God with Skin On

(A message from my patient, wise and listening Spirit Guides.)

Today, let’s explore the concept of not switching from your spiritual beliefs.

Open to Others

Karen Armstrong , founder of the Charter of Compassion – thanks to Ted.com, has said in one of her various talks, there is fault in any spiritual or religious path we choose to study and live with.  So we may as well stick with what we know and what we find somewhat acceptable.  She says in another video that the Dalai Lama gave a similar message – If you want to be kind, you don’t have to switch to Buddhism.  He explained there is kindness in every path.  That makes a great deal of sense to me.

What else did you learn from Karen?

While sticking with a belief system or religion,  it’s important to explore other religions.  I like that – connectedness is a priority – oneness resonates.  Plus she said Anglicanism is more about being English than anything.  I have experienced that!  I appreciate Anglicanism for its philosophy to present the ‘facts’ and let Anglicans accept and assimilate the concepts for ourselves.  Though we end up with a variety of opinions and ideas, it can be a healthy community as long as we stay in the realm of love through inclusion.

How long are you going to be on sabbatical with the Anglican Church?

I have no idea.  I go occasionally to test how much I feel at home, but, each time, I am given another incident that says, “this is wounding, not loving.”  Reminders of Caroline Myss, again – “If we aren’t loving someone, we are wounding them.”

I walk into the church with my optimist’s heart and leave dragging a wounded soul.   That is not church for me.  So I don’t attend much at all anymore.  I know it is not God doing that…it’s the ‘Roadies’.

I am an Anglican.  But I want to be a soul that is a part of this divine enterprise of love – giving love and being loved.  I look at church and marvel how we, as humankind, put our fingers-of-clay on great opportunities and readily cross-contaminate with ego and self-will. I feel muzzled.  Is it because I am single?  Is it because I am a woman?  Is it because my ideas are worthless?  I don’t know.

You have been giving this some consideration obviously.

And observation, yes.  I long for a spiritual community.  I long for a family of like-minded, wisely-loving people.  I seek kinship and consistency.  I want the understanding that comes from intimate knowledge of one another – the knowledge that grants us the ability to practice acceptance and forgiveness.  I envision a community where it is okay to screw up because I am still loved in spite of me. I know it exists because I experienced it with Cynthia Bourgeault, an Anglican Priest who taught a community of Contemplatives.

You have a wonderful circle of friends who love and support you in that very manner.

Yet I can still feel spiritually alone, not lonely.  I know that you are with me constantly.  I’m talking about a spiritual community…souls with SKIN ON.

A large number of people in your life share the feeling.   AND they possess skin.

We mostly share individually, not as a group – communally.  Maybe I need to change my idea of how to stay connected with a flock of loved ones.  It’s good to have a spiritual leader with skin on, too!

Remember the message to the Soul Safarites while you were in South Africa.  You are at the helm of your own ships.  You may need to be the one who facilitates community in your own life.  It’s not about everyone being in one location.  That is the joy of the internet.  Have you considered your computer may be your flagship?  Perhaps Cynthia could still be your spiritual leader.

And what about the skin?  You know…those sparks of God with skin on?  The sparks that I can hug?

Take advantage of any opportunity to touch, hug, and hold another.   You are perfectly capable of spiritually touching anyone…through thought, word or deed, on or off the Internet.  That is one of your gifts.  You wrote to Tami Simon at Sounds True complimenting her about her conviction to write with love, personally and in business.   We channel through you because you share the same conviction.

Okay, my spirit community, I hear you.  And what a different concept of community you are!  So your message is to not worry about what kind of contact, as long as we MAKE contact.

Yes…contact is community.  Friend or stranger.  Skinless or not.

(Phew!  Does anyone want to trade Guides for a while? )  🙂


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