Depression –

Before I started channeling this morning, my mood was impatient, tenacious and determined.  If I am to do this Blog, I felt, there needs to be some purpose to it.  So I was a little ‘prickly’ to my Guides when I began:

Hi Guides, Two questions:  Are you willing to give me some information that I can “hang out there”?  Plus I would like to ask about my friend Dale who died on April 1st.  Are you willing to provide information on these matters?

Yes, we are aware that you are becoming more delirious about something you can put your teeth into.  We are willing to answer your questions.  (Note from Amy:  I have NO recollection whatsoever of typing the world “delirious”!  I don’t know if this was humour or not, but my Guides love throwing curve balls at me in these loving ways!)

I don’t know questions to ask about events that I don’t know are going to happen.  Okay, can you please be creative and give me some information that I can share on the Blog that will be transformational?

Yes we will.  Let’s start with your question about Dale.  We have been aware of your connecting with him the past few days especially.

Yes and I met up with his daughter and his Mom yesterday.  It caused me to feel very sad about losing someone who I talked so deeply with and who I care so much about.

Yes, you and he do have a wonderful connection.

What can you tell me about how he is right now?  What is happening with Dale?

Grandpa Dale

Dale is recovering from the transition.  He was not fully aware that he would be passing over.  Therefore he arrived with a ‘jolt’.  You have a visual of him sitting on his rump, looking around in a dazed manner and saying “Huh!” and really meaning it.  That’s a fairly accurate version of his landing, shall we say?  He is an old soul and will not need to return to earth.

Is that what we saw in each other – did we recognize we were both old souls?

Yes, you each recognized that this world was no longer the true home that you long to be in.

That makes a lot of sense.   Can I give a message to Dale?

Certainly we will pass it on to his  Guides and Keepers.

Please tell him that I love him and miss him.  I see something that I’d love to share with him and then remember that he’s not here.  I didn’t bother him a lot when he was still alive because I know that while he wanted company, it was disruptive to him.  Plus he knows that I found it hard to go to his place since it was full of birds and droppings.  He knew I had feather allergies and a general dislike of sitting in bird poop.

I also want him to know that when I saw his Mom yesterday, she said that she too thinks of things she’s going to share with him and has to remember the same thing.  We take comfort in each other, I truly believe.

Dana is very busy at the house sorting through the chattels.  It will take her some time to get things sorted out.  It looks like she is happy to be back here, Dale.

We will transfer that information to Dale.

Is there any chance there may be something that I can hear from him?

He knows that you are sending your love – just by thinking about him.  But at this time, there is not the level of transmission available to him for a message transmission.

Okay, thank you.

Now can you give me something that blasts this open?  I think I’m ready for a blast.  I feel like I’ve been mealy mouthed and hesitant too long about these messages.  Is the time appropriate for you to give me some information that turns a corner for the blog?

The blog is doing just fine.  You have a difficult time accepting that the information is helpful to readers.  This is an exercise in trust and a chance for you to gently let go of your hesitancy.

So you have no big news that will transform the blog into a dynamite entity?

Is that what you really want?

I want to do what is God’s Will.  But I find it hard to believe that it is God’s Will to be mealy-mouthed.  If I’m wrong, please tell me.  Just let me know the truth.  The message yesterday was about ego and truth. (Note:  Yet to be published.) What is the truth about this writing this blog?

It is what it is.  You are doing what we have asked you to do.  This is a gradual process.  You are seeing that the readership grows steadily.

Am I doing all the right things?  Yesterday I wondered if I have enough knowledge about blogging.  I am not in this for profit and all the helpful blog gurus assume everyone wants information about making money off their blog.  I just want readership without ads and all the paraphernalia.  Looking at the Purpose tab we put together…are we fulfilling that?

What do you think?

Well, what will catch people’s attention?  One report said that Depression is a big TAG.  Good grief…how would I possibly be doing a positive message and have the title about Depression?

Yes, how could you?

I see that Down and Doubt brought in a good number of readers.  Imagine…

Did you consider the messages may be of help to people who are down or depressed?  There is an vast number of very sad people on this continent.

Is there that many who are on computers looking through blogs?

Yes, there is.  Do some research.  For many, the computer is their best friend.  This blog is an interlude with the Source, especially for those who feel left out, forgotten, unloved, and invisible.  You are the Spirit Builder.  Your soul is tuned for this Work.  Look at the impact Mother Theresa had when she made the world aware that North America may be rich in many ways, but it has great poverty in its soul.

Oh!   My!   Gosh!!  This is humbling…   And my two questions for today’s message were Dale and Depression.  He suffered from depression. Chronically.

You have had a number of people in your life who have suffered from varying degrees of it.  And you still do.  Is it possible we can help those people?

Is that the direction that I am to go?

Why not?

Okay.  I WILL!!  Thank you.

You are very welcome, Amy.  And hopefully you will see that you have been given what you asked for this morning.  You have to ask for what you want.  It is important to be specific. Tell that to people who don’t feel deserving enough to ask for anything; especially love.

This is our chance to bring love to the many souls who struggle in deep, dark silence, Spirit Builder!  These are the people who feel unheard and not understood.  They need to know they are loved – and their need is just as valid as any other soul.  We can help them lift the veil.

Thank you, Guides.  I will do this.  In the process, I hope to also honour my mother who suffered from chronic depression.  As I was growing up, I would become impatient with her because she wanted to talk to my friends about it.  When I think back, my friends were one of the few contacts she had with the outside world.  And in my insensitive youth, my lack of understanding could have meant a further withdrawal into her dark pit.  Thank goodness she found other outlets.

This is a whole new perspective.  Okay, Guides…is this why you led me to Caroline Myss and Dr. Norman Shealy’s course on the Science of Medical Intuition?  Is this why you put me in the hands of teachers who made certain that we take a good hard look at ourselves  –  getting honest about our baggage, cleaning our own houses and learning who we are?

These teachers have given you the blueprint to share with others that will help them tune into themselves.  No matter whether people are just a little down or severely depressed, one tiny candle transforms the darkness.


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