reluctant to tell anyone about the vision I was given in January when I saw the planet moving through its orbit, leaking oil.  The message that came with it was that we now need to replace all uses of oil with something else.  I thought the vision was absurd, but also thought of the nitrogen cell that could be used in cars.  I understand it is not used because car companies do not want to spend the money on the changes needed on their assembly lines, etc.

Yes it is about profits.  But there are other ways to deal with the situation.  Ideas will be more and more forthcoming.  This is part of the transformation.

Hopefully when we see these ideas coming forward, it will affirm the overall positives.

That’s what we have on our agenda.  There is no need for fear.  Do not be primitive.  The child that can walk will help the one who cannot.  That’s what you are doing with your blogging.

Phew!  Thanks, my Guides.  And about my closing yesterday…you all know I wouldn’t trade you in for any reason.

Lucky for you we don’t burn oil!

2 thoughts on “Earth needs an Oil Change

  1. Amy, I am so glad for that explanation about the two children. I often think of family members and loved ones who are not awaken and what the transformation means for them. I pray daily for them to awaken and think positively about their lives. This helps me to surge forward with what I am called to do. I want to help in anyway shape or form especially for the ones who are clueless. If I was clueless, I would want someone to do that for me. Keep up the great work.

    Love, Kadian

    • Ah, there you are, my friend. See how our middle-of-the-night chats cause me to call for the question? Love you a lot, Kadian, and am grateful to be able to journey through so many questions with you! Big hug, Amy

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