Down and Doubt

Dear Guides,

Why am I paying attention to these messages? And PUBLISHING them?

It is true – every day I look forward to your messages.  I feel uplifted and full of new-found courage.  I’ve been given a new way to look at life and its events; a fresh and creative perspective.

And the greatest part of this?  Readers say the same thing – by email and in person especially!

Yet, I question it all.  Who wants to look foolish?

If these messages are simply my imagination, what an imagination I have been given!  If this is not real, this unreal source is full of love, forgiveness and acceptance.  If you, my Guides, are not a chunk of the Divine, what is the source of these gems of wisdom?  They don’t come from me.  They challenge my perceptions.  They blindside me and cause me to re-examine.  Your messages cause me to look deeper and further with an openness that challenges my every cell.

Who wants to be considered weird?  Who wants to believe in the inexplicable?  Even when evidence is put right under our noses, I still feel, “What if it is all a bunch of bunk?”

Okay, I’m finished ranting.   Guess I’m having a morning of doubt.  Are you with me?

Dear Amy…we see this is in letter form today.

Good, glad to hear some humour!

You don’t need to worry about finding proof of our existence.  The proof will always be provided as and when needed.  You have seen that.  You know there is no such thing as coincidences.  So we ask that you recognize our offering to give you reassurance and comfort that this is real.  You see, it is so easy for humans to believe negative concepts.  When it is positive, good, loving and reassuring, fear causes you to be cautious and doubting.

Is this why it is easier for people to believe the negativity around 2012 rather than hear the positive news about it?

Yes.  This is the reason that there is so much energy being given toward a shift of consciousness…it is human nature to take on the negative.  It takes a conscious decision to think positively.  Those who have been more highly evolved through the work they have been doing within the spiritual realm are able to go to the positive more naturally than the negative.  This can be a long, slow process.  The upsurge of energy is changing that and we are asking people like you to help put out the Word.

People like me?

Yes, the ones who are open to receiving and disseminating the information.

I’m really honoured to do this.  Please forgive me for my wimpy moments.

There is no need to ask forgiveness. The reason you are one of the people working with us is because you have this discernment as part of your makeup.  If you wanted someone to work with you on a very important project, would you want someone who bows in any direction the wind blows?  Or would you want a person who checks the wind pattern, considers the aim and makes a decision?  And hopefully that person would come to you when the decision seems too hard to make alone?

Yes, I get your point.  Thank you.

For today’s message, do you want to add yesterday’s insights about your cooking issue?

Sure, that would be fun – as long as it is also helpful to others.  I almost invited Jean for lunch, but I stopped myself because I was not sure how my soup would turn out.  I may still extend the invitation!

It would be a step in the right direction.

Okay, I will add excerpts from that message.  But I want to assure those readers who have started dialogue with me on the subject that I want to continue our exchange.  The Guides just keep adding to the mystery so I still welcome everyone’s input:

(From the message of May 17, 2010)

Yes and we are even willing to help you see the confusion about your cooking.

Oh good.  I’ve really appreciated a few of my friends contacting me and making suggestions.  But I am not there yet.  Another friend Jean will likely have some good insights to share.  Either that or she will have us howling with laughter.

Either one is very healing and loving.

I agree.  So what light are you going to shine on the issue?

Well, you have spent several lifetimes in positions whereby you have experienced slavery.  You have experienced slavery in many different cultures, ages, races and sorrowful situations.  Each time, you have made a pledge to yourself that you will not allow any other human being to enslave your soul.  You accepted that you could not do anything about being enslaved physically, but you knew that no one could have your soul.  It is what kept you sane and strong throughout incredible ordeals. Therefore, the life shown to you in Egypt was given to you to, hopefully, let you feel, once again, the error of enslavement.

In this lifetime, you know well the joy of giving.  You love to give when no one is expecting it or has asked you to give.  The depth of your giving when it comes from your heart is glorifying.  You know how evolutionary that level of giving is for you.  It is the same for all humans.  You had given fully to the young novice with you at the end of that life.  You would have moved the convent wall for her if you believed it served a significant purpose.

