Cooking without Resentment

Hi Guides.  I was wondering if my preparations to receive messages are sufficient to help make a good connection.

Yes, you are opening well.  Your work with Caroline Myss has helped.  You have sensed the change – in receiving a colour with the message as well as feeling the shift in vibrancy.  As you noted in two messages given to friends, there was a change in ‘frequency’ as though you geared down to a lower gear so you could do some serious, challenging driving…like forging through a wide ditch or an unploughed road after a snowfall.  These are significant ‘codes’ as Caroline Myss calls them.  They signal a facet of the message that you had not experienced in the past.  Also, the warmth you feel in your chest, your eyes filling with tears…all those signal a depth to you.  We are pleased to share these codes or subtleties with you.

Yes, these codes are showing up more as I stretch my comfort zone.  It’s as though when I trust you, you trust me with even more insight.

It is more descriptive to say that we know you will catch the insight.  It is your Work that gives you the practice to fine- tune those codes and insights.  The more sturdy the vessel, the more precious the load.

And that provides a solid meaning.  What is the message today?

We enjoyed your laughter with Sam about cooking.  You are discovering there are a lot of your friends who are not in love with cooking.  They are now looking at their feelings about cooking.  And you are learning that you are not alone.  Thinking about a book, “Recipes for Cooking with Resentments” certainly gave Sam and you great laughter.

There would be too many swear words in it.  Saying “Take one stupid-ass carrot and grate the damned thing…try to be smart enough to prevent grating a piece of skin off your knuckle…”, is too negative.  But it was fun to laugh about it with Sam who feels the same as me about cooking.

You know what I am learning?  For those of us who really only cook- to- live, while our issues that cause us to dislike cooking are varied, we love sharing cooking duties with our men.  It’s not about roles, either.  It’s an expression of love that is from a different dimension.  Do you know what that is?

The basis for communication shifts when sharing a task.  Listening skills and responses do take on a different vibrancy when one is occupied with a task.  Using the right brain is more creative, sensitive, and heart-centered.  When you are sharing a task, the right side of the brain is less encumbered with left brain influences.

Can you give an example?

Today when Jean talked about how she enjoyed sharing meal preparation, she said she felt that it was because she then knew that her meal partner was happy with all that was being done.  To her, this meant she must be doing the preparations okay.  She did not have to worry that she was missing some vital point that she had never been taught about cooking.  The other dimension is that while she is performing various tasks, she is basking in the company and presence of her partner, rather than consciously thinking of his acceptance of her performance.  She may be watching for his reactions unconsciously, but every step she takes in preparing the meal is done with positive energy and input.

And if she had prepared the meal on her own, the absence of that positive element would have allowed fear to creep in.

Fear cannot find home in a positive world.

On the subject of a positive world, and this is parallel to ‘working with’, I am a better receiver in class, at speeches, or listening to documentaries when I am doodling.  By doodling, I take away my left brain interference which means the right brain lets the concepts in so I can end up with a deeper understanding and better recall of facts.  It’s as though my left brain will go off on tangents and I end up missing a lot, whereas if I am doodling, a larger amount of information is brought in.

When the right brain is engaged, there is less fear of ‘not getting it’ or of having chatter like ‘am I taking the right notes?’ or ‘I missed that last point’ or ‘I disagree’.

I’m beginning to suspect that people who give the left brain something to do are more likely to engage their right brain and retain what they have heard, be less judgmental, be less fearful, etc.   And simply be more positive.

It is part of the reason that you are able to receive our messages more readily.  Your hands are busy on the keyboard.  Your left side of the brain is satisfied that it has its role to play and allows the right side more freedom to receive.

This is making me suspicious.  You have been taking me through my whole cooking issue.  Not only am I given a huge amount of valuable data that can help me reconsider my feelings about cooking, you are also showing me how this bridges over into my having more trust and confidence in receiving messages from you.  Is that what you are up to? Are you saying that these types of menial tasks, whether cooking or typing messages, are allowing me to be more right brain?

We will leave that with you.  We think this is just perfect.  We are enjoying the whole process with you.  And we hope to encourage, through you, other people to realize they can trust their process.  There is purpose in all things – great and small.  What would be the point of anything being a ‘waste’?  There is no ‘waste’ in God’s world.  Even the skins you peel off those carrots have tremendous purpose.  And every stroke of the knife that you use to cut them to make that delicious soup has great purpose.  The giving you do is not only for the physical well being of you or your guests.  It is also nurturing the connection that comes from the soul.  You can give from the heart, but you know the abundance of giving from the soul.  It is up to you.

Exactly like Amy's Amazing Homemade Soup

You guys are not only sneaky; you are a bunch of foxes.  As you gave those words, warmth spread through my chest- my code that I cannot ignore you.    So I’m going to close now and read this message and see if I feel any more confident about sharing my incredible Mixed Vegetable and Lentil soup that I love serving with a dollop of sour cream, a heaping tablespoon of fresh bean sprouts and a generous sprinkling of Hemp Hearts.

Good.  And about that recipe book for cooks with resentments?  That is not your true nature.

Okay you wild and wonderful Guides.  Thank you!

We love you!


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