Balancing Compassion and Wisdom

Divinely Inspired Message for Today:

Okay.  Let’s start with the reminder that in order for people to prepare for the transformation, they need to do serious and deep work on themselves to get out of negative modes of operation. They need to develop their “Observer” so they can catch themselves in the act of using one of their negative character defects instead of coming from a positive and loving base.

That really takes discipline.  I had to ask for help from a friend who was fairly developed in that area of his personality.  He would gently help me see when I was being negative.  Usually I was taking on the over-used victim role!

It is important to have that Observer make you aware every time you think, do or say anything negative about any aspect of life, about yourself included.  Do not chastise yourself.  You merely need to change your statement or thought into a positive one.  It really is that simple.  It is a good test to ask yourself if you can be positive 55% of the time.  Believe me, when most people start on this journey, they are amazed at the percentile they inhabit.

Some people have used counters to click each time they were negative.  The tally at the end of the day are usually surprisingly high.  Numbers will drop over time.  It takes discipline to transform your life from negative to positive.  Once you develop the process further, your body will help.  It will tell you when you are in the negative mode.  Your stomach may develop a knot or your chest may feel tight.  Sometimes your breathing changes.  Once you are on the road to transforming, these signals become very evident and you are able to catch yourself quickly and change to positive mode.

You mentioned in one of my messages that there is need for a balance between compassion and wisdom.  What about that?

When people have not achieved a strong understanding of self – of who they are – they want to please people and look good to the world.  So when someone is in need, they judge what is needed and act.  They fully believe they are being compassionate.  Often, however, the situation is a pivotal teaching moment for the person ‘in need’.  Often, the ‘need’ is to discover and understand a significant aspect of their personality that is inhibiting their spiritual growth.  They need to experience their own consequences.   Interference is detrimental to their growth.

It is as David Wilcock discusses – to prepare for the Transformation,  people need to understand dependency.  Co-dependency and Counter-Dependency are both very disruptive and unhealthy in your relationships with others and, therefore, in your connections with the Infinite Creator.

There are questions that one can ask to determine whether or not there is a dependency issue happening as opposed to true giving.  One good question is:  “Am I robbing this person of the opportunity to take care of her own responsibilities?”

Yeah, I can fall into the trap of thinking my help is the most important thing to offer.  By asking myself that question, instead of using “compassion” as a justification, I can be more loving by serving ‘wisdom’, silently and effectively.  At first it feels as though I am being cold, but if I ask for guidance, I can trust that I am growing, too.

Yes, that is said very clearly.  Another question to ask: “What right do I have to prevent this person from experiencing his own consequences?”  There is welcome growth in facing consequences.

So when I rush in and “rescue” someone, I am denying the person the opportunity to experience some form of growth.   I must be jamming up any hope of their becoming self-empowered.

The person is left feeling that they are incapable of looking after themselves.  Living with a lack of trusting oneself is not conducive to encouraging new attempts.

So to be more loving, I need to allow people to give their best shot at overcoming situations themselves.  That is Wisdom over Compassion?

Actually, you do not ‘allow’ them.  That sounds like you need to give them permission to act for themselves.  Instead, stand in support by asking for blessings – for them and you.  Otherwise, yes, you have the concept; what is called ‘compassion’ can actually be selfishness in action: the camouflage of fixers.

This reminds me that we need to continuously ask ourselves:  What is my motive?

Yes.  And deep honesty is required in answering that critical question.

Thank you, Ra.  I really appreciate this help.   May everyone be blessed with great doses of Wisdom!

4 thoughts on “Balancing Compassion and Wisdom

  1. Hi Amy
    Thanks so much for continuing to put out your blog. I’m really enjoying it – so much info and also synchronicity with what’s happening in my life. Surprise (NOT):)

    Jean M.

    • And so welcome you are, Jean. And speaking of compassion, I asked Dale on FB how I can help – post-fire…do you have anything that you need help with? Love, Amy

  2. Once I understood this concept it changed my relationships with people. It brings to mind a different experience of letting others help me out without compensation. I forget that I am taking away their opportunity to give. I am focusing on myself because sometimes it is hard for me to believe someone truly wants to show me an act of kindness.
    Thanks Amy for your consistent reminders!


    • Thanks, Karen – it is grand being able to just give with no bookkeeping, physically or emotionally. Amazing to realize how important it is for us to have outlets for giving. May we be able to do it with Wisdom. Hugs to you, Amy

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