When you are forced to give, your heart closes.  That is why Mother Teresa caught your attention when she said it is better to not give at all if one cannot give from the heart.  You know how it feels to give when the gift is wrapped in your bile and barbs.  The barbs scratch your heart as much at it scratches the receiver’s hand.

In this lifetime, you don’t mind being single because it keeps you away from social demands that have been built under the realm of ‘marriage’.  To you that is slavery.  You have veered away from wealth and high living situations for the same reason.  You see that as enslavement as well.

And Amy, IT IS!  However, it is not easy for any human to live outside of social morays that are formed, by humans, outside of the constructs of the Spirit.  It often does mean being alone.  It does mean having to stand alone at times when it would be incredible to stand with a loved one.  But you chose to turn to God.  That is the single most powerful direction to turn.  So out of the travesties you have experienced, you chose God.  You have done this numerous times, in many lifetimes.

Did I have to keep repeating the same kind of travesty, though?  Didn’t I learn what I had to learn?

Yes, but you have agreements that you have chosen to fulfill with others. You have admired your Guide, Kim, a great deal for being willing to come to you as a loving puppy in this lifetime.  Well, you will eventually see some of the lengths you have gone in the name of love.  One is that you have agreed to endure slavery some of these times to give the slaver the opportunity to experience his/her soul’s purpose.

So we don’t just come back for our lessons alone?

No, it is possible that souls will be helping another soul…thus the ‘agreements’ that Ainslie MacLeod speaks about.

Yes, I may be getting it.  I agreed to come back for my stuff, but in the process have agreed to help others as well.

That is correct.

Well, I obviously need to work on this slavery stuff for more reasons than cooking.  But I do want to enjoy serving a meal to people I care about.

Well don’t forget, you may not always have been the slave.  You have been the slaver as well.  So in your considerations, do look at the other role too.  Sometimes humans revile most those situations which remind them too much of themselves.

Oh yuk.  That is horrible to think about.

Yes.  But, Amy, you know your heart and soul today.  If your heart was not turned, in partnership with your Soul, toward the Source, you would not be willing to think about this.

Thanks, that does encourage me.  Yes, I will look at myself as the slaver.  Seems like there may be room for some humility.

The pride you have believed you carry abundantly may, in fact, be protection.  The shield you carry is not necessary.  You can use both hands to serve love.

Wow.  Thank you.

Good night.


5 thoughts on “Down and Doubt

  1. Lots more love to you, Amy, in a time of doubt. I for one appreciate your writing very much, for the lessons it offers me.

    The comment about the ‘barbs’ brings immediately to mind an opposingly positive quote: “The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.” – George William Curtis

    One more thing: I must challenge your guides on their point about marriage being slavery – not for a single moment in my experience 🙂 xx

    • Oh boy, Noami, the world would be in big trouble if marriage was deemed to be slavery by the Spiritual world. I understood that statement to read that the man-made/self imposed constraints and morays become our masters, especially those that we lay on ourselves in the drive to make money or to live well. I took that comment to mean that our pursuits for goods and chattels is our self-imposed slavery.

      In my observations, the married couples who have seemed the most happy are those who appear to love doing things for one another…especially little intimate things. And that’s exactly what I saw in your marriage. For example, in that tiny airport in J’berg, there you were giving Dave a treatment on his shoulders and back and obviously being very concerned. I NOTICED THAT INDEED! It is such a pleasure to observe. Then you two turned out to be our photographers!

      I’m not the least bit surprised to see you remembering a quote such as the one by George Curtis. And I have seen that you live it!!

      I’m so glad you brought this up!! Love, Amy

      • Thank you so much for your beautiful words, and clarification, Amy. Just goes to show how easily misinterpretation can creep in. Have a blessed day 🙂 With love, Naomi

  2. Great reading. I just keep getting the feeling that you and i have traveled the same roads together before. Your conversations touch my heart and soul.

    Thank you


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